Ever wish that you could compare two awesome carriers side by side BEFORE, purchasing to see which one would be the best fit for you and your little one?
Either way you are going to have a super-amazing wrap conversion carrier, but let’s break down the nitty gritty for everyone.


Angel Pack versus.  Tula:



  • Height of carrier from tip to waistband top
    Angel Pack = 18″  Tula = 15″
  • Depth of waistband at center
  • Angel Pack = 4 1/4″  Tula = 5
  • Maximum length of shoulder strap
  • Angel Pack  = 42″  Tula = 43″
  • Length of padded shoulder strap
    Angel Pack = 19″  Tula = 20″
  • Angel Pack = straight CROSSABLE shoulder straps
    Tula = curved FIXED strap straps



  • Width of front panel at shoulder strap
  • Angel Pack = 15″  Tula = 16″
  • Width of front panel at waistband
    Angel Pack  = 12 1/4″  Tula = 12 1/4″
  • Waist strap cinches down to
    Angel Pack = 30″ Tula = 29″
  • Waist strap extends to
    Angel Pack = 52″  Tula = 53″
  • Width of shoulder straps                                                                                          Angel Pack= 3.3/4″thick                                                                                                                                       Tula= 3.5″ish thick


Both of these buckle carriers are excellent choices for little ones from 8-35ish pounds! Angel Pack buckle carriers are manufactured in fair trade facilities in the Dominican Republic while Tula carriers are made in Poland and eventually in Mexico as well! Both crafted by expert textile workers, the quality of sewing on these carriers is excellent!
Supportive, long lasting, and lovely, the wrap conversion carriers compared here will be your reason to babywear EVERY SINGLE DAY!


*happy babywearing*

Need help?

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Need help finding the right woven wrap or carrier for your toddler?
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Rainbow Naps…

Rainbow Springs


Proven Fact: Babies sleep better when they are covered in rainbows.

OK. That fact is made up, if only it were that simple, right?

I can say however,  that you will sigh contently when you look down and see your peaceful baby wrapped up in this delicious woven wrap by Girasol. Especially when you are able to un-wrap your sleeping baby, and have them STAY sleeping.

Rainbows must be a littttttle magic.

What is that old saying again?

Happy mama = happy baby?

or is it the other way around?

Happy baby = happy mama?

Regardless, you both will be happy with this bright rainbow in your lives!

*happy babywearing*


NEW Gemini Prints

beco Headquarters is overflowing with beautiful Becos.

Same Gemini you know and LOVE,

with fresh, new patterns to remind us that SPRING is right around the corner.


Versatility meets fashionista.


It really is hard to pick a favorite.

Which would you choose?


Don’t find a pattern you like?
Have no fear Pimp My Carrier is HERE!

*happy babywearing*



NEW to
The newly improved Angel Pack soft structured carrier is detail oriented and comfort based!  Detachable hood, front pocket, chest clip, adjustable shoulder strap shorteners, safety buckle straps and on the Toddler size, an additional waistband pocket, and padding for the buckles with your optimum comfort in mind!
The wrap qualities are not lost on the buckle carrier though; supreme support, maximum durability, and excessive comfort are all traits of the Wrap Conversion SSC!  Each of these WCFB (wrap conversion full buckle) come accompanied by a matching drawstring bag!  Enjoy our  favorite feature most of all – the crossable shoulder straps that create such a natural ability to wear your baby all day long if needed!
We just KNOW you will be as excited as we are about these carriers!!
NOW, to pick a favorite!?!!
Who knew babywearing could be this fun.
THANK YOU to Angel Pack for these wonderful carriers made in the Dominican Republic in a manufacturing facility set up by the Angel Pack owner to give her native people work and a way to support their families!

Nubs and Slubs…



So we all know that handwoven wraps are perfect in their own way, complete with nubs and slubs…

However… sometimes these little nubs can be rather annoying esthetically speaking.

Do you know how to fix a wrap yourself??

Follow PAXmommy Karen’s simple steps to fixing a really small tied off thread:

1.  Thread the needle through wrap, following the tied off thread back up the weave.

2. Leave the head of the needle right next to the tie off.

3.  Thread the tie off through the head of the needle and pull the needle through the weave.


*happy babywearing*


WELCOME to our newest PAXbaby

Welcome PAXbaby


Congratulations to PAXmommy Brianna and welcome to the world, Corrina Louise!!!!

Born on January 22 at 12:41 pm

Baby girl was 8lbs 11oz & 21 3/4″!!!!


Jen T from Pittsburgh, PA, was the closest guess for the birth details, and is‘s winner of the Vamp shorty!!!

You have been emailed for your shipping address!


We are over the moon for PAXmommy Brianna and her little family and cannot wait to see all the new squishy babywearing photos in the days to come.

What carrier did you first wear your squishies in?

Happy Babymoon to our newest PAXbaby and *happy babywearing*

Milky Way – the missing box!!

Natibaby Milky Way - Indigo

PAXbaby’s Milky Way is astoundingly beautiful with its gorgeous array of stars arranged in an artful design to remind us of the amazing Australian night sky! These exclusive Natibaby wraps that were lost have now been found, but are still only available in a small quantity!

For the few Milky Way in the indigo colorway, PAXbaby is offering these as random drawings! Enter your information below to enter the drawing, and cross your fingers & toes that your name gets chosen!

Fine print : Winners will be notified via email, billed through PayPal, and will have 24 hours to pay or the wrap will be passed to the next winner pulled.  Incorrect addresses or multiple entries will result in disqualification.  Winners in California will need to pay additional sales tax, and International winners will need to pay $15 in additional shipping.  Winners will be chosen via random draw & contacted on January 24 giving entrants 24 hours for their chance to win!

This drawing has ended!


your participation!!

Have fun, good luck, and always always always

*happy babywearing*

Milky Way - Indigo
Thank you, Dana, for this adorable Milky Way squish picture!!


Kids Say the Darndest Things…



Do your big kids still like to be worn?
Do they have a special name for it?
My kids call it “baby pack pack”.

There is nothing sweeter than your little one toddling over dragging a long wrap behind them and asking for uppies.


What are your fave carriers for older kids?

Do you still carry them on your front?

A Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS) in diamond weave, like the Dark Rainbow pictured above, helps give the extra support needed for a growing toddler on the go.

Easy to throw on when needed, and easy to stash when not in use.

We *love* our WCRS for sweet snuggles.

*happy babywearing*