Double RAINBOW fun!!



Has everyone been diligently stalking today for their FOUR chances to buy PAXbaby’s Girasol exclusive: DOUBLE RAINBOW!??

Were you able to get one?

There is no pot of gold at the end of a DOUBLE RAINBOW… only WRAPS!!

There is a reason this wrap is Baby #6’s LEGACY wrap that’s for sure.


Have no fear, if stalking is not your game… PAXbaby is now offering an awesome NEW way to get in on the Double Rainbow action.




Five wraps.

Capitan. Azul. Oro. Rojo & Cream.

Five chances to buy.


Will you be the highest bidder?

Good luck and

*happy babywearing*

Mmmmm Milky Way…


Is everyone as excited as we are for the arrival of Natibaby’s Milky Way??

What better way to kick off the New Year, than with the anticipation of this wrap made up of an entire galaxy of beautiful Milky Way STARS?!?!


We PAXmommies can barely contain our excitement!!

One wrap.

Two gorgeous colorways.

Ecru/Black linen


Indigo/turquoise 100% Cotton

Which would you choose?

*happy babywearing*

FREE at PAXbaby

Do the words “Double Rainbow” and “FREE” send shivers down your spine????
That’s right! The very first way to get a Double Rainbow today is for FREE!!!
 ONE very lucky babywearer who places an order at today (before 12am PST …12/29) will take home a Double Rainbow Rojo 4.6m for FREE!!!!
* *To win, make ANY purchase at, **
However, qualifying order must also include an item from the store that is NOT a Double Rainbow!
Good luck!!

Wrap Conversion Ring Sling = PEACEFUL baby



Anyone receive money for Christmas and at a loss as to what to spend it on?
You can never go wrong with an awesome Wrap Conversion Ring Sling.

Every babywearer knows that a great  WCRS is definitely a staple in any stash.

Easy to fold up and toss into your purse, diaper bag, or car, and throw on in a hurry.

Perfect for nursing on the go.

Wrap Conversion Ring Slings are not only functional and practical, but they look beautiful on, too. I absolutely love having a long tail of rainbows trailing behind me and my babe. No matter what I am wearing, my WCRS always makes me feel beautiful and “fancy”.

Choose from a few in-stock  ready-made WCRS


create your own delicious WCRS  from the ring sling pieces available.

Wrap Conversion Ring slings are great for your newborn squishy, or your active toddler!

The perfect carrier for every day life.

PAXmommy approved.

*happy babywearing*


Thank you – PAXfamily

This Christmas I have tried to only purchase  from small businesses. It makes me feel good that not only are my family members going to be super happy with the amazing gifts under the tree, but I am supporting a family just like my own. <3

Who has a special something from under the tree this year?

I think I would cry tears of joy if I found one of THESE in my stocking on Christmas morning!!

What is on your PAXbaby wishlist??

*happy babywearing*

Gateway Carriers

Every babywearer started somewhere…

Who taught you about proper babywearing?

What was your “gateway” carrier?

If you could look back at your babywearing past what would it show?

PAXmommy Jillian and PAXdaddy used a vintage corduroy snugli for Baby #1, and not just any vintage corduroy snugli… the same one that was used to carry PAXmommy Jillian in when SHE was a little, tiny baby!

Did your parents wear you?

What started it all for YOU?

*happy babywearing*

Get Your Amber Today!

Baltic amber is a basic cure all!

Is your baby teething? Did your toddler fall down? Is your tween getting growing pains? Does your teen have headaches? Do *you* have any discomfort?

Wear amber! It is a natural analgesic (pain killer) and can be worn anywhere on the body to help! The oils are absorbed through your blood stream and circulate throughout your entire body.

PAXmommy Jillian personally wears 4 strands of assorted lengths and strengths from (lightest is supposed to be the strongest), and I definitely see a difference when I do not wear my amber!

Try it and see for yourself!!!

*happy babywearing*

Simple Piece of Cloth Sometimes is Just That

A fancy carrier is not necessary for baby wearing success!!

A SPOC or Simple Piece of Cloth can be just as comfortable when worn correctly!

What is the “craziest” thing you’ve ever worn? A sheet – like PAXmommy Jillian in the picture below?? A tablecloth? A picnic blanket? A beach towel?

Got a story? Tell us <3

*happy babywearing*