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Look no further than Pimp My Carrier!

Who wouldn’t looooove to receive a one of a kind creation created JUST for them? I know I would!!

What fabric would YOU choose and who’s carrier would you “pimp”?

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Win a BOBA for your Local Lending Library!

We have something extra special up our sleeves today for Cyber Monday at PAXbaby.com! We’ll be spreading the ? love ? to one very lucky babywearing group today, by donating an open box Boba to their lending library!



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We will pick a random winner after bedtime! Good luck!!

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10 Reasons to Be Thankful for Babywearing

 So let’s kick off Thanksgiving with a list:

TEN reasons to be thankful for babywearing.

1.  Close enough to kiss… need I say more?

2. Babywearing makes multi-tasking so easy.

3. Babywearing daddies are THAT much hotter.

4. An easy way to do skin to skin contact if your little one isn’t feeling well.

5.  Babywearing makes you feel glamorous & at times… supermom.

6. Babywearing makes nursing on the go easy peasy.

7.  Your baby can see & explore the world from up high!

8. Babywearing parents go places that strollers could never dream of  going.

9. Babywearing helps strengthen the bond between parent & child.

10. Babywearing never goes out of style.

Here at PAXbaby we would like to thank all of our PAXfriends, fans, and family for all of the love and support!!
PAXbaby would not be PAXbaby without all of YOU!

From all the PAXmommies,

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Keep spreading the babywearing love!

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PAXbaby Gluten Free Recipe for Thanksgiving!

I thought you might enjoy this recipe that will be on our Thanksgiving table as it is every year!  My mom created this delicious side dish –  Sweet Potato Pone aka Gluten Free Yam Casserole, and it’s better than Thanksgiving Day candy – really!

PAXbaby’s Sweet Potato Pone
4 cups shredded yams (usually 2-3 yams)
8 eggs
2 cubes butter
4 T molasses
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup orange juice
Grated rind of 4 lemons

Preheat oven to 350*. Cream together sugar and butter.  Add eggs, juice, molasses, lemon rind. Mix together… it will look nasty, but will taste delicious!  Sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg.  Pour into a 9X12 pan.  Bake for one hour.  Enjoy!
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Easycare Review


Looking for something to cheer you up on those dreary, gray days of fall and winter? Well, an Easycare Rainbow is JUST what the doctor ordered, I am sure of it. It is hard to be glum when you and your little love are wrapped tightly in a brightly coloured woven rainbow wrap. I dare you to try it ;)


We have had our rainbow wrap for a few months now and are still using it comfortably, even with my 9 month pregnant belly in the way. I must say though, I cannot wait to do some front carries when my little pumpkin gets here in a few weeks (eeek a few weeks). We will have SO much more variety in our carries when I can use my front again. Although this wrap was quite stiff at first, it is breaking in quickly and will definitely be a part of our “perma-stash”. I have heard that the orange weft Easycare is a lot lighter and brighter, and soft right out of the bag. Although this was not the case with the “new” yellow weft, I know that it WILL get that way. When we first pulled it out of the matching wrap bag (super cute btw), it was easy to see why people love this wrap so much. The rainbow colours are bright and vivid with WIIIIDE strips of each colour and… in rainbow order, which you do not see a lot when it comes to wraps. The yellow weft actually gives this wrap a bit of a vintage feel compared to the orange weft that we North Americans are used to. Although this weft change has caused a bit of an uproar in the babywearing community, I really don’t see much of an issue. Same great wrap, just slightly less vibrant than the orange weft. It still wraps the same, and that was my main concern! Plus, who doesn’t love a little vintage in their lives?! I know I do.

In order to start the “break in” process, I threw our wrap right into the wash, dried it, ironed it (actually husband did), let the kids use it as a hammock, and best of all USED it as a “baby pack-pack”.  Fortunately, most Easycare Rainbows are soft right out of the bag, so not much “breaking in” is needed. (PS. the best way to break in any wrap, is to use it and use it a lot!).

Currently our Rainbow is kept beside the front door so we can easily grab it on the way out of the house. My husband even asked me the other day to put “that rainbow thing” on him, which was sweet. Babywearing husbands are the BEST, and ones that will wear Rainbows are even better, in my opinion! So adorable. Cupcake girl even likes to use “baby pack-pack” as a blanket for naps, when this mama actually makes use out of the stroller we have. Shhh.

Easycare wraps are designed and woven in Austria and are made with 100% Oeko-tex cotton which provides a thin, but amazingly supportive wrap. Easycare, the company, is made up of a fantastic mother/daughter team that is focused on producing quality wraps that satisfy both their customers, and their customers babes. As long-time baby-wearers themselves they know exactly what is and isn’t needed out of a baby-carrier…however, also having background in fashion, the wraps they create LOOK beautiful as well which is a bonus for sure. Easycare wraps are perfect from the get-go for use with your newborn and beyond. The great thing about a good quality woven wrap is that there is no weight limit as to how much you can carry, you could literally carry your husband… if you wanted to. That gives me quite the mental picture actually hahaha. If you end up doing that, please post a pic on the  PAXbaby Facebook page as I would loooove to see who you are carrying around in YOUR rainbow.

Wrapping can be intimidating at first, but the more you try, the easier it becomes and the more you will find yourself reaching for your wraps. You will be amazed at how many heads you will turn while out in about in this Rainbow. Nothing like giving your baby the best seat in the house to explore the world around her!


Easycare offers four sizes of wrap to fit your needs best:

                                 size 4 –  3.6 meters = 11.81 feet  = 141.73 inches (actually 3.7)

size 5 –  4.2 meters = 13.78 feet = 165 inches

                                  size 6 –  4.6 meters = 15.09 feet = 181.10 inches (actually 4.7)

size 7 –  5.2 meters = 17.06 feet = 204.72

 Most babywear-ers prefer to get a size 6 (4.6), especially when they are starting out, so they are able to do more carries, however, if you are just needing a wrap for quick trips, you can probably get away with the smaller size. How much wrap you need depends on your size, your baby’s size and your needs out of a carrier…

If you are unsure about what size to order, contact the lovely ladies at PAXbaby. They are all super sweet and super knowledgeable baby-wearers and will be able to help you with any questions you might have, and will be able to talk with you and help you decide which size will be the best for YOU.

If you end up snagging an Easycare Rainbow of your own, make sure you hang on to it as these babies are long lusted after due to their quality, and versatility.  Hey…. when your kids outgrow being “worn”, you can always use your wrap as a blanket.



Thanks to the lovely ladies over at Easycare

for supporting this review.

 Love and sunshine,


*happy babywearing*


Meet PAXmommy Laura!!

Hi PAXmommy Laura! Sooooo…. a PAXmommy AND a postpartum doula. You must be busy!

Q: I hear that you are expecting baby #3 as well. Congratulations, girl!! Will you have a doula for your pregnancy/postpartum?And did you have one for your other two births?

L: We are so excited, thank you!!!! I didn’t really find out about doulas until after my first birth. It was less than ideal, so for my second I knew I wanted to have a birth doula. I started asking friends and got a few personal recommendations, and found one I clicked with immediately. Had a completely different birth experience and saw how wonderful doulas can be, both as labor support but also postpartum. This time around I have an amazing Midwifery support team, but my amazing doula from my last birth volunteered to attend as well.

Q: What are a few things that you should look for in a Doula?

L: More than anything, above experience and training as a doula, I think having a strong connection and camaraderie is very important. Are you a good fit personality wise? Is she supportive and understanding of the kind of birth you desire? Can you imagine her there, and would you feel comfortable with her seeing you during this really important, and sometimes vulnerable, time? Being familiar with your OB or Midwife and hospital or birth center is a bonus.

Q: Inquiring minds want to know… have you ever been a postpartum Doula for any other PAXmommies??

L: I haven’t had the opportunity yet as I’m a bit far distance wise from most of the PAXmommies, but I hope to someday <3

Q: I recently saw a new mommy friend post a photo of her doula babywearing her newborn so that she could have a nap. Awesome! Do you ever wear your client’s new babies?

L: As a postpartum doula I really want the mama to feel confident and empowered in her new role as a mother, so while I often suggest and educate on babywearing as part of my time with a new family (which sometimes entails wearing a new baby ::swoon:::), I aim to try and get mama (and dad too!) babywearing as soon as baby is born.

Q: If so what is YOUR fave newborn wrap?

L: I am a ring sling gal with brand new babies, I looooove Girasol wrap conversion ring slings, but I am really looking forward to using my Anaju bamboo stretch wrap and my Aqua pfau this time around!

Q: How long have you been babywearing, and what was YOUR gateway carrier?

L: I knew I wanted to babywear with my son 4 years ago, we were given a Balboa baby sling and an Ergo but neither seemed to fit well and just weren’t comfortable. I sold the Ergo and bought my first Girasol, and it was all downhill from there ;)

Q: One piece of advice for new mommies:

L: There is so much value to trusting your instincts and following baby’s cues. I think we are bombarded by so much advice and influence from magazines, message boards, our mothers, mother-in-laws and random strangers and experts, our own “voice” can get drowned out. You need to be comfortable with the parenting decisions you are making, learn to listen to that voice! In those quite moments in the middle of the night I remind myself of this, and even though it can be difficult, I WILL miss those precious moments, “this too shall pass”, and I don’t believe anyone will look back and regret keeping baby close.

Thanks, so much PAXmommy Laura! Good luck with your upcoming little one <3

*happy babywearing*

Scrap Happy!



Have you ever attempted to create anything with your leftover wrap scraps?

If so, what did you make?

What would you LOVE to attempt if you DID have a wrap scrap of your very own?

We would love to hear your ideas and see what you have made!!


Hurry quickly & you can buy some of PAXmommy Jillian’s personal wrap scraps HERE.

Quick! Quick!

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