Let’s See Your PAXguy Pumpkins!


Let’s get this Halloween party started right away! For those of you who have not carved your pumpkin yet, take a lesson from Shanelle’s awesome rendition of the TULA Baby Carriers logo and carve me a PAXguy!! Post here at PAXbaby.com‘s Facebook page, tag PAXbaby, and comment on the Facebook thread that you did these steps, and get entered into a random drawing for a Free For Shipping goodie – chosen tomorrow!!! As many pumpkins as you want to carve, you may post, for one entry each! You must “like” PAXbaby.com on Facebook to be eligible to win!

Have fun!


*happy babywearing*

Happy Halloween!!

Look at what our PAXfriend Emily Paré Wolowiec whipped up for her little dragon! Want to know how she did it??

We have the exclusive (with links) riiiiight here!

- She based the tail on this tutorial except used fleece.

these wings

- attach to your beautiful baby carrier

- then add the hat  (she cut down to size so it would be perfect for his sweet little head)


TA-DA! and there you have it!

Thanks for sharing Emily!

Are you incorporating babywearing into your costume tonight?

Do you have a unique and interesting costume you’d like to share with us??

We’d LOVE to see all of your awesome ideas!

Happy Halloween, friends and of course…

*happy babywearing*

Harvest Festival

Look what PAXmommies were up to this weekend!

PAXmommy Jillian and Katrin from Natulo spent a relaxing afternoon in the sunshine at their local Harvest Festival spreading the love of babywearing and all things baby and natural.

They weren’t hard to miss with their brightly colored booth… nothing says PAXbaby quite like RAINBOWS!!

Were you lucky enough to be in the area and see what goodies they had with them??

*happy babywearing*

Cupcakes and Babywearing


OH sneaky little baby #6 really wanted to share with his mommy!!

Sooooo… “spill” it… have you ever dropped crumbs on your poor babe’s head while eating and babywearing?? Are there particular snacks that you try to avoid eating while baby is snuggled in close? Are there certain carriers that you refrain from eating in all together?

Let’s hear your thoughts on eating and babywearing!

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby Playdates goes to DISNEYLAND


OK, so what could be more fun than a PAXbaby playdate??

Well, how about a PAXbaby playdate at… wait for it… DISNEYLAND!!

Yep, it’s true. The Happiest Place On Earth, recently got a bit happier when a whole HEAP of beautiful baby-wearers got together (with their FLUFF and BABIES of course) on this magical playdate.

Find out when the next PAX playdate will be by keeping a close eye on our   events page.

Where will we pop up next!?

*happy babywearing*

No sitting on the sidelines for this mama!


No standing by the stroller, tangled up in diaper bags watching the kids play for PAXmommy Jillian, she dives * err slides*  right in with her boys!

One of the best parts about babywearing is that it allows you to be the best parent you can be, HANDS FREE.

For any mother that has wished for another set of hands… babywearing is the saving grace you are after.

There is nothing better than snuggling your littlest, and letting them see, feel and hear the world as their siblings do… but from a safe spot close to mama.

Are you creating lasting babywearing experiences in your family??

We’d love to hear about them.

Keep spreading the love!

*happy babywearing*

The Little Babywearing Mermaid


Halloween is just around the corner but, here at PAXbaby, the fun has already begun!!

PAXmommyJillian and her Baby #6 are dressing up as the ever-sweet Ariel from The Little Mermaid, and her adorable sidekick “rainbow” Flounder. We’ve heard that babywearing is the ONLY way to be a mermaid mommy down there UNDER THE SEA!

We would *LOVE* to hear how you are incorporating babywearing into YOUR Halloween costume!
Feel free to post photos to our Facebook wall!

*happy babywearing* & HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Closed for the Holidays!


Here at PAXheadquarters we have some good news… and some bad news. Everyone’s favorite “try before you buy” Sling Exchange program is closing for the holidays, but…  all existing orders will be shipped in the order they were placed!  We are busy as Santa’s elves getting all current orders caught up on and shipped out ASAP.  Thank you all SO much for your patience, but don’t worry our wonderful rental program will open again in the NEW YEAR.

Until then please direct all your babywearing questions to:

Phone: 1-888-PAX-0003

Email: help@paxbaby.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PAXbaby

*happy babywearing*

Happy International Babywearing WEEK!



Happy International Babywearing Week

October 8th – 14th, 2012

How cute are these amazing Babywearing cupcakes Sandra Isla-Fiorelli made for International Babywearing Week!? We absolutely looove them.

What are YOU doing to celebrate?

Is this week different than any other week for you?

How are you spreading the babywearing love?

We would LOOOVE to hear your plans!!

*happy babywearing*