Rainbows + The Earth equals…

What do you get when you put two amazingly beautiful creations together?


Here at PAXbaby we can tell you exactly what that combo makes… READY to drool??

One of our absolute FAVES here at PAXbaby because of its bright and earthy shades of rainbowy-goodness. Perfect for all seasons, this Girasol definitely can make heads turn.

Do you have one in your collection yet?

If not, grab yours now before they are all gone.

*happy babywearing*


Rainbow FFS give away!!


 If there is one thing all of us PAXmommies love it is COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!

Want to snag some tie-dye for your rainbow-loving-little?? One lucky PAXfriend will win – Free For Shipping –  an entire legwarmer bodysuit set like the one pictured below! How awesome is Shanna’s Tie Dye??

Steps to enter the FFS TIE DYE drawing:

1. LIKE Shanna’s Tie Dye Facebook page!

2. Look through her photos, comment on your FAVE creation & SHARE

3. COMMENT on our FaceBook post & let us know you completed all of the above steps!

Friday evening, a random winner will be selected and tagged so be sure to be friends with PAXbaby!  You will need to email us at help@PAXbaby.com with your PayPal addy and your baby’s clothing size!

That’s it! Easy peasy, friends.
Best of luck to everyone, and thank you to Shanna for the adorable FFS give away!!!

*happy babywearing*

Carry them at PAXbaby…

Share the message, babywearers!

Babies are meant to be held -
in arms, in slings, in wraps, in carriers,
skin to skin, tummy to tummy,
on hips, on backs, by moms, by dads,
by grandparents, by friends, by me!
Not to be pushed away or toted,
not to be jiggled, wiggled,
left alone, ignored.
Pick them up, hold them up, carry them
Look in their eyes and see
that they need you and you need them ?


*happy babywearing*


Meet our PAXmommies! Up first is…

Name:  PAXmommy Brianna Fanelli – due Spring 2013 with Baby Girl #2

What was your very first “gateway” carrier?:  A Rockin’ Baby Ring Sling – with purple zebra stripes! It was SO cute, but didn’t work very well for us. The recommendation for newborns at the time was still the cradle hold, and my daughter was 22″ at birth – it was obviously uncomfortable for her, but we didn’t have any “expert” help at the time. I’m so glad we kept looking for other options!

How many carriers/slings/wraps do you have in your “stash”: This could get me in trouble! Right now, I have 10 wraps, 1 SSC, 1 MT, and 1 WCMT.

Fave food for late night snacking when you are up late working on Pax “missions”: It’s a toss up between carrot sticks with hummus and lemon basil sorbet.

How many kids do you currently have:  Just one – the most amazing, spirited, bold, 2 year old ever! Seriously, she’s the bee’s knees!!

A little bird told me you are pregnant, what is the best carrier for your cute little belly: I am! 20 weeks, and SO excited!! I’m at war with buckles right now. The webbing feels terrible on my belly. So, as usual, we’re almost exclusively wrapping! Normally, 3.6m and 4.6m are my go-to sizes, but I’m finding I prefer 4.2 and 5.2m now! Before I was pregnant, the tails on my 5.2m dragged on the ground in a FWCC! I almost sold that wrap, so many times, because it just didn’t work for us with all that length, but I have a hard time selling things, even when they don’t work. Now I’m really glad I kept it around!!

How long do you anticipate wearing your other kids while pregnant: Today is actually the halfway mark to my EDD, and I’m still wearing very comfortably and frequently, as long as it’s in the right carrier. I wore my daughter for nearly 2 hours straight today while we walked around Balboa Park, and although I’m sure we’ll be wearing for shorter times toward the end of my pregnancy, I don’t foresee us stopping at all!

Goals for babywearing with your new little bean, and will you allow others to babywear him or her: I have a secret. I’m a ring sling failure. I just can’t seem to make them work, no matter how hard I try, or which shoulder I use. This time around, I’m going to get GOOD at ring slings. It’s just an added bonus that I have Jillian to help teach me!

Have you successfully BF’d your babes while babywearing, and if not do you plan to try this time: Yes, TONS! I really ONLY breastfeed in a carrier when we’re out in public. It’s much more comfortable for me, and really easy, once you know how to do it!

What is your “go-to” present to bring to a baby shower: Wooden toys, Dr. Sears books, and a stretchy wrap!

If you could design your dream carrier what would it look like/or if it already exists tell us about it: I REALLY want to have my Didymos Anthracite Houndstooth converted into an Obimama! Zen straps, knee padding, an extra layer of fabric in the body, a headrest, and a removable, adjustable hood with tie offs. I’ve put some thought into this, can you tell?!

What advice would you give to new babywear-ers: “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again!” Seriously, though, I’ve seen too many people give up on babywearing because the first carrier they tried wasn’t comfortable for them. I promise, your PERFECT carrier is out there!!! Our first carrier was the aforementioned ring sling. It wasn’t a great fit for us, so we got a Moby Wrap, which we liked a lot, except that our daughter was born in Florida – in AUGUST! It was SOOOOO hot! So we got an adorable mei tai, which we loved, but we still wanted to try some other options. Next came a Boba, and then our first wrap, more ring slings, more SSCs, and it just sort of spiraled out of control from there!

Peace, love, and * happy babywearing*,

Check out our newest rainbows at PAXbaby.com!


Didymos is HERE!

Guess what just flew into PAXbaby headquarters??

If you guessed the beautiful Didymos Pfau Zimt Gold, you are right!

Wouldn’t this make the PERFECT wrap for those upcoming crisp Autumn days? I can picture it now, boots, cozy sweater, leaves swirling around… and of course you and your babe wrapped up in GOLD!

There are only limited quantities,  so make sure you get yours before they decide to fly away!

*happy babywearing*

Easycare Rainbow 01

Baby #6 posing in the Easycare ORANGE weft


Everyone’s favorite, supportive rainbow can be found NOW at PAXbaby … with a twist! Easycare has brought back their ORIGINAL yellow weft for a limited time only, so make sure to pick one up. We North Americans are used to seeing this rainbow in its bright and vivid ORANGE weft, however this version has been woven in a softer yellow weft which gives this familiar rainbow a bit of a vintage feel. We all love a brand new pair of jeans, but there is something about a nice faded pair that just feels comfortable and lived in. This Easycare Rainbow 01 is the same great wrap that you know and love, only slightly thicker and softer in color. Can you dig it?



Now the only, choice left is… what size rainbow do you want to wrap yourself in? Ring sling? Shorty? Or do you want to be able to literally drape you and your baby in rainbow from head, to toe? Why not one of each, after all… one can never have too many rainbows!!


*Happy Babywearing*

Star Wars Gemini


For the babywearing Star Wars fans, may the SSC force be with you!!!
This is a custom Beco Baby Carrier Gemini by Pimp my Carrier!!!!


Create your own custom carrier by emailing Jillian at help@PAXbaby.com!

Pimp my Carrier at PAXbaby.com!!!



*happy babywearing*


Girasol Weave Differences


What a difference the weave can make!  On the left is Girasol’s Diamond Weave!  It is airy, cushy, extremely moldable, yet structurally supportive for an older & heavier baby!  The Diamond Weave pulls more easily than the Standard Weave, shown on the right, but it is soft and squishy even when brand new!  No breaking in required!


The Standard Weave is on the right.  It is thin and strong, but not as thin and strong as the Diamond Weave!  Super easy to take care of,  the Standard Weave wraps get thrown right into the washing machine with my blue jeans – they are THAT durable!  A definite work horse of the woven wrap collection, Standard Weave is easier to weave thus most Girasols are woven with this pattern.


Shop for your own woven wrap here at PAXbaby.com!!


* Carson’s Cove in cream weft *puff*


*happy babywearing*


Come craft with me!


Babywearing makes it ALL possible!  While crafting with my 6 littlies, I was thinking about all of YOU who are creative & artsy, so I posted at PAXbaby’s Facebook page  – http://www.facebook.com/PAXbaby – to see what you all have been up to this summer!  Busy busy bees, the lot of you!  Take a look!  I’m sure you will enjoy browsing all these WAHM shops as much as I did!  I know that I’m taking notes for Christmas shopping!





Wearing Two Together

Q: Chris from Columbus, Ohio asks…

I’m due with my fourth child in January. What two carriers will work together the best so I can carry my toddler and the new baby?

A: Congratulations! When you add a new baby to the family it can be a challenging time for everyone. Having the ability to carry your children and keep your hands free will be vital!

The best way to wear two children at once is to have one on front and one on the back. Your toddler will go on your back, and your newborn in front. We’ll start with the newborn.

You will need something that is easy to ‘pop’ your newborn into for a front carry. Our favorite is the Moby Wrap. This carrier can be wrapped on yourself first using easy-to-follow instructions and once it’s in place you can work on getting the toddler on your back. Another option for the newborn would be a Ring Sling or Pouch.

To get your toddler on your back a Mei Tai or soft structured carrier would be the easiest. Go ahead and get the toddler on first, securing the waist strap of the carrier under the Moby Wrap, and the shoulder straps over the Moby. Then you can pop your newborn in the Moby and spread out all the layers of fabric. With a carrier like the Beco Butterfly or Ergo, you probably will not be able to fasten the chest clip in front of you. If this doesn’t work well for your body shape, then choose the Mei Tai, which usually hugs closer to your body and fits better backpack style.