BabyHawk Oh Snap!

BabyHawk Oh Snap CamoBabyHawk, maker of totally awesome Mei Tai baby carriers, announced the addition of a new carrier to their line, the BabyHawk Oh Snap!

I was privileged to be able to test an earlier version of the Oh Snap, a prototype from the design process. Let me first say that I love BabyHawks. I’m a Mei Tai girl, I know them in and out, I know a dozen different ways to tie them. Buckle carriers have a lot of similarities to Mei Tais, but what most don’t have is flexibility, not just the ability to adjust for different users, but real, true flexibility for different carries, different weight distribution, etc. Until now.

The Oh Snap is a Mei Tai improved. And not just any Mei Tai, the cream of the crop BabyHawk. The first thing you might notice about the Oh Snap is that it looks like a BabyHawk. The flip-up headrest is still there, the bold fabric combinations, the comfortably padded straps.

The number one complaint about Mei Tais is all that tying. With the Oh Snap it’s just buckle and go! No straps dragging, no fiddling with knots. The straps connect at the sides with a buckle, and extra webbing length means that you can easily cross the straps behind you for front wearing, or keep them buckled right in to the same side for backpack style shoulders when baby is on your back.

BabyHawk Oh Snap Chest StrapWhen you are doing a back carry and have the straps like a backpack, the chest strap (or sternum strap) can be used to keep the straps well-positioned on your shoulders. You will notice that the chest strap on the Oh Snap is unlike any other on the market. It is dual-adjusting, with two connectors on each shoulder strap. This gives a more customized fit. No twisting buckles, no pulling on the straps so they flip and look bunchy. The Oh Snap chest strap will move up and down on the shoulder straps and adjust so that it lays flat against you and does exactly what it should: keep the shoulder straps on your shoulders.

BabyHawk Oh Snap Back CarryA few notes about the design of the Oh Snap. The size is similar to that of a BabyHawk. Seat darts have been added for a more form-fitting result. The straps will adjust to fit anyone up to a size 22 with no additional pieces necessary. And yes, they will adjust down to fit even a size zero. There’s nothing more annoying than doing a back carry and not being able to tighten in a carrier enough to hold your baby close, and the Oh Snap has taken that into account, making it ideal for small moms who may not have had success with other structured carriers. The Oh Snap is recommended for children 6 months and up. There is no infant insert currently available (although there is one in the works!), but until then, make sure your baby is able to sit on their own and can straddle the seat of the Oh Snap before you use it. Maximum weight is 45 pounds. That’s a lot, folks!

And now I would like to share my favorite part of the Oh Snap. I need to share a little bit of personal information in order to do this. I’m a small mama. Not tiny, tiny, but small. Being small, I’m lacking in one major area, my derriere. I don’t have much of one. Not much hips, either. This makes wearing carriers with waist support belts a little difficult. Most people will wear padded waist straps down around their hips, effectively transferring much their baby’s weight off their back and to their hips. This is a lot more comfortable when baby reaches 25 plus pounds.

Not everyone has the same shape around the hips, though. And those like me, who don’t have much of anything back there to hold a waist belt in place might find that the waist belt doesn’t stay in place, instead it slips down. Others might find that it creates pressure on the sides or becomes problematic with certain clothing. Well the Oh Snap takes this into account! Instead of just having a plain waist belt, or trying to decide between curved or straight, the Oh Snap is the first ever structured carrier with a customizable waist belt!

BabyHawk Oh Snap Waist BeltWith two adjustments on each side of the waist belt, the Oh Snap can be adjusted to perfectly fit hips in all shapes and sizes. The adjustments allow the top of the waist strap to be adjusted separately from the bottom of the waist belt, so you can truly get the belt to sit on your hips, therefore your baby’s weight will be on your hips. Instant comfort!

The BabyHawk Oh Snap carriers are currently available for sale at PAXbaby.  Retail price is $140 and PAXbaby will has a wide selection available for instant shipping.  If you don’t see exactly what you want, let us know or visit the Design Center to pre-order your ideal Oh Snap!

For a limited time we are taking Oh Snap Preorders. Fill out the form below with your choice of strap color and fabric panel and we’ll email you with full details and an estimate of when it will ship.

Custom Orders Closing 1/4/2009

Please see for strap color and fabric panel choices.
Additional Fabric Panel Options ($149 each):

Dylan Oh Snap Morgan Oh Snap Jasper Oh Snap
Dylan Morgan
also avail. on RED

Give away by Whisper Blossom

Something adorable waits for you at Whisper Blossom!  This mom artist, Sarah,  is a wrap scrap designer who makes a multitude of adorable items including wrap flowers!  This give away commemorates the re opening of and celebrates babywearing everywhere!

Comment here a this contest blog post for a chance to win this FFS (Free For Shipping) goodie from Whisper Blossom for PAXbaby!  The winner will be drawn after we have our last day at Disneyland!  Good luck, babywearers!

*Girasol Amitola Blue Weft medium blossom*

Breastfeeding in your Beco!

This is one of our most popular questions about one of most popular baby carriers! How to nurse baby in your Beco! After 14 months of BFing almost daily in my Butterfly, I wrote down the steps for you! Hope these instructions help you to have a successful babywearing experience and to  your Beco!

Is there a link between extended Breastfeeding & BWing?

According to La Leche League, extended Breastfeeding is any baby 1 years or older who is still nursing habitually.  LLLI categorizes toddlers’ reasons for breastfeeding as nutrition, comfort, security, as a way to calm down, and for reassurance.  Other than nutrition, these generalizations describe the babyworn toddler to a T!  And as for the extended BFing  mothers, La Leche says that we use it as a way to enjoy the closeness & to offer comfort to children who are otherwise occupied with becoming a “big kid” and don’t need their mommies quite as much as before their 1st year birthday!  As the mother of a 14 month old who has learned to walk, then run & dance within a week, I know that I am searching for any way to get my little guy to give me a cuddle. If that means offering milk even when it is inconvenient (at the beach when he was covered with sand!) or wearing him even when my body could use the rest, I will grab the chance and do whatever I can for a quick snuggle!  And if I can combine both comforts and nurse my walking, talking toddler in my baby carrier and maybe even get him to fall asleep while I’m wearing him, hooray for me and everyone else had better tiptoe and be quiet as to not wake “the baby!”  Don’t pack away your slings just because your child has started walking!  Keep them accessible and handy.  1 mom I know uses her retired Maya Wrap Ring Sling as decoration in her 6 year old daughter’s room to remind both of them of the good ol’ days.  If possible, don’t bring a stroller so that when your new walker’s legs get tired, you have nowhere to put them except in your carrier!  And if your toddler requests to be held, rejoice and, as the women say at LLLI, “Never refuse!”


The PERFECT SSC is like the PERFECT pair of jeans!  What may fit your bestie GREAT, is not going to look so hot on you because you have different body shapes – not to mention different babies, babywearing needs, and breastfeeding abilities!  When I fit a parent with a buckle carrier, it is so important to ask a few key questions that help me to narrow down their options!  Prescribing a carrier over the phone or email after getting these answers is absolutely possible, and since I don’t believe in a “blanket” answer (1 carrier works for everyone) my survey is crucial for the best results!  I will ask you things like your personal stats, your baby’s age, weight, and stage, your breastfeeding status, your weather… you may think that some of the questions aren’t pertinent but do you know how much it tells me if you say you are concerned about back carrying!?!?  Or that you do a lot of hiking!?!?  These clues can make the difference between an okay baby carrier and the IDEAL carrier for your babywearing needs!

A quick low down on PAXbaby’s favs :

Beco Butterfly II Riley

The Beco Butterfly is our hands down favorite carrier for most any baby and any parent!  Complete with all the bells & whistles, the Butterfly features an internal harness, infant insert, sleeping hood, and can carry babies from newborn through 45 pounds!  Perfect for warm weather babywearing due to the internal Y panel, and featuring a huge selection of prints, PAXbaby ? the Beco Butterfly!
Beco Gemini Paige

The Beco Gemini is Beco’s other buckle carrier, and it is a throw back to an earlier Beco model that was well-loved!  Front carries, front facing out also, on the hip, or as a back carrier, the Gemini does not have the sleeping hood or infant insert and internal harness like its older sister, the Butterfly, but has a more streamlined look with a folding headrest and body that can become smaller for petite babies or front facing out.  Keep in mind that if your goal is to find a carrier to wear your infant now through kindergarten, the Gemini can only hold 35 pounds, but it features more wearing positions than the Butterfly!.

Babyhawk Oh Snap! No Guts Stone

BabyHawk’s Oh Snap! is a favorite at PAXbaby due to the comfortable padding in the waistband and shoulder straps, the seat darts designed for toddlers, and the cutting edge style.  The Oh Snap! is not intended to be used for carrying young babies so start thinking about the smooth ride of the Oh Snap! around baby’s first birthday, and if you are larger proportioned!

Boba 2G Tweet

Specially designed for toddlers, the Boba Baby Carrier 3G features a removable hood and also removable foot stirrups for your child’s ergonomic positioning.  Comfortable for both baby and parent, from infancy through toddlerhood, the Boba is PAXdaddy’s go-to carrier for our toddlers!

Olives & Applesauce Flourish

Want a baby carrier that will earn you the prize at the fashion show?  Olives & Applesauce soft structured carriers, or “O & A” as we affectionately call them, are just gorgeous with the attached hood, wide waistband, and curved shoulder straps.  The contour of the shoulder straps means you can back carry without using the chest strap – eliminating “babywearer’s cleavage!”  These baby carriers are 16″ tall and have the new perk of a baby insert built within the O & A, for babies or toddlers up to 30 pounds!  If you are carrying extra baby weight, THIS is the buckle carrier for you!!

Scootababy Hip Carrier

Scootababy is the one and only HIP carrier that we adore! It can actually be used on the front or back, but it shines as a hip carrier!  Super comfortable with a supportive waistband and soft fleece shoulder strap, the Scootababy is easy to nurse in and attractive to dads with its sleek design.

Last but not least, I can truly say that MOST parents who try the Tula, fall in love immediately and never look back!  Made in Poland with a very thorough eye for design, the Tula has been a local favorite for years and is now gaining momentum across the country and the WORLD!  Pocket, hood, comfort, the Tula is basic but thorough!  The Manduca is another favorite, but not as easily accessible to us in the USA!!!!


WILD babywearing

It is so interesting to me to watch the evolution of today’s babywearing culture!  A few years ago, there were a handful of known baby carrier brands, and now look at all the choices!!!  Celebrities wear their babies, government officials wear their babies, and regular everyday parents wear their babies!  Babywearing is no longer limited to granola eating, Birkenstock wearing moms, although I give credit to my mom for starting the baby carrier come back in the 80s while wearing long skirts and peasant blouses!  I know that here in Southern California, wearing your baby in a carrier is not only acceptable in mainstream society but also commended by doctors, midwives, and chiropractors!  However, for those of you who are the ONLY babywearers you  have ever seen or met, more BWing power to you! It must be hard to be the ONLY one!

Just like in our world, there are only a few species of animals in the wild who carry their babies! No wonder  the Kangaroo and the Koala are considered to be babywearing mascots!!!!  The thought that those animals have built in slings is just too adorable!!  This onesie from Old Navy seemed especially pertinent for our babyworn little ones!  “I {heart} hanging out with mom”  Oh too cute!!!

PAXbaby babywearing koala blog post

And a shout out to the amazing wildlife we saw while traveling, living, and babywearing in Australia, here is a photograph of a  happy baby carrying koala mama and her little one that my husband spotted as we sped down the freeway (on the left side of course!)  We pulled over to take her picture, and then her baby crawled around from the side to surprise us!

PAXbaby babywearing koala blog

*happy babywearing*

Beco Gemini Newbie Babywearing

One of my favorite baby carriers is the Beco Gemini!  Super soft organic twill, versatile positioning, & crossable shoulder straps make it one of my personal “go to” carriers!  For parents over 5’2″ish, this Soft Structured Carrier should definitely be on your baby registry because it is an EXCELLENT newborn carrier and has the capability to carry much older babies as well!  A lot of moms want to know WHY this would fulfill their babywearing needs as a buckle carrier for their infant, and here’s what I think:

Soft twill to cradle baby comfortably

No buckles at baby’s face level

Foldable headrest to support wee ones’ necks

Crossable shoulder straps for parents’ comfort

Wide enough front panel to froggy baby’s legs

Option to make front panel narrow for baby’s legs coming out

Easy to breastfeed in

I loved what  Mama R. had to say about her experience while wearing her Beco Gemini with an infant, “I bought my Gemini when my son was 6 weeks old, and it’s my favorite carrier hands down. I have an Ergo but really hate it…  I was even able to convince my husband to switch to the Gemini from the Baby Bjorn. It has so many fabulous holds and no pieces to lose. If I had a complaint about this carrier it would be that in the back carry, I need the head rest already hooked in if I expect that my LO will fall asleep. Everything else is easy and intuitive. I even nurse in it while out and about. The hip carry is fabulous for nursing and carrying while eating dinner at a restaurant.

I didn’t do legs tucked in since my son is really long and he quickly showed his distaste for anything that trapped his legs. Even though the legs are out, it has a small base that supports the hips and bum properly unlike the crotch carrying Bjorn. It might look similar but it fits even tiny babies much differently in the leg out carry.”

And a BIG thank you to Kristy and her lovely daughter, Audrey, for the adorable action pix demonstrating the Beco Gemini front carry with a 3 week old!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini newborn infant babywearing

PAXbaby Beco Gemini newborn infant babywearing

*happy babywearing*