Over hill, over dale, from overseas comes a Soft Structured Carrier so detail oriented, so planned & precise, you know these baby carriers are something special.  The Manduca may have a high price tag, but 5 minutes in this buckle carrier, and you will be in love!  What did the creator of the Manduca NOT think of when designing this carrier????  Well fitting hood which disappears into a secret pocket, expandable front panel to fit wee ones through toddlers with a simple ziiiiip, an integrated infant insert to help keep newborns maintain the proper M positioning, crossable shoulder straps, organic fabrics…..  The list continues, but I know you have stopped listening and started planning how to get your hands on one of these beauties!  I will tell you how!  Due to restrictions on reselling Manducas, PAXbaby cannot sell new Manducas in the USA, however if you are open to buying a Previously Loved carrier, please do let me know because I do receive back carriers from time to time.  For Canadian or overseas babywearers, shop through this link and never look back – the Manduca is the NICEST buckle carrier on the market!

*happy babywearing*

St Patrick’s Day!!!

From your favorite babywearing family, HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!!!  We are enjoying clover face painting and crafts, rainbow decorations, and a lively discussion of why there aren’t snakes in Ireland!!!!!  PAXdaddy brewed a lovely cup of “Irish Morning” tea for us, and the iPad is blaring our favorite jig tunes!!!!  And as usual, I’m celebrating the holiday with the gift of a new baby carrier!  Can you spot it?

*happy babywearing*

Oh my Ocah!

In the babywearing world, there is a term that we use for a carrier that is realllllly hard to find or wanted, and that is “unicorn” !!!  For myself and for many babywearers, that is the OCAH!!!  the Ocah is a wrap conversion carrier dreamed and designed by Kerry & Claire in England (NOT Ireland!!!)  Mei tais, Half Buckles, Full Buckles (aka Soft Structured Carrier), & Pods all come from the Ocah headquarters!!!  PAXbaby is bursting with pride to be Ocah’s USA retailer and to be revealing a handful of one of a kind carriers manufactured just for your favorite baby carrier superstore!!!!  Those carriers will be revealed later in the month, but for now, thank you for your applause & support for the tandem WAHM efforts of Kerry Ocah and PAXmommy Jillian!!!

When asked what Kerry’s first wrap was that she converted, she said :

“First wrap that I chopped, a BN size 7 Red and White Indio.  It was a travelling carrier for a while before being bought by a mama who dyed it bright Orange! I still miss that carrier…”

Can you just imagine Kerry’s sewing machine whizzzzing along as she listens to her favorite music?? Music inspires her and she says, “I mainly listen to the radio as I work but if that starts to bug me I listen to music on my iPad, though as you can imagine with my sewing machine working it gets  little noisy.”

As for her favorite colors, she is at home with any color of the rainbow!!!  “I like different colours at different times and for different situations.  Personally I like earthy tones, oh and Navy Blue ! At home I like to have rainbow accents and at my studio too, but I am equally happy with the peacefulness of white.”

PAXbaby Ocah

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing Dollies

Commemorate your love of babywearing with a wooden dollie painted custom for you  from your favorite babywearing picture!!!  My dear friend and talented artist, Pattie, has set up 2 custom listings just for my friends at Etsy!  Click here for the special pricing on a single dollie or here for a set of matching dollies!  Surprise your BWing bestie with her own, or hint to your hubby for Mother’s Day, I know I will need more than 1 to sit on my shelf and make me smile!!!

This offer is limited to friends of PAXbaby at Facebook as well as Fancie Fannies so be sure to like us both to participate!

PAXbaby babywearing dollie

*happy babywearing*

Portrait of a Babyworn Baby

What does a babyworn baby look like?  He looks precious, and sweet, and mellow!  How could he be anything but after being worn for hours every day since birth!  His needs are met, his heart is happy; he has no sadness, no worries, no stress!  When he is hungry, he is fed.  When he is tired, he sleeps.  Not worth fighting against his internal clock, he is not expected to nap at the same time every day nor wake up at the same time.  His natural rhythms are used as a guide, and he flows through his life instead of having life churn against him.  A babyworn baby is all too soon too big to wear, but he will forever feel the love and support that held him in a sling as he grows and blooms into the independent, strong person he is destined to be with a past like his.

PAXbaby babywearing baby babyworn attachment parenting

Hold your baby, it will not spoil him!

Wear your baby, you won’t look back and wish you hadn’t!

Cuddle, snuggle, & soak up the soft touches returned to you, so quickly he will have callouses on his hands from the playground and stinky boy feet!

You let your baby sleep in your bed?  Of course you do, because he’ll be asking for his own race car bed in an instant!

You let your baby nurse while you eat your dinner, avoiding dropping bits of food in his hair and keeping his fingers out of your mouth?  Of course you do, because soon he’ll be tying on an apron and asking how he can help prepare supper!

You take your shower while holding your baby because he doesn’t like to sit on the tile and get sprinkled on?  Of course you do, because it’s 5 more minutes you can spend with him before he is closing and locking the bathroom door!

Babyhood is fleeting and the best way to enjoy it is to be there, loving every minute, and never ever regret the holding, wearing, cuddling!

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s Aurora Girasol

A rose is a rose is a rose….

Words are not enough to describe the beauty of this unique colorway!  Aurora blooms with a selection of hues including dark purple and vivacious orange!  The color lover will not be disappointed with this Girasol woven wrap, as they wear their baby in this tactile work of art!  Find it here at PAXbaby in 3 wefts, all equally as lovely, Purpura, Crema, & Fuchsia!!!!

PAXbaby Aurora Girasol Purpura Fuchsia woven

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby saves a WP WCRS from FSOT by RUBing!

Yes, you read the headline right, PAXbaby saves a WP RS from FSOT!  Oh, in English please?  PAXbaby – your favorite baby carrier store – saves – by use of YouTube and the ever popular video tutorial – a WP – Wrapper’s Paradise Girasol – WCRS – Wrap Conversion Ring Sling, the most comfortable slings ever – from FSOT- For Sale or Trade, where carriers are bought and swapped with wild abandon – by RUBing – a babywearing technique called the RUB, Rings Under Bum!!!!  In other words, babywearing mommy to many, Amanda, wasn’t feeling the ring sling love so she listed her beautiful but inconsequential Wrapper’s Paradise Girasol sling for sale.  When she was poking round on the internet that night, she found to her amazement a creative way to wear her Ring Sling that she’d never thought of before!!!  She followed the instructions of babywearing guru yours truly, fell in love with the RUB, and lived happily ever after in a swirl of pastel rainbow happiness and ring slinging glee!

And you can too – here’s the link!

PAXbaby ring sling rub sbp wrapper's paradise girasol

*happy babywearing*

Diamond Weave Rainbows

Diamond Rainbows come in twos
Twin wefts and lovely hues
From Europe in 10 weeks
For you and me and baby to keep!

Announcing the first weaving EVER of Earthy Rainbow & Northern Lights as Diamond Weave Girasols!!!!  The Diamond Weave is known for being more supportive than the standard weave and adds an extra shimmer to the rainbow design!  If you already own an ER or a NL, it may be time to upgrade to Version 2.0 as your baby gets heavier, and if you are new to the Girasol rainbow world, jump right in with one of these lovelies!!  Earthy has a Red weft, and Northern Lights is the same rainbow design with a Purple Weft!!!

We don’t have pictures yet since these Girasol woven wraps have not yet been woven, but you can imagine how beautiful they will be!!!  Here are Earthy Rainbow and Northern Lights on the left, with the 2 existing Girasol Rainbows in Diamond Weave!!!  Reserve yours now by ordering here!!!

PAXbaby Girasol wraps Earthy Rainbow Northern Lights diamond weave

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby #6 is 10 months old today!!!

Happy 10 months to the best little babywearee ever!!!  Baby #6 turns 10 months old today, hooray!  He is a bundle of energy who is crawling, pulling up, signing bye, and enjoying eating everything we eat – especially chicken!!!  Baby #6 loves to be entertained by his older siblings so in order to see them best, he prefers to be carried in a high back carry to peek over my shoulder!  When I carry Baby #6 in front, he usually just wants to nurse so I plan on wearing a Ring Sling so I can most easily breastfeed on the go!

PAXbaby Girasol Amitola 10 months ring sling

*happy babywearing, Declan*