Can’t wait for Carson’s Cove!

Jessi isn’t just a little excited about Carson’s Cove being re-woven next month, she is SO excited!

Oh, you have NO IDEA.  This was the first colorway I ever fell in love with, over a year ago when I stepped into the world of wovens.  My toddler is way to big for the classic Girasol weave so I’m thrilled that this is being done with the more supportive diamond weave.  I nearly peed my pants when I stumbled across this; I was doing a google search for something else and this was one of the random things that the search popped up.

PAXbaby Girasol Carson's Cove

*happy babywearing*

Travelling Ocah
Something purple has come to live at!!!!  This Ocah Full Buckle Wrap Conversion carrier will be travelling after getting snuggled by Baby #6 & I for a couple weeks!!!  Buckle waist, crossable and dually adjusting shoulder straps, cinchable hood and leg padding completes this custom wrap conversion made from a dyed Loiuse Storch woven wrap in an “in between size” 40mm wide!!
PAXbaby Ocah SSC
Want a turn?  Email me at with Ocah in the subject line, & I promise to share!!!
*happy babywearing*

Howdy, Pony Gemini!

Yeehaw, cowgirls!  Saddle up and get ready to herd some babies and lasso yourself a quick crawler to wear in the cutest-baby-carrier-this-lil-town-has-evah-seen!  Beco’s Pony Gemini SSC features denim straps and a fuzzy wuzzy pinto-patterned inner lining to keep your mini cowpoke cozy!  Pop on a couple of 10 gallon hats, and gallop on out of town in your Pony Gemini!  When in doubt, let your horse do the thinking – and the ordering of your new Gemini!  Hi ho silver!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini Pony

*happy babywearing*

Carson’s Cove diamond weave! YES!
PAXbaby is so excited to be re-releasing a beloved Girasol colorway designed by Megan and named for her son, Carson.  This is Carson’s Cove, a summery striped Girasol wrap, woven as a diamond weave, perfect for strolling on the beach with your baby on your back or hiking in the Redwood forest with your favorite friend!  The diamond weave gives the Girasol wraps extra sturdy support so this is the perfect way to tote an older or heavier baby.  Carson’s Cove features bright stripes of lemon yellow, tangerine orange, lime green, ocean blue, sky blue and is being offered in 2 popular wefts : Puff cream and Ocean blue.
Watch these swatches come to life when the diamond weave is added!  It has been said that the method of weaving in the diamond pattern adds a certain shimmer!!!  It’s hard to say which weft is going to be more spectacular so get your order in now and wait *patiently* with me until April when Carson’s Cove arrives at PAXbaby headquarters!!
Please feast your eyes on Carson’s Cove offered in 2 different wefts : Puff cream & Ocean blue!  Aren’t they cute????
PAXbaby Girasol Carson's Cove crema cream puff weft
PAXbaby Suggestion : Carson’s Cove is being offered in the Diamond Weave in 2 wefts in limited amounts at this time!  If you have questions prior to ordering, feel free to contact us!  We have a Woven Wrap specialist who can walk you through the process of ordering your Woven Wrap!  Perhaps PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap guide can answer a few questions, and this list of carrying positions will be quite handy to you as you choose your wrap!

*happy babywearing*

Beco Gemini Overalls

The newest, cutest Beco Baby Carrier is almoooooost here at PAXbaby Headquarters so if you have a baby who loves to be held, and a need for a new baby carrier, wait no longer!  The Beco Overalls come in 2 prints, perky Paige and graceful Ginger, both equally fabulous but completely different styles!  Ginger showcases a repeating pattern of Echino designs on an Espresso background, while Paige features off white daisy designs on a dusty black/ gray background!  How to pick your favorite?   Maybe let baby choose, because you can’t go wrong with either!! Check out for Ginger here and Paige here so you can have dibs on the very limited, very special Beco Overalls Gemini!

Wear your Beco Overalls Gemini to the park, the beach, a formal event!  Everywhere you go, you’ll be covered in a Beco Overalls!  You will receive an email as soon as we have shipping information so you can get paid up and be expecting your new baby carrier in the mail!  Yet another excellent reason to live in Southern California – Beco manufacturing is right in my own back yard, so these Overalls will be here ASAP!

PAXbaby beco gemini overalls ginger paige

*happy babywearing*

Don’t be boring!

Spice up your babywearing life with a Cutie Cover!  Made to fit your Beco Butterfly or Beco Gemini, Pimp my Carrier’s Cutie Covers are slip covers for your baby carrier!  These smart “T shirts for your carriers” pop over the top of your Beco, fit snugly down the sides and can offer all the same options as your regular Beco front panel plus options like pockets, attached hoods, and coordinating prints!  Don’t be boring, rock your baby carrier with a Cutie Cover!

PAXbaby Beco Cutie Cover

See the videos here for the BBII and here for the Gemini!

*happy babywearing*

New Spring Collection from Beco

Another exquisite Echino print is featured on PAXbaby’s Piper Butterfly & Gemini from Beco’s  Spring Collection! Ready to ship today for for $145 {Butterfly} and $135 {Gemini}!!!

Neigh!!!!! PAXbaby’s new Spring collection from Beco features the Pony Butterfly & Gemini with a soft furry animal panel and denim straps!!! Available to ship today for $145 {Butterfly} and $135 {Gemini}!!!

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s Double Rainbow!
Say hello to PAXbaby’s Double Rainbow!
Designed with wrap conversions specifically in mind, PAXbaby’s Exclusive Girasol, Double Rainbow, combines all the best elements of a well designed rainbow wrap and will make a dazzling wrap, ring sling, mei tai, half buckle, or soft structured carrier!

*Keep in mind that this picture portrays Double Rainbow at its maximum strength!  No weft color has been combined to lessen the true value of the Double Rainbow hues!

Different colored edges for easy wrap adjustments – you won’t have to wonder if you are holding the right rail!


Repeating widthwise pattern for equally luscious shoulder straps!


Gender neutral rainbow palette!

3 wefts being offered to change the look :
Crema Weft = Double Rainbow Clear Skies
Blue Weft = Double Rainbow Cloudy Skies
Red Weft = Double Rainbow Stormy Skies

PAXbaby Suggestion : Pre order is now open until February 15!  Pay half now, and half later!!!  Double Rainbow is shipping from overseas to PAXbaby headquarters at the end of February!!!

We want you to have EXACTLY the wrap that you desire, so if you have questions prior to ordering, feel free to contact us!  We have a Woven Wrap specialist who can walk you through the process of ordering your Woven Wrap!  Perhaps PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap guide can answer a few questions, and this list of carrying positions will be quite handy to you as you choose your wrap!

*happy babywearing*

Is this love

Meet Marley, the rasta wrap brought to you by Girasol, to wear and enjoy every day…


“I wanna love you and treat you right
I wanna love you every day and every night”


Introducing Girasol woven wrap, Marley, in both the standard yellow weft as well as the new black weft!!!!  Make sure to choose which weft you’d prefer!  Pre orders for Marley are open until February 8 at which time Marley will go into production at Girasol headquarters and become a reality in April!  Half now, half later makes Marley easy to add to your growing collection of Girasol woven wraps!!!

Designed by a fellow native Californian, Marley was brought to life by Maya, a self proclaimed Bob Marley fan who gathered inspiration from a few places….  “I was just getting into skinny stripes as well as rainbows and wanted to see what I could do with tthem! Before it was Marley, it was a bunch of different “rasta rainbows” until I settled on what I thought was the perfect one!  I also used my (now ex) husband as inspiration. I wanted something that was unisex/daddy friendly but not a normal daddy carrier. When I think of daddy carriers, I think of dark solid colors, or stripes/color blocking, but not bright and fun.”   And so, Marley was born, giving a new rocking spin on babywearing!

*happy babywearing*