Baby Carriers are expensive!
Baby carriers are expensive; are they worth it? I know that asking you to pay $100 and more for a baby carrier seems steep. I know that $100 could buy a lot of other baby gear. However, what baby item are you going to use all day every day for the next 12+ months of your baby’s life? New parents cash out for the perfect car seat, and rightfully so since that is a safety issue, but why spend a lot money on a stroller if you are planning on babywearing? I am still pushing the same stroller we purchased with Baby #1, but Baby #6 has never sat in it once! We use it for the stuff involved for outings with 6 kids! The stroller is a great convenient way to get your diaper bag, drinks, snacks etc from here to there, but paying close to $100 seems outlandish for such a tool! A baby carrier on the other hand is the safety net that will keep your post partum life from falling apart! By wearing your baby you will learn about your newborn quickly and be able to predict their rhythms and diagnose their problems. A great baby carrier will enable your hands to be free for chores around the house because having a new baby means scads more loads of laundry and an unexplainable increase of dirty dishes as well! A superb baby carrier will carry your baby from infant to toddler and beyond then when needed, and at the end of your babywearing career should be tucked away carefully for the next baby multiplying its excellent value over another set of babywearing months. Are good baby carriers expensive? Yes, they are, but you are paying for the excellent craftsmanship, quality design, and high grade materials of a product well worth your hard saved money. Save your pennies while pregnant, don’t buy the trendy baby goods like expensive bathtubs (baby can shower with you!), pricey cribs (baby can sleep with you until they transition to their own bed), fancy strollers, bouncy seats, impressive swings, and unnecessary doodads! Call me old fashioned, but all baby needs is to be held close to a warm, comfortable body, and the perfect baby carrier does just that!
PAXbaby Bamberoo SSC KoKaDi Stars Kiki
*happy babywearing*

DIY Babywearing Shrug

PAXbaby’s One & Only DIY Babywearing Shrug

PAXbaby Babywearing Shrug baby carrier

Sometimes babywearers get cold but don’t want to take off their babies to put on a sweatshirt! This is the perfect time to whip out the DIY Babywearing Shrug! All you need is your favorite long sleeve shirt and a sense of style to pull this off! Wear your DIY Shrug over any front carry in your favorite baby carrier!!!!  Shown here with my Beco Butterfly II made beautiful by Pimp my Carrier!  Try it, love it, email me pix!!!!!

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing ‘n baking!

Sometimes the best things in life are simple!  A barefoot walk at the beach, a kiss on the cheek from your child, the smell of clean laundry (yum, Ecover!), a new baby carrier, and at my house tonight, baked apple pancakes served on heart shaped plates!!!!

Poor Baby #6 wasn’t feeling well so he helped me to bake in our BB Slen Turkish Delight Ring Sling worn tummy to tummy with the rings on my back, and his feet covered up by the tail – he was chilled from his fever!

PAXbaby turkish delight bb slen ring sling

Baked Apple Pancake Recipe



3 large apples, peeled and sliced thinly

1/4 cup butter

1/4 cup brown sugar (can use more)

1 teaspoon cinnamon (can use more)


6 eggs

1 1/2 cups half-and-half

1 cup all-purpose flour

1/3 cup sugar

1/2 teaspoon baking powder

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2-3/4 teaspoon cinnamon

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla


1. Preheat oven to 350’F.

2. Grease a 9×13 baking pan. (I use ungreased pie plates!)

3. Melt butter in baking pan in oven. (To hurry, I melt butter in the microwave and pour into each dish!)

4. Place the apple slices evenly over bottom of pan.

5. Bake for about 10 min, or until apples are soft.

6. Remove apples from oven, and dust with brown sugar and cinnamon.

7. In a blender, combine pancake ingredients, and spread over apples.

8. Return to oven to bake about 30-40 minutes.

9. Sprinkle with sugar topping, powdered sugar, or PAXdaddy’s favorite, homemade whipping cream!

10. Serve immediately and enjoy!!!

PAXbaby recipe apple pancakes

*happy baking ‘n babywearing*

PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap Guide


Welcome to PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap Guide where you can learn to walk the walk and wrap like a pro!

For a more extensive list of carries & resources, please visit PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap Carry List here!!! Delve in, and please let us know if you have ANY babywearing questions!  We are here to help!!!  PAXbaby’s FaceBook page is chock-a-block with pictures, stories, and information as well, so if you aren’t a PAXbaby friend yet, come on over!

You may have heard other babywearers conversing and using strange terms like “DH,” “cross passes,” or “RUCK” and wondered to yourself what exactly they meant!  Well, now you can study up and be able to engage in any woven wrap conversation without feeling squeamishly in-over-your-head!  Babywearing is already a world of its own, but the Woven Wrap vocabulary lends an air of mystery and European sophistication to your babywearing skills!  Whether you are in love with a rainbow wrap, or a stripey sling, this blog post from PAXbaby will assist you to sound, and feel, like a true woven wrapaholic!  As Maria from the Sound of Music would say, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start!

A Woven Wrap is called WOVEN because it is loomed (often by hand!!) by a skilled weaver.  A Wrap is a long piece of cloth used to secure your baby to your body.  The continuous length of fabric offers support unlike any other baby carrier and is non (or very slightly) stretchy so that a single layer is able to carry as much weight as you can hold!  The techniques used to wrap are what give the baby stability and security, and upmost caution needs to be used when practicing and wearing a woven wrap!

A Woven Wrap has a center (usually shown with a marker or tag) so that you can line your wrap up to your body as needed.  The Wrap has 2 sides or edges called “rails.”  These rails are referred to as the TOP rail or the BOTTOM rail depending on how you are holding your wrap.  It is easiest to differentiate these rails as you wrap when your Woven Wrap has 2 differently colored edged (rails) so you may want to look for that when purchasing your first Woven Wrap.

Featuring a variety of styles on the “tails” which are the ends that hang down, some wrap companies feature a severe taper, some a simple diagonal cut, some have a blunt edge, and my favorites have a fringe on each end which look like tiny tassles all the way across the end of the tail!  When measuring your Woven Wrap or when buying a Wrap, make sure to delineate or  ask whether the measurement includes the taper or fringe!

Moving onto measurements!  It certainly doesn’t help the confusion of the Woven Wrap that they have 2 ways of sizing as well as being measured in meters so if you are like me, you are constantly switching tabs to check the conversion from meters to feet and inches!  In order to help you, this is a list of the standard Woven Wrap lengths in regular sizes, metric sizing, as well as US standard sizing.

size 2 –  2.7 meters = 8.86 feet = 102.36 inches

size 3 –  3.1 meters = 10.17 feet = 122.05 inches

size 4 –  3.6 meters = 11.81 feet  = 141.73 inches


size 5 –  4.2 meters = 13.78 feet = 165 inches

size 6 –  4.6 meters = 15.09 feet = 181.10 inches

size 7 –  5.2 meters = 17.06 feet = 204.72 inches

size 8 – 5.60 meters = 18.37 feet = 220.47 inches

Now, it’s time to choose your Woven Wrap!  You have SO many choices of how to wear your baby in a Wrap from front to back to hip to high back carry to tandem carry!  You will want to choose a Woven Wrap based on what you want to do with your wrap!  Your size makes a difference too, but *most* average size people can do *most* carries with a size 6 Woven Wrap which by consulting the chart above, you know is 4.6 meters!  If you are larger than average, pregnant, or have an unusually  large chest, choose the size 7 or even the 8 which are 5.1 and 5.6 respectively.  If you are petite with a narrow frame, you can eek out most carries with a size 5 at 4.1 meters.  My personal favorite is called a “shorty” which is traditionally a size 2 or 3, 2.7 or 3.1 meters long.  It’s portable, quick, doesn’t drag on the ground, and can be used with a multiple of carries without having overwhelming options.

The fabric that the Woven Wrap is made from is not the kind of fabric you can buy at a fabric store nor is it something that you yourself could make (unless you happen to own a loom!)  It is a Woven fabric, and depending on the manufacturer can range from a loose to tight weave, a weave with diagonal give to no stretch at all, a grippy to slick weave…  Most of the differences stem from the content of the fibers being used.  My personal favorite is the 100% cotton Woven Wrap which is no-nonsense and very supportive without being slippery or especially thick!  Examples of a 100% cotton wrap is the BB Slen, Dolcino, or Girasol!  More fancy Woven Wrap blends are cotton + wool, bamboo, hemp, silk, linen, or cashmere!  Can you say “WOW!”



Sometimes, you will buy a Wrap that looks lovely but truly feels like a window drapery !  These Wraps need to be “broken in!”  Don’t worry about injuring the Wrap (avoid sharp snaggly things like nails and cat claws) but some helpful things to do with your Wrap to help soften it up are to braid, wash, iron it, sleep, sit or swing on it, let baby use it as a hammock, let a friend borrow and use it, use it as a blanket, picnic table, sunshade in the car!  Anything that gets it moving and loose will help your Woven Wrap reach that state of floppy Wrap nirvana that you are looking for!

Once you have your Woven Wrap home with you, don’t be scared to actually wear it!  Baby may spit up on it, and your toddler may mistake it for a VERY pretty napkin, but the great news is that for most Woven Wraps, a simple Delicate cycle in the washing machine with cold water and line dry will keep your wrap in great condition!  The weave of the fabric will shrink, but the sizing should have taken that into account.   When you buy a Woven Wrap whether new or used, measure when it arrives to confirm its length but keep in mind that it will shrink upon washing!  See the above sizing statement for that information.

Actually wrapping with a Woven Wrap can prove to be more difficult than one would think!  I know that I studied up on YouTube, practiced while pregnant, and broke in my Woven Wrap to be ready to wrap proficiently with 100% and total failure!  My arms weren’t behaving the way I was asking them to, my baby kept wibble wobbling and giving me a mini hearth attack, and the rails kept getting twisted even after I smoothed and re-smoothed!  I was anxious, stressed, and unable to deal.  Fast forward to my next baby, and slowly but surely, since thankfully Baby #6 is a much more patient child than Baby #5 was as a baby, I am learning the ins & outs of wrapping, or should I say the folds & knots!  Woven Wrap wearing is all about patience, dexterity, and the ability to follow a series of directions from start to finish.  Whether you are a visual learner from pictures or videos or actually in person, there are resources for you!  Please visit PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap Carry List here!!!



Some key words for you are:

Rails = the edge of the wrap that run lengthwise.  These are hemmed in a variety of ways including double rolled, flat, or simply using the selvedge edge!

Reinforced = the rails of the wrap cross over baby more than once creating more support!

Weaves = the way that the wrap was woven.  There are a multitude of weaves such as flat, twill, broken twill, jacquard, and diamond!

Tails = the ends of the wrap which can be tapered, diagonal, straight, or fringed!

Seat = the part of the wrap where baby’s bum sits!  The bottom rail on the seat should be tucked up through baby’s legs creating an actual seat, and the edges should be tucked under baby’s legs!

Pass = each time you wrap across baby’s body, it is a pass!  keep your passes taut and tucked smoothly to create the tidiest, most supportive carry possible!
Poppage = a universal nono!  When baby’s bum loses its “seat” or comes out of the wrap, thus exposing baby’s body without any support and risking safety!

Weft = the threads running widthwise.  When the color of the weft is changed, the entire look of the wrap is changed!

Warp = the threads running lengthwise.  These are the main colors used in the wrap and can be a solid, stripes, or a pattern!

Some favorite carries are:

FWCC = Forward Wrap Cross Carry


RUB = Ruck Under Bum

DH = Double Hammock

BWCC = Back Wrap Cross Carry

Poppins Hip Carry

Back Reinforced Torso Sling (BRTS, aka Semi Double Hammock)

DH Tas = Double Hammock Tied At Shoulder

Think creatively when wrapping and don’t be scared to try something new!  Add a set of sling rings to the end of a wrap to create a Ring Sling style carry!  Carry 2 babies in 1 wrap using a tandem carry!  Challenge yourself to ONLY wrap for a week in order to get that new carry down, or to ONLY back wrap for the day to see if you can master that new positioning!  Remember, babywearing is meant to be a fun way to bond with your baby and keep your hands free!  Obsessing and shopping compulsively for new carriers is NOT mandatory but does come with the territory!

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing a sick child

Just when you start to think you’ve “BTDT” for all things under the parenting sun, a new trick sneaks up on you and you find yourself once again diving into Google for reference, calling your friends who are in the know, and resorting to good old fashioned prayer that you will know how to handle the situation by keeping baby’s needs first & foremost.  The questions of normalcy come into play, is this a common enough ailment to not stress about, is this a normal problem that will right itself with time & patience, or is this situation not only new to you but also severe enough to worry about and seek help.  The questions of responsibility come into play, although you do NOT want to go to the hospital, is it best for baby to get medical assistance, although you do NOT want to see baby in pain, is it more responsible to treat the condition homeopathically than with a medical plan.  With each child comes a new set of worries, yet not without reward, just think of all the knowledge that is gained with each new baby.  With whatever issue comes, you suddenly become an expert in the field of ______.  Impressing even yourself with the depth of research you are capable of in just a few short days, you develop a great interest in other children & families who have persevered through the same hardship, and find that a bond can be made more easily with a parent of a child with a similar problem.  Whether it may be a chromosomal issue, physical debilitation, emotional delay…  you are reminded again why your child was entrusted to your care, because you are the best parent for the job.

My love goes out to all parents who have suffered by watching their child in pain, physically or emotionally, and truly, what parent has not!  ((((hugs))))

PAXbaby babywearing sick child baby sling carrier

*happy babywearing*

Oh, the ObiMama!!!


PAXbaby ObiMama Wrap Converion mei taiLooking for stash nirvana, search no further!  With an ObiMama on the horizon, you can let your artistic wheels start turning because you are about to design one of the most decadent baby carriers in the babywearing world.  You can be assured that every stitch of your custom carrier will be sewn with care and precise attention will be given to even the smallest details because the artist behind the ObiMama baby carrier, Jen,  is a creator of perfection.  Wearable art is a better term for the baby carriers that bear the ObiMama name, and as anyone who has ever worn an ObiMama can testify, this kind of art is extremely comfortable to wear!!!!


The ObiMama herself has been so kind as to send PAXbaby a Traveling Mei Tai to traipse across the USA bringing joy to each family she visits.  The PAXbaby ObiMama Traveler started here in Southern California and almost didn’t make it out on any trip because I love it so much!  My only consolation is to know how it is blessing the families it will visit, but OH, I had the hardest time packing it up to go!  If you would like to host our Traveling ObiMama please email me with your inquiry however please know that she is already booked for the next few months with previous engagements!!!  I took this picture while enjoying the San Diego Safari Park aka the Wild Animal Park!  That is the PAXdaddy on the right with Baby #6 in a Beco Butterfly II and the outstanding Traveling ObiMama on the babywearing daddy to the left who has proclaimed mei tais to be his FAVORITE carrier and not  just ANY mei tai, but THIS mei tai!  And thus another ObiMama addict is born!

PAXbaby Obimama BB Slen Blue Curacao

Having given PAXbaby 2 slots last December, ObiMama has granted my wish and has given PAXbaby another 2 slots for February.  On February 1 which is a Wednesday, PAXbaby will be giving the 2 custom slots to 2 lucky winners via random drawing through FaceBook.  If you are not already a fan of PAXbaby’s FaceBook page, now is the time to become one because only a TRUE fan can win the opportunity of a babywearing lifetime – a customizable ObiMama slot!!!! Choosing your size, waist option, and applique choice, your slot comes with the Kombi wrap style straps, adjustable hood, knee pads, and 100% extreme comfort!!!  Make sure you have read the fine print, a woven wrap needs to be purchased through PAXbaby, custom conversions are non-returnable, and you MUST have fun while designing your one of a kind wrap conversion carrier by the one & only, ObiMama!!!!!!

PAXbaby ObiMama custom Mei Tai wrap conversion

*happy babywearing*

Hola, Amitola!!!

PAXbaby would like to give Amitola a warm, Southern California welcome – HOLA from the sunshine state!!!  Flying in Statesside all the way from the Netherlands, Amitola is a rainbow experience you do NOT want to miss! Woven from all 39 of Girasol’s available custom threads, Amitola is a veritable feast for the eyes showcasing Girasol’s knack for making rainbows “chic!”  As discussed at PAXbaby, change the weft of a woven wrap, and you’ve changed its very essence!  The core stays the same rock-solid rainbow, but the tone changes whether you’ve chosen a Black, Blue, Yellow, Cream, Pink or Purple!!!  Also known as Black, Azul Pacifico, Azarfran, Crema de Nube, Sombre Rosado, or Purpura Romano!!!  Delight in the spectacular array of hues presented by Amitola and good luck choosing which Amitola weft should come home to help you & your baby babywear forever after!

PAXbaby Girasol Amitola blue azul pacifico

Need help choosing a length?  Refer to PAXbaby’s Woven Wrap Guide, and if you STILL need help, don’t hesitate to email to ask!  It may take a day or two to get a response though, I’m a bit busy cavorting amongst the rainbows!!!!  And don’t worry, whichever weft you choose, you will love it, because that is how Amitola is!

PAXbaby Girasol Amitola yellow azarfran weft

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby Kowalli give away!
Last year when I was pregnant, the PAXfamily took a trip to the snow!  I dressed 27 month old Baby #5 and I as warmly as I could with layers and layers and a Beco Gemini over a 30 week baby belly bump, but we were still cold!
Babywearing Snow Peekaru Beco Gemini
You know what would have been perfect to top it all off?  That’s right!  A cozy, fleecey Kowalli!!!! The one size, one shouldered, baby carrier cover that is easy to breastfeed in, easy to tandem babywear in, easy to look adorable in!!!!!!   It’s the perfect babywearing accessory for any cold weather adventure, and now, you get the chance to WIN for FREE a Kowalli of your own!!!  See how magical the Kowalli can be *here*!!!
PAXbaby Kowalli
How can YOU win your own Kowalli to keep snuggly warm through your babywearing days in the cold?  Post a picture at PAXbaby’s Facebook page of you and your little babywearer out & about!  You will need to be a “friend” of both PAXbaby‘s page AND Kowalli‘s page in order for your picture to be counted!  You can post your pic any time this weekend or Monday, a # will be assigned to your picture, and I’ll pull a random # on Tuesday!!!!
By the way, if more than 35 pictures are posted, there will be a runner up prize awarded as well – a Kozyhat or Snuggleboots (up to size 12 months!!)
OK, that is :
Take a *cold* babywearing picture  (If you are pregnant or without a carrier at the moment, just post your picture!  It still counts!)
Post the picture on PAXbaby’s FB page
Like BOTH PAXbaby AND Kowalli‘s Facebook pages
Choose which color Kowalli you will want when you win!!!!!!

Are you ready????  Go get a cute pic!!!  See you on FaceBook!!!!!!

*happy babywearing*

I love these pictures!!!!

My goodness, what don’t I love about these pictures!!!!  We had such a sweet afternoon today, and these pictures show exactly how much Baby #5 loves his little brother!  My heart is melting……

PAXbaby Back carry girasol amitola

I love Baby #6’s sleepy face.

I love the colors in the Girasol Amitola woven wrap – coming soon to PAXbaby!

I love Baby #5’s fireman hat – he even wears it to the pool!

I love Baby #5 holding Baby #6’s foot.

I love my new rosette headband that PAXdaddy gave me for Christmas!

I love the green baskets in the background that hold my lovely stash of cloth diapers.

And most of all, I LOVE BABYWEARING!!!!!

PAXbaby back carry girasol amitola

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing Class!

I want to be a Certified Babywearing Educator! Do you?

PAXbaby is hosting a babywearing class – Babywearing Institute Beginner and Advanced courses, taught by Tanja Martinson from Babywearing Institute Northwest!!!  Come learn everything about everything about babywearing at this Southern California class location!!!!  See below for details and please let me know if you are interested in coming!!!  Hope to see you there so you can become 100% confident in your babywearing skills & how to teach others the babywearing basics!!  Classes are planned for March 12-15, 2012 here in Murrieta. We will need 10 people to make the class happen and will be splitting the instructor’s travel costs.  Deadline to register is January 21st with full payment due by February 20!!!

PAXbaby Babywearing Class

SoCal March 2012 BI Educator Certification Q&A

Visit the private group on FaceBook for details on the upcoming Babywearing Institute educator certification courses hosted by PAXbaby March 12-15, 2012, or you can email Tanja to register or ask questions at

Here is the nitty grity!

**Educator travel costs will be split between students**

Details are broken down below, but here is an overview:

~~~ Beginner:   $300 + $50 non-refundable registration fee

~~~ Advanced:  $300 + $50 non-refundable registration fee (only 1 registration fee charged if both classes are taken together)

~~~ Travel:       $1600/#of students so w/10 students that would be $160 each

**** Potential total if taking Beginner & Advanced during this session = $810 ****

Classes will be taught based on the courses offered through the BabywearingInstitute in Logan, UT ~ emphasizing optimal positioning and safety based on the best available research.

  • Beginning and Advanced courses can be taken separately or in succession during the same session dates.
  • Students must complete the Beginning Course prior to taking the Advanced course.
  • A $50 registration fee is due for each course if taken during separate session dates.  If both the Beginner and Advanced courses are completed within the same session dates, only one (1) $50 registration fee is charged.
  • Certificates of Attendance are provided upon completetion of each course but certification as a Certified Babywearing Educator is not complete until the written  take-home exams are completed, returned and accepted.

Beginner Course Description:

Course Fee:  $300 + $50 registration fee

  • The Babywearing Institute Beginner Course covers everything from the classification of babies as parent clingers to healthy development of the spine/hip and pelvic floor stresses ofbabywearing.
  • We discuss the aspects of babywearing related to the baby’s psychological, emotional and physical development and more.
  • You will learn about good communication with parents and children as well as how to match the wearer with the proper carrier forbabywearing success.
  • This class will help you with setting up your businss and explore different business types.
  • We’ll have lots of experience with baby carriers and wrap tying methods.
  • We have many of the major types of carriers for you to learn with.
  • Class tuition includes an extensive printed student manual.

This is a LONG DISTANCE CERTIFICATION – the exam is a take home exam.  You do not need to travel back to Washington in order to test.  Courses are not available online or in video format as the work requires hands on demonstration and practice.

Advanced Course Description:

Course fees:  $300 + $50 registration fee (unless combining with Beginner Course, then registration is waived)

  • This is a class to help you be well rounded in all aspects ofbabywearing.
  • You’ll be learning how to help parents with children who have special needs along with important information on advanced communication.
  • Helping parents with multiples or babywearing while pregnant or even nursing while babywearing will become natural after taking thisclass.
  • You will learn how to match parents with a good color of carrier along with exercises to help new mothers wear their baby without hurting themselves.
  • Lots of baby carrier experience and wrap tying practice.

This is a LONG DISTANCE CERTIFICATION – the exam is a take home exam.  You do not need to travel back to Washington in order to test.  Courses are not available online or in video format as the work requires hands on demonstration and practice.

*happy babywearing*