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Brush off your creative writing skills, moms, and get writing!  Help celebrate International Babywearing Week & PAXbaby’s 4th Birthday Party by writing an article about something babywearing!  Doesn’t have to be long, or fancy, or rhyme, or be filled with 5 star vocabulary words, but it does need to be from the heart, true, and sweet – just like you!

You could:

Send me a babywearing picture with a cute caption

Write a haiku about babywearing

Tell the story of how you discovered our wonderful world of baby carriers!

Explain how to wear a baby in your favorite carier

Find a great babywearing picture from another culture to compare

Post the highs and lows of your babywearing career aka the spit up down your back in your first back carry!

Draw a picture of your DREAM carrier

Snappy retorts for “helpful strangers” aka “can she breathe in there!??!”

Put together a collage of favorite fabrics that you love

How you wear your baby while doing chores etc…

Significant Other babywearing pix – you know we drool over those babywearing daddies!

Anything  & everything babywearing, get writing!!!!!!!!  And earn a chance to win a PAXprize!!!!  Email me your submission please!

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby’s Facebook Community

Happy Wednesday, babywearers!  I’m going over each of the points from yesterday’s blog post about October’s PAXbaby birthday and the chance to win some PAXprizes so you can make sure to enter every way you can!!!  Let’s talk about PAXbaby’s FaceBook page!!!  We have an awesome community over at FaceBook that I would love to share with you!  We post babywearing pictures, parenting questions,  attachment parenting issues, and more including the PAXprize questions!!!! So, the next time I post a picture and ask a question, jump in to get a chance at winning that week’s PAXprize!  There will be 4 drawings through the month of October, however if there are more than 50 entrants, we’ll pick 2 names per drawing!!!

PAXbaby Facebook

See you over at PAXbaby’s FaceBook page!!!
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Help Celebrate Babywearing!!!

Next month is not only International Babywearing Week, but it is also PAXbaby’s 4 year birthday!!!!  Please join us by celebrating babywearing all month long at PAXbaby!!!  How can you get involved???  We’d love to see you participate in many ways and earn a goodie at the same time!!!  Each Wednesday during the month of October, one of my little PAXbabies will draw a PAXmommy’s name out of a “hat”!!  The winner will receive a *free* custom PAXprize!!!!  International moms are welcome to participate too!  How to enter in the drawing??  Read on, friends:

* Each October Wednesday at PAXbaby, we’ll be picking a random winner from all our contestants!  Be sure to get your name on the Facebook give away list – a FFS (Free For Shipping) PAXprize!!!  All you have to do is comment (just once please!) on the PAXprize post at PAXbaby’s Facebook page to get entered!  There will be 4 drawings, however if there are more than 50 entrants, we’ll pick 2 names per drawing <3

**  Our brand new “Spread the Babywearing <3″ program will be a great way to share the love with your friends and other mommies, and our PAXprizes for referrals will be a big hit, I’m sure!  Click and print our nifty online business cards, write your name on the back and start handing them out!  There are some for PAXbaby and some for Sling Exchange so you can encourage new babywearers to try before they buy a dissatisfactory carrier & you can encourage already babywearing parents to explore more options!  More about that next week, but if the mom you refer notes on her PAXbaby purchase that you referred her, BOTH you AND she will get entered into the weekly PAXprize drawing – during the month of October, there will be 4 drawings, & after that, just once a month!

*** Can you help us make October a super special babywearing month by assisting the PAXbaby blog to be chock-a-block full of stories, pictures, and love all about babywearing?!?  Each published blog submission will be entered into the drawing!!!

**** Get entered into an extra special PAXprize entry by making a babywearing video and posting to YouTube with the name “PAXbaby Fan Video:_____” and whatever it is you want to show us babywearers how to do!  I know how challenging it is to make a fun video, so I applaud you for joinging me on YouTube and earning an extra PAXprize entry!  Post the url at PAXbaby’s Facebook page or email me to get your entry!

***** And last but not least, if you have not already entered the wonderful world of Pinterest, now’s the time! Create a Pinterest board to help conceptualize your PAXbaby custom carrier & accessories (whether you have ordered through Pimp my Carrier or not!) and pin all your best ideas to your PAXbaby Custom Design Board!  Post the link at PAXbaby’s FaceBook page so we can all follow you and offer suggestions or ideas and score yourself a # in another PAXprize give away drawing!

Wow, so much to do and so little time!!!  Get blogging, and posting, and referring, and pinning, and most importantly of all, BABYWEARING!!!!!!!

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing: It’s Biological

PAXbaby mama Kristie blogs on our biological NEED for touch!


Many of us have sadly heard the comments before.

“No baby could like being tied up in that thing!”

“If you hold her all the time, you’re going to spoil her!”

“He’ll never learn to walk if you always carry him!”

If you’ve ever felt pressure from well-meaning family and friends telling you that something is wrong with holding/snuggling/wearing your baby, this story about a newborn monkey whose prescribed treatment for survival was TOUCH might help quell some of the criticism.  For humans and other primate species, the need to be held is not only social-emotional, but a biological necessity in order to ensure healthy growth and development!!  Snuggling your baby close helps promote healthy breathing patterns and weight gain for newborns, more stability in temperature control no matter the weather conditions, and secure attachment throughout life.  So snuggle away!!  <3

Starbright Baby Giraffes

Can you believe that Christmas is so soon!  If you are a planner like I am, you are already planning your Christmas gift list, and if you are wrap happy like I am, you will make sure to have 1 particular item on your Wish List this year! The Starbright Baby Teething Giraffe is such a creative way to put your wrap scraps to use!  Functional & absolutely adorable, the talented Suzi at Starbright Baby will take your wrap scrap (no smaller than 9 x 12 please!) and transform it into the one and only Teething Giraffe!!!!  Also available are the Toddler -sized Giraffes (bigger scrap needed for these) and the new Teething Zebras!!!!  Not to worry if you don’t have a scrap to spare, PAXbaby has some to share!  Email me for a list of available scraps and get dibs on your Wrap Giraffe!

As usual, I’ll be offering a pre-order special for my babywearing friends before putting these on the PAXbaby website for $20 shipped in the USA per custom Teething Giraffe  (These will be $24 at so please email me for more details, scrap dibs,  or an address to send your wrap scrap!  I will be sending Suzi our box of scraps
& our order on September 30 so you have a few days to ponder your options!!!  I know personally it’s going to be a toss up between a Rainbow Wrap  Teething Giraffe and a Purple Wrap Teething Zebra, or HEY, maybe I’ll get 1 of each!!!!!

PAXbaby Teething Giraffe

*happy babywearing*

Boba 3g

It was incredibly fun helping Boba decide on some important decisions regarding their Boba SSC (soft structured carrier) redesign!  Innovative and applicable to everyday babywearing life, the features on the new Boba 3g are pretty fabulous!  As much as I want to reveal all the new tricks to the Boba 3g, I can’t quite yet, so for the time being, feast your eyes on these gorgeous new styles of the Boba 3g and sit tight until the pre order opens!

PAXbaby Boba 3g new prints

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing & traveling

2 years today, the PAXbaby family packed our belongings into 11 suitcases, duffelbags, and backpacks, and set off on a 5 month adventure!!!  We took 5 children under 7 millions of miles away to explore New Zealand and Australia, and returned back home to Southern California filled with memories & promises!  We promise we will go back again, we promise we will never forget the gorgeous scenery, the lovely people, the warm welcome we received everywhere we went!  Traveling was fun, exciting, and downright crazy with this many little ones, however we both owe babywearing a HUGE thank you for making traveling as easy as possible with a baby and a busy toddler!  Both the PAXdaddy and I wore our baby carriers pretty much all day every day when we were exploring, whether hiking through rain forests avoiding huge man sized spiderwebs, visiting museums and monuments in major cities, or walking on white sand beaches watching dolphins in the surf!  2 years later, the memories are still vivid: the way the air smelled clean and fresh even in metropolises, the surprise we got when we realized the constellations in the night sky were all different, the unusual habit of everyone – even grown people – to walk barefoot everywhere!  I’ll be posting regularly babywearing pictures from our Down Under experience so we can relive the fun together!

PAXbaby international babywearing

*happy babywearing*

BB Slen arrival

PAXbaby BB Slen Wrap Ring SlingWith the new arrival of my BB Slen order, I revel in all the colors and patterns of these gorgeous wraps!  Straight from Europe, the BB Slen woven wrap is the easiest for new babywearers to get the hang of thanks to the grippy texture of the fabric!  Most moms wear a 460/490 for all the various carries, but for those quick shorty wraps, choose a 260, and for XL babywearers, the 560 will be the best length for your needs!  Not a wrapper, but loving the colors, no worries!  Choose your favorite BB Slen colorway to convert into a Ring Sling, Mei Tai, Half Buckle, or Soft Structured Carrier!  To be specific, I’m talking about the lovely wrap conversions by Sleeping Baby Productionsand Bamberoo!!!!  Too many options to make up your mind? Contact me to help narrow down your options and finalize your order!  Wrap, sling, or tie, there is a carrier for you!

PAXbaby BB SlenPAXPAXbaby

A quick introduction to all these fabulous colors from left to right:

Currant Red - dark red

Strawberry Stripes - medium candy colored stripes

Pink Pepper - bright pink with a Pineapple stripe

Papaya – wide bold stripes of warm colors

Pineapple - a PAXbaby bestselling rainbow

Pumpkin – bright orange with a Pineapple stripe

Passionfruit – wide stripes of dark colors

Green Peas - bright green with a Pineapple stripe

Green Paprika - thin stripes of green hues

Turkish Delight – light turquoise with a diamond pattern on 1 side *only available as a Ring Sling

Prunella – purple with a Pineapple stripe

Blueberry - wide stripes of blue hues

Blue Curacao – turquoise with a Pineapple stripe

Blackberry Gray – soothing gray

Black Beans - neutral black

*happy babywearing*

Amazing Amber

A jingle for Baltic Amber

Got an ache or pain?

Baby getting teeth?

Toddler has an owie?

Wear some amber

Feel the comfort

Soothing relief

And natural care

Baltic Amber, Baltic Amber

Love it, wear it, enjoy it!

Available in mama lengths in size 17-18 inches and 20-21 inches!  Child lengths of 10 1/2 – 11 1/2 or 11 1/2 – 12 1/2!  Need something custom?  Something for daddy?  A bracelet for mommy? Let me know!

PAXbaby Amber Necklace

Snuggles and a free hand!

SSCs are awesome for comfortable on-the-go babywearing!   Sometimes, though, you just can’t beat the feeling of having mom and baby wrapped up nice and snug in something cozy and supportive–like a Hybrid Stretch from Wrapsody Baby Carriers!

And when your little one needs to eat, no worries about unwrapping–simply boost babe up a little to gain some extra slack, slide one side of the wrap down your shoulder, and latch on!

*happy babywearing*