AngelPack with an infant

Ask me the top 10 reasons why I love my AngelPack Soft Structured Carrier, babywearers, please!!!  OK, I’ll tell you!!!

AngelPack PAXbaby infant

#1 – This buckle carrier is lightweight for warm weather babywearing!  No heavy padding here!

#2 – The AngelPack has crossable shoulder straps that make an X on your back when front carrying!  This helps to distribute baby’s weight over your entire back and shoulders!  No sore spots!

#3 – The shoulder straps are wide enough to cup your shoulders!  No riding up on your neck!

#4 – The removable hood provides shade and napping support for wobbly heads!  No baby sunburn!

#5 – The hood and chest strap can be stored in the hidden pocket on the inside of the front panel!  No losing accessories!

#6 – The waistband is tapered & attractive!  No muffin top!

#7 – The buckles on the shoulder straps are dually adjusting for the perfect fit!  No discomfort!

#8 – The AngelPack is manufactured at fair trade facilities!  No guilt!

#9 – The APLX soft pack is organic!  No rash!

#10 – Baby napped for an hour in his AngelPack!!!  No crying!!!

I know we love our APLX, & you will too!  Rent or buy an AngelPack for your angel!

PAXbaby.comPAXbaby AngelPack Soft Structured Carrier

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AngelPack family <3

PAXbaby’s Wearing Wednesday blog post brings you the background story of Nelly, the AngelPack mama!  She is such a sweet person; when she shared her story with me, I just knew you’d love to read all about it too!!!

“In November 2003 I had my new baby girl, there I was, a new mother, one little piece of me who meant the world to me. I wanted to protect her, love her and give her all of my best. I wanted to be home with her, despite my plans to run to college and work at the same time.  So I stayed home and thought of ways to help sustain our little family, we lived in Miami with a big mortgage, car payments and one income. Through that daddy worked very hard putting in two jobs and sometimes three to support us.

At that time I decided to make cloth diapers and maybe sell them on eBay. I had sewn before so maybe this was a good fit, I try making our diapers and that wasn’t pretty, but I did make our slings and a mei tai that cough the attention of my friends and the shop keeper at my favorite fabric shop. She was the one to point out to me that I should make that thing to sell, she was in owe. And so I did, I made some for my neighbors who would walk with us (My baby and I) at the park while we were all trying to lose the baby weight. I had my baby strapped on me all the time.

At our dining room I started to sew, I bought about $20 of twill fabric and made my first mei tai, it sold on ebay for $40 and I still had fabric for more. Every single mei tai I listed sold and within a couple of months I was making tens of mei tais a week from our dining room table. I usually had my girl strapped to my back while we made them, daddy would often help ironing the straps when he came home from work. We were very blessed indeed.

At the end of 2004 when our daughter was one, we decided to move out of crazy busy Miami, we sold our house in Miami and move to Lakeland, we picked Lakeland because it’s close to Orlando and Tampa and my husband thought it would be good when looking for work. We have been living here for the past 6 years. At this house I had a room with my sewing machines and cutting table, it was my little studio, but after my baby boy was born I quickly found myself with too much work and not so much of the quality time I wanted to give my children, at times I had to close down my web store to make sure I wouldn’t be too busy. I stayed up late at night (mornings) so that I could finish orders in time. Then I decided it was time to hire someone to do this work for us, so I tried and tried many places locally and couldn’t find a place with the quality I was giving my customers.

At the beginning of 2007 we decided to try to set up a shop in the Dominican Republic, that summer I traveled alone with my two children, Angie was 3, Gabriel was 1. I stayed at my mom’s place and it was such a blessing to have her support. This summer I realize how little I know about the crisis in my country, I was counting on finding a few seamstresses and I did, but once again, but none knew how to operate an industrial sewing machine or keep a straight line. Not the quality we were accustomed to.

This went on for a good portion of this summer when finally the person who sold me the sewing machines informed me that he could do the job for me, it was a big weight lifted off my shoulders, I had orders waiting to be shipped for nearly two months. When he first saw me make one, he got it right away and made just perfect, better than me.  I was glad to hand over my job. He set up a small shop specifically to work with our AngelPacks at home.

PAXbaby AngelPack

I made it back home, FINALLY!  This was a beautiful chapter and for the next three years we were able to get AngelPacks made right there from my home town, my mom worked with us inspecting and doing shipping, my uncle drove the packages from our tiny town to the big city to a UPS office.

In 2010 we decided to set up our own shop when we were informed that our seamstress was moving to N.Y. and so we did, this summer we set up our own shop, with a large sewing room, a large cutting table and a beautiful (to me) stock room. This time my husband was with us which was such a blessing, now I had 3 children and a big pregnant belly, so his help was greatly needed, we stayed there over three months (again) but when we left we left everything in place.  The main person working for us now is the same seamstress that used to work at the old shop, now we have more help too and UPS picks up packages at our own door! Yep they take the drive to little town for us.

It hasn’t been easy, some times more tiring than others, but it has been a blessing to have this opportunity to go around the world with our product and to help parents around bond with their little ones, to make their days easier because they can put a baby on their backs (or front) and keep going with their day without missing out on that time of closeness with baby.

We feel very blessed with our family, now a not so little one, and with our job, this year my husband has joint front with me and is staying home with us, we home school our children and with four little ones is a great thing to have the help.  Our family thrives on AngelPack and the blessing of the Lord who has guided us until this day. We believe our children are a blessing and are so glad to be able to spend our days learning with them and guiding them.

What will our next chapter be?

Nelly Diaz” from AngelPack

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Mai Poketto Info

As the creator of the Mai Poketto, I have to love them – they are my babies!!!!  But as an avid babywearer, I can tell you that the Mai Poketto is the must-have accessory to make every outing with baby in a carrier a SUCCESS!   The key clip helps to keep your keys from disappearing to the bottom of the bag like usual, and the hidden cell phone pocket on the outside of the bag keeps your phone safe, dry, and easily accessible!!!  Did you know that the back loop can be made smaller depending on the size waistband your carrier has!?!  And as 1 mom pointed out, you could even hang your Mai Poketto off your belt to carry your things without a bulky purse!  use it at half size – perfect for my wallet, phone, & keys – or full size to fit my wallet, phone, sunglasses, lip gloss, toy car to entertain my toddler, & Target list!!!!  Big enough to double as a small diaper bag, the inside lining is PUL (water resistant fabric) so us cloth diapering moms can stuff a wet diaper in the Mai Poketto without fearing stink or wicking!   Never leave anything behind with a Mai Poketto!!!!

As Corinne said about her new Mai Poketto, “Got the Mai Poketto! Love it! It’s so plain, so basic, so perfect for me, LOL!  I love the addition of the velcro on the cell phone pocket.  I did some errands and grocery shopping today so it came just in time. It carried my keys and stuff all day!! THANKs, Jillian!”

Choose from a standard Mai Poketto print or solid for $29 or design a custom Mai Poketto through PAXbaby’s Pimp my Carrier custom program using this selection of custom fabrics or send in your own!  Get inspired by browsing completed customs!

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Pimp my Carrier

We’re getting a lot of questions about PAXbaby’s Pimp my Carrier program, and we are always happy to help, however, I thought I’d answer a few of the most common questions right here right now!

PAXbaby Pimp my Carrier

Q:  Is the customized panel removable?

A: Yes, carefully with a seam ripper!  The fabric panel that is added to your carrier is designed to stay for good but in the event that you want to remove it, have at it!  Just be careful not to damage the fabric under your customization!

Q:  What is the Cutie Cover?

A: This is Pimp my Carrier’s answer to the need for a removable fabric option!  The Cutie Cover is a slip cover designed to pop over the front panel of your carrier and change the look instantaneously!  Get the most bang from your buck with a reversible Cutie Cover with 2 looks in 1 and twice the fun!  Cutie Covers will be shipping at the end of the month for the Beco Butterfly, and coming in August for the Beco Gemini!

Q:  Can I send in my own fabric to use to customize the carrier?

A: You are absolutely welcome to!  The goal of Pimp my Carrier is to make your carrier uniquely you, and if we don’t offer the fabric of your dreams in our fabric gallery, please choose your own to send in!  The ideal fabric is 100% quilter’s cotton or a cotton/ linen blend! Links to my personal favorite online fabric shops can be provided, or you can email me a link to the fabric that you have in mind!  We need 1/2 yard to complete the BBII panel or 3/4 yard for the Gemini, and more if we are doing extra custom accessories like Strap Wraps or a Mai Poketto!!!

Q:  Can I send in my own carrier?

A:  Yes, you may!  We can customize, accessorize, and beautify any carrier brand, not just the ones sold at PAXbaby so bring on your Ergo, Kinderpack, etc, so we can make it pretty!

Pimp my Carrier Ergo

Q:  Can my customized carrier be returned?

A:  Every babywearer has her own taste, and we are striving to make your carrier uniquely YOU, so unfortunately any custom order placed at PAXbaby does not fall under our 90 day return policy!  Choose wisely or rent a selection of carriers from PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange to narrow down your options!!!!

Q: What accessories does Pimp my Carrier offer to accessorize my custom carrier?

A:  Pimp my Carrier offers 2 styles of accessories!  The first is “solid” meaning a coordinating solid twill to match your carrier!  The second option, more pricey and more boutique, is “custom” accessories meaning made out of the same or coordinating fabric as the custom panel on your carrier.  These custom accessories are often the final touch that turns your previously blah baby carrier into a wearable work of art!  The accessories that we can create for you at this time are:

the Toy Tether, perfect for keeping favorite toys, binkies, bottles, or sippy cups close at hand!

PAXbaby Pimp my Carrier

the Strap Wraps, Pimp my Carrier’s stylish answer to the Drool Pads, designed with a layer of PUL to protect your shoulder straps from unsightly fading due to baby drool or sucking and to provide a nice resting place for your little one’s head!

the Mai Poketto, the genius accessory bag that slips onto your waistband to hold all the necessities  and lined with PUL to serve as an on-the-go diaper bag!

the Cutie Cover, the removable, reversible, absolutely fabulous slip cover designed not to “ride up” and fully function on your carrier without changing the integrity of any of the buckles, straps, inserts, etc!

and the custom hood, designed for the Beco Butterfly II, to snap into the existing hood snaps or to snap into the hood snaps on the Cutie Cover!

Q: How long has “Pimp my Carrier” been around?

A: Pimp my Carrier started in 2007 with a crafty mom who wanted to help babywearers have the perfect carrier – perfect fit and perfectly fashionable!  PAXbaby teamed up with PmyC in 2010, switched to a professional seamstress, and is now going on 9 months of customized carriers and adorable coordinating custom accessories!

Pimp my Carrier Boba

Thanks for all your emails, questions, and ORDERS!  Please let me know if I can help design the carrier of your dreams! Pimp my Carrier is where beauty and function are sewn together!!!!

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An ode to the magic sleepy dust carrier

An ode to the magic sleepy dust carrier

When my kiddo’s having an evening fuss
And mama’s feeling the need to cuss
There’s one sure way to quell the tears
And settle down my little dear

Out I pull the special sling
And put my kiddo in the thing
Wrap the straps all nice and tight
And settle the squish down in for the night

Without fail, in no time at all
My baby fast asleep does fall
I heave a sigh as off she nods
And send my thanks to the carrier gods

I don’t know how or from where it came
But I’m thankful for my sleepy dust sling
For peace and happiness without any fuss
Babywearing works for us.

PAXbaby Mei Tai newborn babywearing

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All about Amber Jewelry

Teething is the bane of mommies’ existences – the crying, the whining, the suffering, the biting….  After enduring the terrible teething months of my first 3 babies, when #4 started to get the tell tale red cheeks and white bumps on his cheeks, I started researching!  There must be something better out there than Baby Motrin & Hyland’s teething tablets, I though to myself!  As I studied Google for better natural remedies, I kept hearing whispers about “amber…”  Intrigued, I ordered a Baltic Amber necklace for Baby #4 thinking that it must be a wives tale, but with a hope that these mysterious rocks could actually work miracles! Lo & behold, my fourth baby suffered none of the teething trauma that had afflicted my older babies, and his pain threshold also seemed extraordinarily high!  Things that had reduced the other babies to tears didn’t even seem to phase this guy!  Falling down, hurting himself, teething, none of the normal baby pains seemed to affect him the way they had with my first 3 children.  I was now convinced that I had either given birth to “baby of steel” or that the amber really worked!!!  As an experiment, I bought a strand for myself to help with the headaches brought on by the daily noise of 4 kids under 5!!!  The amber definitely helped control my pain, plus they looked super cute!  I wear my necklaces daily now, and my last 2 babies (#5 and #6) have started sporting their amber necklaces at around week #2!!!!  I highly recommend amber as a natural remedy to anyone with babies or who is experiencing pain themselves!  Give it a try, I mean, why not???

Some important things to know about Baltic Amber:
Wearing amber on the skin for healing has been a common practice in Europe for hundreds of years!  This is not some new age, modern idea!
The jewelry is HAND MADE, and you know what that means?  Not every piece will look like each other or like the picture on the model!  Variety keeps the world interesting….
But I guarantee that these are made with the “round” beads!  They are not perfectly round, but they are not made of the “chips!”
The key element to the medicinal properties of amber is the succinic acid!  The more succinic acid the bead contains, the cloudier and lighter it will appear! So for the highest potency, wear the lightest colors!
Amber necklaces are commonly called “teething necklaces,” but the natural pain relieving properties are good for everyone and all sorts of pain.  Sufferers of carpal tunnel like to wear their amber near the painful area in question, but due to the nature of the oils, you can wear your amber anywhere on your body and experience the same amount of pain relief!
Each bead is knotted on the string individually, which will keep your baby safe, as well as look pretty!  Also, each strand is ended with a screw clasp cleverly disguised as to not mar the look of the necklace when the clasp swings around to the front!
I wear my amber 24/7, but that means mine has suffered from hard water and sunscreen residue which will inhibit its healing ability over time.  If your amber gets dirty, clean gently with warm water and a soft cloth!
Memorize this for when interested folks ask you about your interesting jewelry:
Baltic amber is a natural analgesic which emits naturally healing and calming properties through its oil.  The beads warm up on your skin and release the trace amounts of oil directly into your skin and then through your bloodstream.

Hip carrying

Sometimes it’s nice not to have your little one right in front of you while babywearing, but if your newborn or infant is too small to go on your back, there is 1 position that would work for you!  Try wearing your baby carrier on your hip!  The Beco 4th Generation, Beco Gemini, Pikkolo, and the AngelPack all feature shoulder straps that can be unbuckled and refastened in the hip position!!!  Hold baby on your hip as you would without the carrier, but pull the front panel up and over so baby is seated deeply in the pocket created!  Throw 1 shoulder strap over your opposite shoulder – be careful not to hit baby in the head – and buckle under your arm!  The other strap goes around your waist and needs to be cinched tight to give support to your back!  My 11 week old newborn in seated with his front leg out as you can see in the picture below, and the other leg is tucked up under him in the froggy position since his legs aren’t long enough yet to both be out with knees up in the ergonomical and safe M position!  Give the hip carry a try and see what you think!  If it’s too much bother to readjust the shoulder straps but your baby prefers to sit on your hip to get a better view of the world, think about investing in the Scootababy!  The Scootababy is designed for hip carrying but is also able to swing to the front for breastfeeding and cuddles or be moved to the back if you need your front and sides free!  I love how many options there are in our babywearing world!

Beco PAXbaby hip carry

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Add some custom personali-TEE

This is the moment you’ve waiting for – taking Pimp my Carrier to a whole new level of cool – customizing your carrier with your own choice of favorite tee shirt!

Are you a rock fan?  Send me your favorite concert TEE!

Got a fabulous vintage TEE shirt just waiting for a project?  Use it to Pimp your Carrier!

Has baby outgrown the cutest onesie?  Immortalize his babyhood by turning into a custom carrier panel!!!

The sky is the limit at PAXbaby’s Pimp my Carrier so come on over and get creative!  If you can dream it, we can sew it!!!

PAXbaby Pimp my Carrier Personali-tee custom

It’s that easy!  Order a customized carrier or a Cutie Cover (carrier slip cover) and add the Personali-TEE option!  You’ll love the end result!!!

Lanae wanted something a little more rock ‘n roll for her hubby’s Beco Gemini, so she ordered a Led Zeppelin onesie, chose the Personali-TEE option, and can’t wait to show off this one-of-a-kind carrier to their friends & family on their upcoming trip!  THANKS for Pimping your carrier at PAXbaby & have a great trip, Lanae!!!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini Pimp Carrier Personali-tee

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the “Backwards” Ring Sling

How does that saying go?  Need is the mother of invention???  Well, this busy mama had a babywearing need with her newborn, so the “Backwards tummy to tummy” hold was invented!!! A brand new way to wear your Ring Sling while staying safe and ergonomic!!  It’s ingenious & creative & crazy, but oh so comfortable!!!!   Watch the video on the PAXbaby YouTube channel, give it a try, become a believer, and send me action pix!!!!  Heheeee!

PAXbaby backwards ring sling newborn tummy

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Long live the Beco 4th Generation!!!!

The Beco 4th Generation, better known as the Beco 4G, was the first Soft Structured Carrier to introduce beautiful fabrics on their backpack carrier design to the main stream babywearing population!  Prior to Gabby’s carrier – then called the bEco as in “baby eco” – there were very few choices for the babywearing mom looking for something pleasing to the eye as well as comfortable and ergonomic! Unfortunately, due to a power hungry carrier company looking to be the only SSC on the market, the Beco 4G was retired and gave way to the Beco Butterfly II!  Beco’s newest model, the Gemini, is a pleasing combination of the Beco 4G and some elements of the BBII, however no carrier can ever take the place in our hearts of the Beco 4th Generation!!!

PAXbaby Beco 4th Generation Carnival

My Beco 4th Generation was my first “real” carrier after my ring slings!  I discovered the Beco 4Gs while I was pregnant with my 4th baby, and finally chose which pattern to buy when Baby #4 was 3 months old!  Here we are the afternoon I visited Gabby at Beco to get fitted with my very first Beco!  Little did I know where that lovely Beco 4G would take me….

PAXbaby Beco 4th Generation 4G Spa Damask

Did you know that PAXbaby sells Beco 4Gs?  Yes, we have a stash of these fabulous and hard to find carriers for sale as well as for rent through PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange, so try a Beco 4G today and see what I’m raving about!

Sarah B. & her lil guy bought a Beco 4th Generation in the VHTF fabric, Echino Cocoa Butterfly, and had nothing but wonderful things to tell me about her new carrier!  Thank you, Sarah!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE (did I say that enough?) my Beco 4G!  Its a little big too big for my 6 month old baby still (I was surprised about that, but it means lots of room to grow!).  SOO comfortable, I can’t wait for him to grow into it a little better.  And it is BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t believe they stopped making the 4Gs!  This one will definitely be well-loved here!
Thanks again,

PAXbaby Beco 4th Generation Cocoa Butterfly

*happy babywearing*