Beco Baby Carriers: Gemini Vs. Butterfly II
Reposting this adorable Blog Post for PAXbaby readers to enjoy again!

PAXbaby is very excited to showcase the similarities and differences between Beco Baby Carrier’s 2 styles of soft structured baby carrier!  The Beco Butterfly has been the “It” baby carrier since its debut in 2008, but the Gemini will be giving the Butterfly a run for its money, offering babywearers a different selection of features and the same fabulous Beco style!  Parents will be equally comfortable in either Beco carrier, but based on the individual needs of the child and adult wearing the baby, either the Beco Butterfly II or the Gemini will be better suited for your purposes.  If you need help deciding, just ask!

The comparison pictures feature the VERY Limited Edition Blue Scooters Beco Butterfly II and the Exclusive Edition White Leaves Beco Butterfly II from Paxbaby with the new Natalie Gemini which you can order now!  *These pictures belong to the artist, so please do ask permission before using them.*

Width: Gemini 11 in (base) 10in (narrowest points)
Beco Butterfly II 13″ wide
Height: Gemini 14in (without headrest up) 18.5in (with headrest up)
Beco Butterfly II 16in (without hood attached)

Padded straps

Length: Gemini 23in (can be adjusted to add another 22” for a total of 45”)
Beco Butterfly II 23in (can be adjusted up to add another 22″ for a total of 45″)
Width: Both carriers are 3in.

Waist Band Strap

Width: Both carriers are 4 in.

Length: Gemini 28 in. (size 0) and can be adjusted up to 57”

Beco Butterfly II 28 in. (size 0) and can be adjusted up to 57”

Weight Capacity

Beco Butterfly II 7-45 pounds

Gemini 7-35 pounds

Here you can see the internal Y panel and the 2 safety buckles of the Beco Butterfly II which help to keep the baby secure when moving the carrier to a back carry or transferring to another person.  The Gemini does not have this feature.

Wearing an older child with the hood up

Gemini Features:

Here you can see the  Gemini’s front panel featuring the unique snap back tabs that narrow the seat

for the controversial front facing out position

Crossed Shoulder  Straps

Hip Carry

Wearing the headrest up

With the headrest down.

The Summary: Beco’s Gemini and Butterfly II are 2 very different baby carriers.  Other factors to remember are that the Gemini are made here in the USA and feature the headrest and the 4 carrying positions, front facing in, front facing out, hip, and back.  The Butterfly II is made in China and features the infant insert, the integrated harness, & the sleeping hood, and can be used for carrying on front or back.  If you feel  uncomfortable getting your baby on your back independently or if your little one is wiggly and you feel more secure using the insert, then definitely go with the Beco Butterfly II. If you want to have the option to cross the shoulder straps, have a little more versatility in the carrying positions, and don’t need help back carrying, than the Gemini would be the way to go.  And if you’re undecided,  you can always try them both at PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

A BIG thank you to AlisaMarie, her lovely models, and her beautiful photographs!

*happy babywearing*

Get Psyche-d!

Once in a blue moon, I see something a baby carrier so gorgeous that I JUST HAVE TO HAVE IT!  OK, more often that, hahaaa, but when a friend showed me this retired Bali Breeze print, I knew that “Psyche” needed to have a come back here at PAXbaby!  She is a beautiful blend of pink and purple with batiked butterflies in a uniquely GIRLY print!  Psyche is perfect for frolicking on the beach this summer, and will make you smile every time you look at her!

Enjoy learning a new wrap technique from Jami at Babywearing Videos, and get wrapping!  The GMBB cotton gauze is perfect for hot weather babywearing and will keep you and baby cool in the summer heat!  Not sure if wrapping is for you?  Test it out at PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

Thanks, Tadpoles, for the cute action shot below and a BIG hug and thanks to Laura for her fan pic above!

PAXbaby Psyche Gypsymama Bali Breeze Wrapsody

*happy babywearing*


What on earth is “poppability?”  It’s a babywearing term that means ease of use of baby carrier is regards to speed when putting baby in or taking baby out!  POPPABILITY!  And that is where it’s at for this mommy of 6 babies under 9!  I need to be fast – lightening fast – so that I can chase my nekkid toddler down the street, run to the rescue of my 4 year old, get baby slung in a jiffy to help my 6 year olds with an art project, or put lil guy on my back quickly so that I can do Legos with my 8 year old!  No time to waste here!

At this stage of the game – PAXbaby Baby #6 is 24 days old – the easiest way to wear baby is in a Ring Sling!  I can be holding my little one while putting the sling on, and it’s easy to adjust on the run! Popping baby into a Stretchy Wrap is fast, however I need 2 hands to put on the wrap first, and then I can get him into the wrap!  As for Mei Tais, I love their custom fit and comfy straps, but until you are a pro, this is not the “poppable” carrier you are looking for!  In the Soft Structured Carrier world, there is 1 SSC that I would call truly “poppable,” and that is the Beco Butterfly II! Once I have the carrier fitted for my needs (back carry versus front), I can thrown it on while holding my babe, and then get him settled in the carrier while on the run!  I can’t tell you how many times I have been buckling my kids into the Butterfly while already to the rescue!  Today, it’s my Sakura Bloom Ring Sling, but as #6 gets heavier, my go-to carrier for babywearing on the go will be the Beco Butterfly II!

My gorgeous linen Sakura Bloom Ring Sling is thrown on so I could help my littlies get their shoes on for a walk!

*happy babywearing*

Stretchy wrap heaven!

I have to admit that I am not monogamous to 1 style or type of baby carrier!  My stash consists of EVERYTHING from structured backpacks to woven wraps to mei tais and soft structured carriers!  As long as it is well-made, ergonomically designed, comfortable, and of course, beautiful, I will wear it! However, for newborn baby wearing, nothing is as infinitely comfortable as the stretchy wrap!!!  These wraps are ideal for infant and babies up to about 15-18 pounds, but after that, the wrap’s stretchiness becomes its downfall and is no longer supportive enough!

My favorite brands of stretchy wraps (all available at PAXbaby – email if you don’t see them on the site!) are Moby, Sleepy, and the Bali Stretch!  Every new baby deserves to be snuggled in a stretchy wrap, and if you think it looks too complicated, give wrapping a shot!  I’m all thumbs and still manage to wrap baby safely and comfortably all day – every day!

PAXbaby newborn babywearing sleepy stretchy wrap

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing at the pool!

It is beautiful weather here at PAXbaby headquarters, so we headed to the pool for a little splash!

PAXbaby #6 is only 19 days old, so it’s important to keep him covered up from the sun as well as being uproght (tummy to tummy) in our baby carrier!  I wore my newborn in a solarweave Ring Sling while we played!!!

Hope you are having a fun weekend also!

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing LOVE

“When I think about my sweet daughter and all the time we spend together, I think of about a million different songs.  Songs about always being there for one another, songs about being there when the going gets tough, and songs about carrying each other around in each other’s hearts.

In our case, I carry my daughter close to my heart. Of course I’m talking about babywearing. I carry my daughter around with me everywhere. We’ve never been without each other and I like it that way. Some have told me, “You need a break away from her or your going to go crazy.” But, the thought of being away from her drives me crazy! So I’ll continue to take my sweet girl everywhere I go.

Like 2 days ago when we went to the eye doctor, just us. Last night when we went out to a business dinner with my husband. And last week when we joined forces with some babywearing friends and went to the movies. Time will come soon enough when she wants to leave me and go play with her friends, in the meantime, I’m soaking up all the snuggles and love I can get.”

PAXbaby babywearing love BabyHawk

*happy babywearing* from Kyndal & Lola

Wearing Wednesday

Isla knows where the best naps are!  Right on mama’s heart in her favorite Beco Butterfly Dylan!

PAXbaby Babywearing Beco Butterfly Dylan custom

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing on the Dark Side

The Sith Lord would approve highly of this baby carrier!  PAXbaby‘s Star Wars themed SuperHawk Oh Snaps by BabyHawk are very popular – especially with the daddies!

Says Melissa, “I received the Oh Snap yesterday!  It’s even better than the picture!  My husband was so excited about it, he put it on right away even though the baby was already in bed! haha!  Thanks again!”

PAXbaby BabyHawk RockHawk Star Wars Oh Snap

Taking orders now for Father’s Day!!!

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing at the Zoo

Babywearing at the Zoo

Elephants, giraffes,

Rhinos, hippos, Becos, and

Bobas, happy times!

PAXbaby Babywearing Boba Gemini Pimp my Carrier

Thank you, Ashley & family for the fabulous zoo pix showing off your Boba Tweet and customized Beco Gemini by PAXbaby‘s own Pimp my Carrier!!!

*happy babywearing*