Babywearing in the Snow
Staying warm in the snow means layers and layers for both mom & baby plus the right babywearing gear!  The PAXbaby Mom wore a Beco Gemini over a 30 week baby belly bump + 27 month old Baby #5 and topped off with a Peekaru – sized up to accomodate for the extra bulk!
Babywearing Snow Peekaru Beco Gemini
We had a great time visiting the snow for the day, but WOW, so glad we don’t have to bundle up everyday; that is hard work to keep warm and dry!  More power to you, babywearing moms in cold climates!!!!

*happy babywearing*

Happy President’s Day!

In honor of our colonial past, an American flag themed baby carrier seems appropriate, doncha think?  But I personally don’t need to wear Red, White, & Blue all year round, only on these great traditional holidays like 4th of July when our patriotism becomes an accessory and our children are dressed in matching stripes and stars!  So, how does a babywearing parent “accessorize” their baby carrier?  A custom slip cover, of course!  Designed by Pimp my Carrier, and available in a dual sided option, the Cutie Cover is the answer to all your holiday baby carrier needs!!!!

Take a little of this:

PAXbaby Uncle Sam babywearing

and your own version of these chubby cheeks

Visit Meg Fish for more fabulous photography!

Meg Fish newborn babywearing

plus your choice of patriotic themed fabrics

Visit Fat Quarter Shop for more fabric ideas!

Babywearing Pimp my Carrier fabric

to concoct a one of a kind “Cutie Cover” slip cover for your baby carrier and create a photographic occasion for every American holiday!!!

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing safety


You might have seen this article if you’re a member of the Babywearing Safety group on Facebook (and if you’re not, you should be!) or if you stumbled across it through another media source. Our hearts go out to everyone involved in what seems like a tragic accident involving lack of education.

However, the article quotes a doctor whose statements need some clarification.  Please keep in mind that mainstream doctors tend not to be very educated about babywearing in general, and Dr Lasser’s comments show precisely that, and please keep in mind that the term “harness carrier” applies to the “crotch dangling” brands such as Infantino and Jeep, not any of the baby carriers sold or recommended at PAXbaby:

“Dr. Michael Lasser, a Cortlandt pediatrician on the staff at Hudson Valley Hospital Center, said harness-type carriers shouldn’t be used for newborns.”

“I wouldn’t recommend them for someone so young,” he said. “Anything that might constrict the ability of a baby to breathe is a problem. At that age, I tell my patients to carry the baby in their arms or use a bassinet.”

He said newborns breathe at a rate of 40 to 50 times per minute and that their breathing is very shallow.

“It doesn’t take much to influence that, so I would advise against using any kind of carrier that might make breathing more difficult,” he said.

Harness carriers are appropriate for a baby at 2 months old, depending on his or her size, he said.

“If you have a very small baby, you’ll want to wait longer,” Lasser said. “I tell parents that the harness carriers are a good thing to use at 2 1/2 or 3

Harness carriers (sometimes referred to as “crotch danglers”) such as the Baby Bjorn or Infantino can be a safe option for newborns provided they’re used according to the instructions provided with specific reference to infant size and positioning. They are not always the BEST option, but they are not necessarily an UNSAFE option. ANY carrier can be used in an unsafe manner, which is why it’s imperative that caregivers be fully aware of the instructions for use for any device (bassinet, car seat, carrier, sling, etc.) that they’re entrusting to hold their precious baby. For a healthy, full-term newborn, a carrier can be a loving and safe option to keep mom (or dad!) and baby close and snuggly.

Dr. Lasser also makes another statement which requires clarification:

“There should be enough space for the baby to be comfortable while upright and still able to curl sideways.”

Babies without enough torso control to sit unassisted should NEVER be left to “curl up” in a carrier by themselves. It is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL that the positioning in the carrier be done only by the parent to ensure that the baby is in a safe position that will allow for proper airflow!

He does make one very important point regarding any baby-holding device, though.

“The most important thing is to always monitor your baby. If you’re paying attention, you’ll see if he or she is uncomfortable or is having trouble.”

From the limited info available, it seems that this infant passed due to lack of airflow from a loving and well-meaning parent trying to keep her warm. Winter babywearing is a GREAT way for wearer and wearee to stay warm and snuggly, but as mentioned above, it is critical that the carrier and positioning be monitored to provide for clear airflow for the newborn, even if it is cold air.  Many people who have had winter babies in cold northern climates say that wearing an infant as opposed to carrying her in a bucket car seat is entirely doable and extremely convenient, but that care must be taken to keep baby warm and to ensure good airflow.

Our hearts go out to everyone involved in this tragedy, and to all of the parents who are now worried that their newfound love of babywearing may be unsafe. Educate educate educate, not only yourself, but those around you! For more info on SAFE babywearing, see the above Facebook group or The Babywearer or refer to these safety tips:

*Make sure you are following the carrier manufacturer’s recommendations and have read the available instruction materials.
* Make sure baby doesn’t get overheated. Our bodies radiate a lot of heat and that serves to keep baby warm in the carrier. There shouldn’t be a reason to wrap baby in a blanket while in a carrier. Dress baby in one layer less while using a carrier as your body heat and the carrier itself add an extra layer.
*Baby should be high enough for you to be able to kiss the top of his head. This way you are better able to monitor his breathing and make sure baby’s head is to the side.

*happy and SAFE babywearing*

101 ways to use a wrap

101 ways to use a wrap

#99 – as a toga!

When we spent 5 months Down Under last year, I promised my husband I would take as few carriers as possible!  What that meant to him was room in our luggage for his ukulele books!  What that meant to me was a heart wrenching decision of which carrier made the cut, and which had to stay home!  The end result was a sad mama with 1 ring sling (Solarweave!) 1 pouch (for church!) 1 wrap (Wrapsody Bali Breeze!) and 1 solitary Soft Structured Carrier (Beco Butterfly II Scooters)  I had my Dylan set out also, but SOMEHOW it got left behind, hmmm…..

Anyway, the Bali wrap came in handy not only as a baby carrier, but as you can see here, my son’s beach garb when he felt that the sun was getting too hot!  Love the Breeze because it has perfect combination of  “give” (essential in a good wrap) and support (also necessary when wearing a toddler)!!!  Some woven wraps will cause soreness on your pressure points if the rails get twisted somehow or you don’t have baby properly positioned, but the Bali Breeze is forgiving, as well as light weight, and beautiful to boot!

PAXbaby Wrapsody Bali

*happy babywearing*

Ode to my BabyHawk

Thank you to Jenn at MBJ for her Ode to her BabyHawk mei tai!  She summed up our feelings here at PAXbaby in an adorable sonnet that we knew you would enjoy!  Be sure to follow her blog for more fun!


Ode to my BabyHawkcom

The ring sling and I had a torrid affair.

It held my newborn close, and its price was so fair.

As my son grew, we moved to the Bjorn.

Though now I know better and view it with some scorn.

Next I purchased a new Snugli in blue.

But something was missing, that much I knew.

My carrier seeking days had been filled with much strife.

Until that beautiful day when you came into my life.

I had finally found a carrier that rocked.

Adorned in red skulls, I love you, BabyHawk.

*happy babywearing*

Pimp my Boba

Scored a deal on a new Boba???

BTW, remember that your FAVORITE baby carrier store price matches!!!

Pimp my Carrier offers carrier customization on ANY carrier, so send that baby on in to get PIMPED!

PAXbaby Pimp my Carrier Boba

*happy babywearing*

Adorn Nursing Necklace Contest!

PAXbaby contest Beco Butterfly Adorn

Compete for the love, babywearing mamas! Post your BEST – CUTEST – MOST FABULOUS  babywearing picture at’s FaceBook page! Then, ask your friends to “pretty please with a cherry on top” LIKE your posted picture. Whoever gets the MOST LIKES by Valentine’s Day at noon PST, wins a lovely Adorn nursing necklace made custom for you to match your favorite carrier!  This can be a picture of any carrier, and if you don’t have a carrier yet, how about a picture of your cute baby!  If you need help posting your picture, feel free to email me with “PAXbaby Adorn Contest” as the subject line, and I can help you!  Good luck, everyone, and may the cutest carrier win!!!!

Adorn nursing necklace Alice Beco Butterfly

*happy babywearing*

Need an O & A? I agree!

PAXbaby Olives & Applesauce

The Olives & Applesauce Soft Structured Carrier is one of my FAVORITE carriers for newborns through babies up to around 35 pounds!  I am in LOVE with the attached hood – I can’t lose it no matter how hard I try – and the contoured shoulder straps mean no BOOB SQUISH while back carrying!  Designed by a mom for mom-shaped moms, the O & A is a favorite for all moms and even dads who have tried this American made baby carrier!  2 thumbs up from PAXbaby et al!!!

PAXbaby Olives & Applesauce

And speaking of the Olives & Applesauce, PAXbaby has an array of fun prints right now!  Only 1 left in each design, so if you want one, get yours now for $139.99 with free shipping in the USA!

Choose from Aurora, Bella, Fantasia, Max, or Tawny!!!

PAXbaby Olives Applesauce

*happy babywearing*