PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

When I first started researching better babywearing options for Baby #4, there were maybe 4 viable SSC options for me to choose from. It took me 4 months to decide on which carrier to get for my new lil’ fella and by that time, my husband had listened to hours of chatter from me regarding the different options.  How I WISH there was a Sling Exchange back then so that I could have tried all the options without the heavy commitment!  Laying out $129 for my first Beco 4th Generation seemed like a HUGE investment!  What if it didn’t fit right?  What if my baby didn’t like it?  What if I was making the wrong decision????  I agonized over the choices until finally, my husband told me we were going to pay Gabby at Beco Baby Carriers a visit and have her fit me in a Beco, and that was that!  Thank goodness he finally put an end to my misery!   Gabby was wonderful, the Beco was an instantaneous success, and we all lived happily ever after!

However, thanks to PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange, you don’t have to agonize like I did!  You don’t have to put all your eggs in 1 basket!  You can take your time, compare your top choices head to head, and make an informed decision based on wearing the carriers in person and not just relying on what other moms have to say!  Try before you buy and take the pressure off getting it right the first time!!  Being able to see each carrier’s designs with your own eyes and getting to wear each carrier and weigh the differences and similarities between each one is a fabulous way to make the decision making process that much simpler!  Now, if you fall in love with more than 1 carrier, I can’t help you there….

PAXbaby's Slng Exchange

If you know any moms looking to invest in their first major baby carrier purchase, send them PAXbaby’s way so we can help narrow down the options and figure out which carriers would suit their needs the best!   Then, PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange is a great option so that new babywearers don’t have to take the plunge right away, but slip into our wonderful (and addicting) world of babywearing slowly, with lots of information, and hands on experience with each of the different carriers on their list!  THANK YOU for helping to spread the babywearing love!!!!

PAXbaby Beco love

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Return of the AngelPack!

One of my favorite baby carriers has arrived at PAXbaby - AGAIN!  PAXbaby used to have these fabulous SSCs available but due to manufacturing difficulties stopped carrying them.  Now, once again, PAXbaby can proudly offer the Angelpack LX soft structured carrier as another wonderful babywearing option!

PAXbaby Angelpack

I loved what Lindsey B. said about the Angelpack versus other brands,  “There are other baby carriers like the Baby Bjorn which has gained popularity not for its comfort or skeletal support but simply due to its common availability. I strongly urge friends, parents and grandparents not to spend another dollar on the Baby Bjorn. The Angel Pack is unparalleled in its utility and comfort (for parent and baby alike). I am spreading the awareness of this product because every baby should feel this cozy and supported and any convenience that can be offered to parents of little ones should not be kept a secret!”

Reasons to buy and love your Angelpack Soft Structured Carrier:

  • The AngelPack company is a family run company and uses green energy & organic materials in their manufacturing.
  • Angelpacks are manufactured in the owner’s home town in the Dominican Republic giving her local people jobs at fair wages and in good working conditions.
  • The AngelPack baby carrier has integrated leg padding for your angel’s comfort!
  • The adjustable straps will fit XS-XL women & men so you can share your Angelpack between parents and not worry about fit.
  • The Angel Pack can carry newborns, toddlers (up to approx. 35lbs.), and premature babies too.
  • The Angel Pack is reversible so you get two baby carriers in one!
  • Wear the AngelPack as a front pack, back pack or hip pack, and be equally comfortable in every position!

PAXbaby Angelpack

And great reasons for parents to enjoy wearing the AngelPack :

  • Stronger and closer bonding between parent and baby.
  • Keeps the baby close to your heart.
  • The AngelPack provides waist/hip support for the parent which is much more effective at carrying the baby’s weight.
  • The AngelPack provides hands-free mobility to complete daily tasks and chores.
  • The AngelPack allows for easier and discreet nursing on the go.
  • You will be less dependent on heavy, cumbersome strollers.

Fabulous reasons for babies to love being worn in an AngelPack :

  • Stronger and closer bonding between parent and baby.
  • Baby gets a better view of the surroundings for sensory development.
  • Baby is being carried in a seated position which means the weight of the head is dispersed to the hip, thighs and spine – much healthier for baby than hanging by the crotch, as with some other baby carriers.

PAXbaby Angelpack

Try an AngelPack for all these reasons & more!!!!  Buy 1 or rent 1 through PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

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happy babywearing 365

In ALL my free time, I started a new blog to celebrate babywearing!!!  The new blog will be mostly FLUFF – fun pictures of parents enjoying wearing their babies, different styles of carriers, you know, something to make you smile in the morning!  I would LOVE to feature photos of any of you babywearing fans,  so please email me at happybabywearing365 at with your favorite pix!  Come on over to *happy babywearing 365* and enjoy!!!!

happy babywearing 365

Thanks, & as usual,

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Mei Tai maven

Getting your Mei Tai JUST RIGHT is not easy!  In fact, I consider wrapping and tying a Mei Tai a very important and very challenging babywearing skill that all of us baby carrier fans should have!  Your Mei Tai can be your FAVORITE baby carrier in your stash, but only if you can get it adjusted correctly & feeling good!  Otherwise, you run the risk of having pressure points , twisted straps,  or saggy babies, and we DEFINITELY don’t want that!  It’s important – especially now with the pressure of society and the media watching babywearing with a critical eye – that we are wearing our babies correctly & safely to show the world that babywearing is not only fashionable, but also MORE safe than leaving baby in a stroller or bucket car seat!

This babywearing mama made the cutest video, complete with a Wrapstar Mei Tai, an adorable baby, and lots of tips & tricks for you to get your Mei Tai JUST RIGHT!  Make sure to watch through the end to get a hint on successful breastfeeding while on the go!  Thank you, TheMissmommy09, for sharing your baby carrier knowledge with the readers at PAXbaby’s babywearing blog!

PAXbaby Mei Tai Maven

Mei Tai Movie!

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A quick word…

Babywearing parents, now is the time to stand together, and whether you are a wrapper, slinger, or buckler, we must fight for the right to carry our babies without being stared at & feeling guilty!  Thanks to big box companies like Infantino, the entire baby carrier industry is under scrutiny, causing many WAHMs (work at home moms) to close their virtual doors and put away their sewing machines.  The new strict regulations have come into existence since the recall on Infantino’s “sling of death” bag slings – manufactured for years even though studies proved years ago that their carriers were a potential hazard!

PAXbaby babywearing blog safe positioning Infantino Balance Beco

The sad truth is that now baby carriers are considered to be dangerous until proven safe.  Unfortunately, that proof is costing our beloved manufacturers – most of them sweet moms who “just wanted to stay home with their kids and help share the babywearing love” – a lot of time & effort.  The Baby Carrier Industry Alliance is a team of avid babywearers with lawyer support who are fighting for our babywearing rights and privileges to carry our babies as we please!  If you haven’t joined yet, please do!  YOU can make a difference!  And another small way you can help is to make sure that anytime you hear a parent discussing buying an Infantino product, explain to that parent why they should NOT!  Think about what would happen to this company if parents simply stopped buying their carriers!  After all, friends don’t let friends buy Infantino!

PAXbaby Baby Carrier Industry Alliance

This was my recent response to a mom asking about the new Infantino “soft structured carrier,” the Infantino Balance!  “This carrier may look OK, but truly, I can’t support a company that knowingly sold dangerous carriers and has now submarined the baby carrier industry putting so many WAHMs out of biz… Just not acceptable, Infantino!”

PAXbaby Infantino Balance

Thank you for your continued support of THIS WAHM ((((hugs)))) and please do think about joining the BCIA!

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Wearing Wednesday

Thank you to Deanna & her cute lil Levi for this adorable picture of babywearing love!

Beco Butterfly PAXbaby

“My heart is melting! He  looks like he thinks I hung the moon!”

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing Daddies please!

We see a lot of pictures of babywearing mommies which is ALWAYS wonderful, but our hearts just MELT when we see pictures of babywearing daddies!  If you have a great picture of your honey babywearing, email me!  I’m organizing a photograph gallery and would LOVE to include your man in the collection!

To get the ball rolling, here is a handsome daddy and his little man in his Boba Baby Carrier!  Thank you to Andrea Wood for the amazing picture of your sweet boys!

PAXbaby babywearing daddy blog post

*happy babywearing*

Babywearing Grandpa

To Dawn F. – THANK YOU for sharing your babywearing story with our PAXbaby blog readers!!!!

“On the second day of my parents’ visit last month, I left them with 7 month old Amelia, so I could run a few errands.  I returned a few hours later to a happy baby, bouncing on her Grandpa’s knee.

“She started to get a little fussy,” Grandpa reported, “so I had your Mom tie her onto me with that carrier.”  He was referring to my Freehand Mei Tai.  My jaw nearly hit the floor.  They had watched me use it the day before – exactly ONCE!  They must have seen how content Amelia was in it, and decided to try it out for themselves.  I don’t know how they “tied her on”, but I guess it was good enough for her, because she quickly fell asleep and stayed that way for over an hour!

PAXbaby babywearing blog mei tai

My Dad wore Amelia several more times throughout my parents’ week-long visit.  (I showed him how to wrap her securely!)  I treasure the photo that I snapped of the two of them.  My parents live across the country, and don’t get to see their grandchildren very often.  Using the Freehand allowed Amelia to share a special closeness with her Grandpa, one which she can dream about until they can be together again.”

*happy babywearing*


A few blog posts ago, I wrote down my tips and tricks for successful babywearing in the Beco Butterfly!  I received wonderful feedback on those instructions today from Leticia:

*I tried the Beco Butterfly II today – what a great carrier!!  At first I was very intimidated by all the buckles – I’m glad that I had your instructions, but once it is on and adjusted, it is very, very comfortable!!  I love how secure it is, and have decided that I would like a BBII instead of a Gemini.*

Thank you to this sweet mommy for letting me know that my blog post was helpful!

And from another happy Beco Butterfly mommy, Ci’el,

*I got my carrier. Oh My Goodness, it is absolutely gorgeous, so so worth it.*

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly custom River

A glowing report from Sandra:

*I ended up ordering the Butterfly in the beautiful Dylan print. It came in the mail yesterday (super fast shipping!). I can’t wait to try it out, its even more beautiful in person. Thank you again for your help and quick response. I will be sure to recommend your site to everyone I know. Thanks again!*

And you are always welcome, Elizabeth, who wrote to tell me , *Thanks again for the excellent customer service as always!*

Enjoy your Butterflies, mamas,  & *happy babywearing*