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Nichole bought a Beco Butterfly for her first baby & fell head over heels in love with the comfort and design!  She shared some pictures with PAXbaby featuring both she and her husband wearing their Beco with their son, shown at both 5 months and 17 months, and their daughter at 6 weeks old!  This is a true babywearing family!!!!

Watch this adorable Beco Blog Video!!!

Thanks, Nichole, for these adorable pictures!!!!

Beco Blog Post

Beco Blog Post

Beco Blog Post

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Sling Exchange happy baby!

Baby Henry and his mom, Melissa, rented a few carriers from PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange, and wrote to tell me about their experience!

PAXbaby Sling Exchange Beco Gemini

“I have received 2 of my rentals, the Scootababy and the Beco Gemini. I’m ruling out the Scootababy as the one shouldered style is just not as supportive as I need.  I am loving the Gemini so far.  We went to the Shedd Aquarium here in Chicago yesterday and I carried my 20 pounder with little discomfort for about 3 hours. He even fell asleep in it! (carried him on the front, facing me).

PAXbaby Sling Exchange Beco Gemini

I kept an eye out for other babywearers at the aquarium yesterday, and this is what I saw:
3-4 SSC’s – plain black, don’t know what kind but they looked good (one was a back carry on a dad)
2 Jeep danglers
3-4 other danglers (Bjorn, Snugli)
2 hard frame back carriers
1 mei tai
0 ring slings
0 wraps
Many human arms
Hundreds of strollers!

I greatly appreciate all of your help and expertise…Thanks so much for your help, I’m sure you are very busy with your own life and helping out mamas like me!”

PAXbaby Sling Exchange Beco Gemini

Glad you are loving the Gemini, Melissa!  Thanks for the great feedback!

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Beco Butterfly Instructions

Having been a babywearing mommy to (almost) 6 kids for (almost) 8 years, I have worn A LOT of carriers, and by far, the one soft structured carrier that works for (almost) EVERYBODY is the Beco Butterfly II!!!  I have heard great feedback from many many happy moms who chose the Beco Butterfly over the more mainstream Ergo or Baby Bjorn and have been overjoyed by the comfort and the longevity of this carrier!  The extra features that come with the Butterfly – sleeping hood & infant insert – just help to make your investment more worthwhile since this carrier can be worn from infancy through 45 pounds and in the summer, winter, on back or in front! Is there anything that the Beco Butterfly can’t do????

Now, the official Beco instructions are helpful, don’t get me wrong, however, after wearing the Butterfly II for years with various sized children, I have a few tips to share with you!  These tricks will make more sense when you have your Beco Butterfly in front of you, so be sure to refer back to this page when needed!

Here is a quick list of instructions to get you started!!!

Before putting on the Butterfly, pull the chest clip as low as it can go and buckle it
Pop the carrier over your head
Buckle waistband LOW on your hips
Shorten the straps that attach the front panel to the Y panel as much as you can
Pop baby into the front pocket of the carrier 1 leg at a time
Give an extra bounce to settle baby’s bum deep in the pocket
Shorten the straps that go under your arms to keep carrier snug

Use the elastic bands on the ends of the straps to keep your excess webbing rolled up neatly!

The straps on your back are ideal when forming an H on your back, not an A with the chest strap high on your neck.

To back carry, don’t fasten the chest clip, but load baby into the carrier in the same manner, secure the waistband around your hips but loosen  it a bit so that you can swivel the entire carrier around your body to your back.  Then clip the chest belt and adjust the shoulder straps.

Hope these tips help you have instantaneous Beco babywearing success, but if you need more help, don’t hesitate to contact me!!!  Also use the links and videos provided below for more information!!!

Visit PAXbaby’s own YouTube channel for the best babywearing videos!!!


Welcome To Beco Baby Carrier Instructional Video

Beco Anatomy

Front Carry with a Newborn

Front Carry with a Young Child

Back Carry with a Young Child

Front Carry with a Toddler

Back Carry with a Toddler

Folding your Beco Butterfly

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Happy (almost!) New Year from PAXbaby!!!

Happy Fourth Day of Christmas, and may you all get a whole BEVY of calling birds from your truelove!  ;-)

PAXbaby hopes you had a wonderful holiday!   We know that sometimes, no matter how blessed the company of family and friends is at this year, you might not have gotten your heart’s true desire this season.  We’d like you to know that we’re here to help!  If you ended up with a little extra cash to go find yourself something nice, give a true gift to yourself AND your baby—a comfortable and stylish baby carrier!

Merry CHristmas from PAXbaby

Don’t forget we have the best selection of Beco Butterflies, plus the one & only MAI POKETTO, the babywearing accessory every mom NEEDS!  If finances are a little tight and the cash you got doesn’t quite cover your purchase, email us, and we’d be happy to help you work out a layaway plan!

Merry Christmas & *happy babywearing*

Which Soft Structured Carrier?

PAXbaby Sling Exchange I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from moms completely stumped as to which Soft Structured Carrier would fit their bodies the best!  The truth is that EVERY body is shaped differently and will feel differently in a variety of carriers!  It is my job, as your personal babywearing guru, to help narrow down those options and help choose the BEST carrier for your needs!

PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange is the truly the most effective way to figure out which carrier is the PERFECT one, and our carrier rental program provides the opportunity to compare the carriers on your list head to head, to really discover which one fits more of your criteria! Choosing up to 3 carriers, allows you to make a careful, thoughtful decision, while not worrying about keeping the carriers in perfect condition!  When you jump in and buy a carrier without renting first, there is always the fear that you or your baby won’t LOVE the carrier, making it necessary to send it back to exchange for a different brand or style!  This can get pricey and stressful since the carrier needs to be returned in great condition!  However, when renting, we understand that spit up happens!  We want you to USE the carriers, and expect them to return back to PAXbaby headquarters needing a bath!

PAXbaby Boba PAXbaby BabyHawk Oh Snap

Now, for instance, at first glance, the Boba and the Oh Snap! seem very similar, but on further investigation, you will find that the BabyHawk Oh Snap! is recommended for babies OVER 1 year old and features a head rest, more useful while wearing a toddler!  The Boba, on the other hand, is also a “toddler carrier,” but caters to babies as little as 15 pounds!  The Boba comes with a detachable sleeping hood and removable stirrups!  If you are shopping for your toddler, how will you know which carrier would suit you both the best?  By renting both first to compare!!!!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II PAXbaby Gemini

The styles of Beco carriers are very confusing to new babywearers!  Which one to get?  Which one will be the MOST comfortable?  No one wants to choose the WRONG carrier, so renting both is an excellent idea!  The Beco Butterfly features the internal Y panel as well as the removable infant insert and sleeping hood, while the Gemini has fewer bells & whistles, but a more streamlined attitude with a head rest, and the ability to carry facing in or out, on the hip, or on your back!  How will you know which you will prefer?  By renting both to compare!

PAXbaby Pikkolo

Another carrier that is getting a lot of attention right now is the Olives & Applesauce, a gorgeous SSC with an optional internal insert, attached hood, and crossable shoulder straps!  Perhaps the best of both Beco worlds, a lot of renters are trying the O&A in addition to the Becos to see how they compare as well as the Pikkolo which is the only other SSC PAXbaby approves that has the forward facing capability!

When I consult with babywearing moms via email, I have a list of questions that I ask that help me pick and choose which carriers would be good options!  These questions are things like your height & weight, baby’s height & weight, previous back injuries, breastfeeding in the carrier, sharing with another babywearer, and so on!  The answers help me to lead you to the PERFECT baby carrier and babywearing nirvana!  Interested in renting?  It’s super easy!  Just jump onto  PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange page, choose your carriers, and check out through the cart!  We will contact you with more information on when to expect your carriers in the mail, and what to do with them after your 2 week trial period!  Wanting to make things as easy as possible, there are no hidden costs or fees, no deposits taken, and as much help & support as you need!  PAXbaby is here to help you wear your baby successfully!

*happy babywearing*

Shipping for Christmas!

I know that everyone is rushing to get their shopping done in time for December 25, and I would love to help you get your new baby carrier in time to wrap and put under the tree!  So, with the help of my little elf, Baby #1, PAXbaby is shipping packages daily via USPS Priority in order to get your order to you in time!  Please put in the notes of your order if you would like to upgrade to Express, and if you have ordered an accessory for Christmas make sure to let me know you want it shipped fast since the small items usually ship First Class!  Hoping that everyone is having fun finishing their shopping and enjoying the magical Advent season!


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More Beco breastfeeding!

Thanks, Anna, for your adorable pictures of Beco breastfeeding on the go!  This busy mama of 3 little ones says, “Learning to nurse in my carriers was a lifesaver this time around!”

PAXbaby Beco breastfeeding

PAXbaby Beco Breastfeeding

Anna nursing Henry in his Avery Beco ButterflyYou can do it too! Here are some helpful hints:

Wear a top that can be either pushed down or has an opening at the appropriate location!

Keep the hood attached so you can pull it up and give yourself privacy.

Loosen the shoulder strap on the side you are nursing on so you can get baby’s head at the right height.  Once baby is latched on, tighten the strap to allow yourself to be hands-free!

Wear a nursing necklace like the Adorn necklaces (made to match PAXbaby’s favorite Beco carriers) to keep baby’s hands busy while eating.

Relax! Babies can sense if you are stressed by breastfeeding in public, and this will affect your milk supply and baby’s comfort!

*happy breastfeeding & babywearing*

Beco Breastfeeding again!

Since baby’s eating time and babywearing often coincide, I am also often asked “how do I successfully breastfeed while wearing my baby?”

In the Beco Butterfly II, it is actually very easy to nurse baby while on the go thanks to the inner Y panel that serves as a nursing cover up and the Beco outer panel that helps to support baby while you are walking and feeding!  Either push the Y panel up or down depending on your anatomy, loosen the shoulder strap on the side where you are nursing, and latch baby on!

A picture is worth a million words so…  ENJOY!









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