PAXbaby just says NO!

As much fun as this looks, babywearers, the PAXbaby mama would like to assure you this is not comfortable, ergonomic, or a good way to snuggle with your little one!

PAXbaby ergonomic baby carrier

The Baby Bjorn company says that their newest carrier is weight tested through 31 pounds.  That may be true, but is it COMFORT tested through that high of a weight limit?  Most parents when picking up a Bjorn from a big box store or borrowing a used one from a friend don’t realize that there are so many other fabulous, comfortable and MUCH more attractive options available!  When their backs begin to ache and their babies begin to fuss every time the dreaded Bjorn is brought out, parents do 1 of 2 things:  give up babywearing altogether or ditch the Bjorn for something better!

Beco Butterfly II Paige

I challenge you to approach a future babywearing parent perusing the motley assortment of “crotch dangling” baby carriers at Target or sidle over to a Bjorn wearing mommy at the park!  Offer your knowledge, chat up a credit card wielding granny, coax a reluctant parent to try on your carrier, remind them that the Beco Gemini or the Pikkolo CAN be worn front facing out, and just hope that this feature will get them in the door to our wonderful world of babywearing and will introduce them to everything you know a GREAT carrier can be!

Beco Gemini Natalie

Come on!  You and I can convert these parents – 1 crotch dangler at a time – with a smile and a gentle push towards ultimate comfort and babywearing nirvana!

Welcome back!

A big welcome home to 2 of my favorite Beco Butterfly prints ever!  Grace & River are here for a limited time only!  1 Grace & 4 River are available for a handful of lucky babywearers!!  Hurry if your heart is set on one of these gorgeous Soft Structured Carriers because these have been discontinued not only by Beco, but also by the fabric companies who designed these 2 beautiful patterns!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly Grace

*happy babywearing* from the Beco mama!

That in-between stage

Baby legs are too long to froggy within your carrier?

But baby legs are too short to stick out the sides of your carrier comfortably?

Try this little trick from the PAXbaby mama:

Bring baby’s legs out at a natural angle from her body, and tuck her heels into the top of your waistband.  This will give her the support needed to keep her body in that very important M position (knees higher than bum!) and will also prevent your baby’s legs from falling asleep by dangling without proper circulation!

M position babywearing PAXbaby

This technique is being demonstrated in a gorgeous Beco Butterfly II – custom by PAXbaby called Riley – but this tip can be used with any soft structured carrier or mei tai!  ENJOY babywearing ergonomic comfort!

Paige is back in stock!

PAXbaby Paige Beco Butterfly II

The beauty pageant winner of the Beco Butterfly II Fall season is Paige!  She is gorgeous, and perfect for the season with her sultry black straps and fancy daisy-silhouette front panel.  Think Autumnal thoughts while wearing perfect Paige!  And why not add a matching Mai Poketto baby carrier accessory pouch to store your things while on the go!

PAXbaby Paige Beco Butterfly II

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II Paige

PAXbaby Paige Beco Butterfly II

Now back in stock at, your favorite baby carrier store for all things Beco!  Always free shipping in the States, & 90 days to return it if the Beco Butterfly II doesn’t rock your world!

PAXbaby Paige Beco Butterfly II

Beco Butterfly II Paige PAXbaby

PAXbaby Paige Beco Butterfly II

*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby Paige Beco Butterfly II

Sling Exchange to the rescue!

PAXbaby Sling

“I need a carrier that won’t put a lot of pressure on my neck/shoulders. I have a 3month old who weighs 14lbs… I would be the primary babywearer – but it would be nice if my husband could use it also. I also have a Moby Wrap and a Hotsling and an older bjorn carrier… Front and back carries are preferred…
I’ve been dealing with a lot of hand/arm pain and numbness and I’m suspecting it’s from carrying him….I don’t want to have to give up wearing him.
PAXbaby Sling ExchangeExchange

When I received this email from Liz in New York, I knew that she needed a GREAT Soft Structured Carrier – and fast! The only problem was… which carrier??? Liz didn’t want to jump in and buy a carrier that wasn’t going to be perfect for her needs, so she asked if she could rent a couple of carriers through PAXbaby’s sling rental program, Sling Exchange! The baby carrier experts at analyzed her body shape and her baby’s height & weight also, and we all settled on the Beco Butterfly II and the Olives & Applesauce.
PAXbaby Sling Exchange

Her package arrived JUST in time for her camping trip which involved a LOT of walking and wearing her baby, and Liz was extremely happy to have 2 wonderful SSCs to use and compare during her weekend adventure.

PAXbaby Sling Exchange

Beco Butterfly II PAXbaby

PAXbaby Olives & Applesauce

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II Sling Exchange

PAXbaby Sling Exchange
Liz & her husband ultimately chose the Beco Butterfly II over the O & A, and are now ready to babywear in ergonomic comfort without any pain! PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange is the best way to narrow down your options if you are undecided which carrier is right for you! Rent as many slings, mei tais, wraps, and SSCs you’d like, and get ready to compare, contrast, analyze, and decide!

PAXbaby Sling Exchange
*happy babywearing*

PAXbaby Sling Exchange

Almost Famous?

This isn’t the first time that PAXbaby has been blogged for their fabulous baby carriers, but this blog post was so

  • straight forwardly refreshing
  • absolutely RIGHT ON
  • correct in every way
  • funny
  • concise
  • TRUE
  • and best of all, about my favorite topic of conversation: PAXbaby + BECO BABY CARRIERS!!!!

Thank you to the babywearing blogger over at UrbanBaby for this entertaining shout out featuring the PAXbaby mama and my top pick *custom* Beco Butterfly II, the rock ‘n rolling favorite, DYLAN!!! 

It’s always refreshing to read about babywearing in “mainstream” society!  Here’s to babywearing & of course, to Dylan!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II Dylan

BabyHawk in the news!

Loved this article in MAIN STREAM news, the Orange County Register, from my home town in Southern California! And thank you to M. Anthony Photography for this awesome picture! More of those to come later this week!

Cash-strapped mom starts million-dollar business!

When Robyn Collar was pregnant with her second child in 2005, her husband was earning $11 an hour at Home Depot.

“Our first child had special needs and was still in diapers. I couldn’t afford a baby carrier and didn’t like the ones I saw anyway,” she recalls. “I saw a mei tai (Chinese-inspired soft baby carrier) and thought I could sew my own.”Friends who saw the homemade carrier encouraged Collar to make and sell them. She tested sales on eBay and by June 2005 she had her own business — BabyHawk — and website. And by 2008 sales exceeded $1 million.While sales have been impacted by the recession, BabyHawk – her son’s nickname – is “holding steady” because it never relied on debt to grow.

Still, the company is far more successful than she initially envisioned. “We were doing anything to supplement our income. I thought maybe it would be a little extra spending money,” she say.Despite recession, “there are still parents out there; people didn’t stop having babies,” Collar says. “Baby carriers are cheaper than strollers so they’re an affordable option.“The business moved from the kitchen table of a two-bedroom apartment to an 1,800-square-foot warehouse and now to a 5,000-square-foot warehouse. It has 10 employees who sew the carriers in the United States, and products are in 250 retailers worldwide. Sales are about half online, half through other retailers, Collar says.

BabyHawks come in three styles: mei tai for infants to 40 pounds, mei tai toddler for 18 months to 40 pounds and Oh Snap for up to 45 pounds. And buyers can design their own, choosing from 300 different fabrics and 11 strap colors. “Our tagline used to be ‘a million combinations,'” Collar says. Prices are $80 to $140.”Retailers look shocked when we show them the Black Calavaras, but we promise them it sells and they always come back and say it’s the first to sell out,” Collar says.”

Way to go, BabyHawk!!!!


As 1 busy mama of 5 to another with 6, Kristen B and I got down & dirty talking about SSCs the other day! The result??? Kristen’s new Beco love affair and another happy PAXbaby mama!

Email from Day #1
“I got the Beco Butterfly today and even just in the few minutes I’ve worn it, I’m totally in love. It’s beautiful and SO comfy! Even with my chunky 28lb 20 month old, it is fabulous! Nothing like the Ergo, which was not comfortable at all! It’s going to make life so much simpler around here as my little 7 week old loves to be held about as much as he loves to nurse (which is a lot!) Now I need to come up with the money to get another one for my husband, and for when I want to wear them both…’cause this is even 10x better than the Babyhawk I loved before I tried this, LoL! Thanks for answering all my questions about it!

Email from Day #3
“I’ve used my Butterfly II every day since I got it – it’s wonderful! In fact, my husband owns a landscaping business, and all my boys can’t wait to work with him when they are older. My husband wore the Beco while mowing our lawn one day, and the little boys though it was the most awesome thing! Now I realize I need a solid dark color for my husband so he doesn’t keep stealing mine and getting it dirty! :) With 6 kids ages 8 and under, I don’t know what I’d do if I hadn’t found this carrier. The day I got it, my husband came home, and the floor was mopped, the carpets were vacuumed, all the dishes were done, and the kids were happy! I usually can’t get all that done before he gets home because with the 3 babies, I’m always having one wanting to be cuddled and spend time with Mama! But they think going on my back in the carrier is a great way to do that, and then I can still get things done!

PS – My 2 year old is 28lbs, 1 year old is 26lbs and my 7 week old is 13lbs, and the Butterfly is super comfy with all of them!”

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II

Thanks for the awesome feedback, Kristen! For all you busy mamas, get your mommy work done with a happy baby on your back! If you need help choosing which baby carrier is the right one for you, email me!!! Or rent a couple at PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange!

Finding the right carrier!

Babywearing Question:
“I was thinking about trying out the Gemini (although I could never give up my Beco Butterfly II; too many fond memories!). Does it seem like the Gemini would be better suited for petite mamas and petite babies? I saw that the body of the Gemini is shorter than the Butterfly when the headrest is down. I think my daughter would love that because she could see out more. We are both small (I’m 4’10, about 120, and she is 16.5 lbs. and 28″ long at 13 months). Do you think the Gemini might work better for us?”

Answer from the PAXbaby mama:
I am a true Butterfly fan also, and while the Gemini has a shorter body when the headrest is down, the waistband is actually less ideal for petite mamas!! Here is the link to my blog post comparing the 2 carriers, and you can see here the way that the new Gemini waistband curves!

PAXbaby Gemini Beco Butterfly II

My friend who is just a couple inches taller than you could NOT get that waistband comfortable due to the large curved belt. If you want a petite Soft Structured Carrier though, take a look at the the Pikkolo which is better suited for petite parents. your daughter would not need the support band yet, and would fit nicely! I have a Pikkolo available to rent to see if you like it as much as your Beco Butterfly II!!!

*happy babywearing*

Gemini Tutorial Videos

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so a video must be worth a hundred pictures, right???

My friend, Heather, is such a die-hard Beco fan, that she did a whole set of Gemini videos!!! Enjoy learning more about PAXbaby’s newest Beco baby carrier from the Homemade Mom blogger and babywearing fan!!!

Beco Gemini *Front Carry*

Beco Gemini *Bjorn Comparison*

Beco Gemini *Back Carry from a Seated Position *

Beco Gemini *Back carry from Standing Position*

Beco Gemini *Hip carry*

THANKS for watching and I hope you learned a lot about my new favorite Soft Structured Carrier, the Gemini!