International Beco Gemini

Will we all look this stylish when we wear our new Beco Gemini baby carriers!!?!! Thank you to Caroline for sharing her amazing photographs and adorable family!  The Lucas Gemini enjoyed a tour of Europe as well as snuggling this cute little baby boy!

The controversial Front Facing Out (FFO) position

Beco Gemini PAXbaby

PAXbaby Beco Gemini

Headrest UP!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini

And one more picture, just to make sure that you want, no NEED, a Beco Gemini as well as a new baby to put in your new baby carrier!  Look at his little hand hanging down!!!!!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini

*happy babywearing*

Who you gonna call?

When you want the newest scoop on the Beco Baby Carrier scene; when you want to find the best selection of Butterfly IIs available;  when you want to get carrier advice from a mom who has worn 5 babies and has used countless carriers to compare and contrast over the 7 years; when you want to talk to the real Beco fan who has been there since the beginning, who you gonna call?   The PAXbaby mama, of course!  From the original 4G to the newest Gemini, I have worn, used, shared, and compared Beco Butterflies for going on 4 years!  Want a Beco, ask PAXbaby!

As the Gemini release date gets closer, I am receiving messages from moms who don’t know which Beco version to choose.  Keep the questions coming, mamas, but in a nutshell:

Worried about back carrying independently?  Beco Butterfly II features the integrated panel for easy back carries.

Want to face baby out or carry on your hip?  Beco Gemini has a convertible front panel for FFO carries and manipulatable shoulder straps for hip carries also.

Looking for a basic carrier with a hood & a great sense of style?  Beco 4th Generation

Have a large baby or plan on wearing a larger child?  Beco Butterfly II has a weight maximum is 45 pounds.

Have a petite baby or plan on not using the carrier through toddlerhood?  Beco Gemini has a weight maximum is 35 pounds.

Want to cross the shoulder straps for extra support and comfort? Beco Gemini or 4th Generation

Want to babywear in comfort and love?  Any Beco Baby carrier will do the job!

Keep checking back with PAXbaby for more Gemini details, information, and pictures!  This is the place to be for all things Beco!!!!

PAXbaby Beco Gemini

*happy babywearing*


How does your little one ask to be carried?

My Baby #5 uses sign language to tell me he wants UP!

PAXbaby Beco UP!

Some of our friends taught their children the word for backpack in Spanish!

“la mochila”

PAXbaby Beco UP!  4th Generation

Even young babies can tell us very clearly when they want to be worn!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly II newborn

By crying until they get what they want!

PAXbaby Beco Butterfly UP

Cozy snuggles,

next to their favorite person,

with their needs met,

and a heartbeat under their ear.

Nothing better than babywearing!

THANKS, Beco Baby Carriers, for comfortable baby carriers from newborn through big kids!

The Future of BWing

I think the only thing cuter than a momma wearing her baby is a baby wearing her “baby”.  Doesn’t it it just melt your heart when you see an adorable little girl (or boy because I know my son is already a proud baby wearer) wearing their doll (or stuffed animal) close in a carrier.

PAXbaby Beco Mini babywearers

Every little girl wants to be just like momma! So let her! Get her a carrier and show her the importance of wearing at a young age. They are never too young to learn. I see young girls “breastfeeding” their babies too.  Imitation is flattery, mamas!
I think its great when a little girl wants to be like her mom and wear her baby. Thats why I cringed when I saw these “doll carrying purses” made by myWallaby.
I understand its a purse that can turn into baby carrier. I understand little girls want to carry a purse around and that it makes them feel pretty. I totally get that….. But seriously? This thing looks weird and downright dangerous.
We are trying to show that baby wearing is safe! And with all these recent warning and recalls, we need to get the word out there that there is a safe, healthy way to wear our babies. So I say we start them young.  There is a safe and unsafe way for babies to be held and worn just as there is a safe and unsafe way for a baby to ride in a stroller or car seat. Toy strollers and car seats have buckles just like real ones, and at a young age we teach our kids that they need to buckle up their “babies” for safety. So why would we not do the same for baby wearing?
PAXbaby Mini Babywearers Beco
I started doing more research about some of these “baby doll carriers” that are on the market, and even in sale at our local store and I couldn’t believe what I saw. There is Baby Stella Doll Carrier which is basically a back pack that has an insert in the front to attach a baby too. Talk about a crotch dangler! And then there is the You & Me Baby Carrier which looks all too similar to the death bags that were recalled recently.  MyWallaby makes their purse carriers so glamorous by dressing the little girls up with a purse that they can tuck their baby into, but it is truly, down right weird looking. I know some pretty glamorous little girls and they can wear a cute, safe mini Beco in any attire.
PAXbaby Beco mini babywearers
The mini Beco is totally the way to go! It’s gender neutral and way cooler than the miniature crotch dangling baby carriers being pushed by big box companies! Oh, and did I mention that the dolly-sized Beco shows our kids the right way to wear their babies?  Okay…. maybe I did, but I just had to say it again!
We need to show our young ones the safe way to wear babies. Because, after all, our children are the future of baby wearing. *happy babywearing from Alisamarie in Alaska*

Gemini versus Butterfly

Yes, it must seem like I am obsessed, and yes, I do have a one track babywearing mind, but I absolutely have Beco on the brain!!! As Beco’s #1 fan, I am pleased as punch to show off these gorgeous pictures of the brand new Beco Gemini!

Beco Gemini

This is the beautiful Natalie Gemini on the left and the almost one of a kind White Leaves Butterfly II!  YUMMY!

Don’t forget to pre-order your Gemini from PAXbaby and ask about the Mai Poketto, coming soon also!

*happy babywearing*

The FIRST Gemini!

Congratulations to AlisaMarie on being the very first mama to have a Beco Gemini!!!  PAXbaby loved your Beco video!

Beco Gemini

PAXbaby’s exclusive babywearing interview with the ONLY Gemini owner in the whole world!

How does it feel to be the very first Gemini babywearer?

It feels awesome! I feel like the coolest mom on the planet ;)

What was your first reaction when you put on the Gemini?

I loved how soft and yummy it feels! It feels like a pillow! The padding is awesome.

How do you like the headrest?

The head rest is great because it’s firm enough to hold levi’s neck from going back. He hated the hood but this doesn’t bother him at all!

Do you think you will use the front facing out option?

No. Levi’s too big now, and it just looks like silly. Plus we’ve never really done it before so there’s no need to start now.

Crossing the shoulder straps into an X in a front carry – fan or foe?

Total fan!!! I looooooved that. Very comfortable.

What is your favorite feature of the Gemini?

This is a tie…. I love how soft and padded the carrier is and I really like that the straps cross. Oh and did I mention how absolutely gorgeous the purple straps are??? Sooooo cute.

THANK YOU, Alisa & Levi, for your sweet photographs & your babywearing enthusiasm!!!  Enjoy your Beco Gemini!!!

*happy babywearing*

Heaven in a sling!

Not having a baby around to cuddle is very depressing for a baby addict like myself!   My youngest child, Baby #5, is only 21 months, and thankfully still a nursing fiend & babywearing fan, but there is nothing like the snuggles you share with a young baby in a favorite baby carrier!

I was delighted to get some squishy time with a friend’s baby recently, and it was hard to decide what to wear him in! I decided on my luscious Sakura Bloom silk (washable!!!) ring sling in the tummy to tummy position to give Harper some “tummy time.” I was in heaven, Harper seemed quite content in my sling, and my ovaries were going nuts!!!!

Until Baby #5 discovered us outside and had a total fit!!! He mainly signs to communicate with us, but he was mad enough to actually say Mama Mama over and over as he pulled at my sling! Jealous much??

I laughed until I cried, and then I prayed that if (and when) the PAXbaby Baby #6 comes along, #5 doesn’t have big time issues and a mental breakdown! And poor little Harper in my sling had no idea why his perfect little world was being disrupted by a howling banshee on the ground! I have to admit that to make it up to Baby #5, I popped him in the sling next and gave my little envious man his own personal “heaven in a sling,” mommy milk!

*happy babywearing*

BWers around the world!

THANKS for the great response yesterday with our Babywearing world map!  I’m pretty sure that us babywearers could rule the world – if we really wanted to!  Feel free to forward our Zeemap link to your baby carrier junkie friends overseas so we can see other babywearing nationalities & cultures represented also!

Here is our map from Monday night!  It’s fun to see where we are clustered, and I have to say I’m proud of Southern California!  We have a little babywearing herd right there at the bottom of our state!

Babywearing World Map

And now for some more International babywearing pictures!

From Germany!

From Spain!

From Italy!  Just kidding, from Santa Barbara, California!

*happy babywearing everywhere*

Babywearers, where are YOU?

Babywearing is an International phenomenon with dedicated babywearers in far away countries and leading very different lives from my own! I don’t have a lot of experience with traveling to foreign countries, but I do know that in many other cultures, babywearing is more naturally accepted than here in the States, and in some countries, carrying your baby in a sling is looked down upon! I was surprised last Fall when we traveled to New Zealand and found that babywearing was “just catching on” there! Australia has a bigger following, but I would love to know where babywearing is most common!

I loved these photos of the world’s longest sling in Hungary!!!!  Isn’t this a fun idea!!!??!!!!!

Babywearing in Asian countries is quite prevalent, and a fun fact about Chinese babywearing is that the word “babywearing” transalted to Chinese and back again to English becomes “baby horseback!”  Yeeehaw!!!

I have spent hours watching this slide show and oohing and aahing over the gorgeous pictures and traditional carriers shown!  Beautiful photography & inspiring babywearing makes me want to travel to far away lands with a camera to capture some of this beauty myself!

Please add yourself to this babywearing map so we can see where we all are hiding!!!  Zoom out to see the whole map and then click on the “Additions” tab at the top left and “Add Marker”.  Can’t wait to see you on our babywearing map!  Feel free to share this link so your BWing friends can jump in too!  Do you see me waving from the beach in Southern California??

*happy babywearing*