Want to win a Beco?

Y’all know that I am Beco‘s #1 fan, so you won’t be surprised that I have my finger on the pulse for any Beco give away that may be happening!   I would LOVE to help one of my babywearing friends win a new Beco, so stick around for tips on where to go to score a Butterfly for yourself!  And if you don’t win, come order one with me and I’ll give you a little goodie as a prize of your own!

Diana B. is an experienced mom, babywearing advocate, chicken keeper, gardener,  and Spanish food know-it-all!  When she traveled to Spain last month, she and her sister BOTH wore Beco Butterflies and took lots of pictures of their International babywearing  adventures!  Become part of Diana’s life by reading her blog, “A Little Bit of Spain in Iowa” and try your hand at winning a Beco by entering her contest!  Here’s Diana:

If you’re not familiar with the Beco Baby Carrier, it’s a backpack style carrier which allows you to carry a newborn up to a 45lb toddler on your front or back.

Designed by a babywearing parent, active sailor and rock climber, Gabby Caperon. Beco combines perfect ergonomics, excellent weight distribution and stylish design from top quality fabrics. Each carrier is handmade by a skilled seamstress in facilities which apply high social and economical standards. Sustainability and minimal impact of our production on the environment is important to us. We strive to provide the best quality, safe products and friendly customer service.

Reading the Beco story, designer and owner Gabby Caperon, produced the first Beco from her home as an at home mom.  She needed a more comfortable carrier to carry her growing baby and researched traditional baby carrying from other cultures.  She sewed her first Mei Tei and when she needed something a bit more sturdier she looked towards the innovation of a backpack.  I love it!  Brilliant mom’s creating with passion and love!

I’m so glad Gabby is sharing this product with the world because it was so useful on my trip.  I used it in the airport, buses, trains, touring, to market, and especially as a safe haven for my child as he slept on me.

One of my absolute favorite things about baby carrying is the closeness that it brings to your child.  Feeling their every breath, touch and movement is a constant reminder that my joy and my place in life, at this moment, is to be their mami.

Dianas- Spain 2010 419
Going  to Granada - Spain 2010 147

I used my carrier to carry my toddler mostly on my back, however, I would rotate him to the front to sleep or sit in my lap on public transportation.

The Beco was really amazing on long train rides, as I knew my toddler was sleepy but… he’s rambunctious!  The Beco kept him strapped onto me where we chatted, talked, sang and slept!  It was great :D

Going  to Granada - Spain 2010 264
Before I go on, I do want to make it clear that the Beco Baby Carrier was given to me.  This review is unedited and based solely on my opinion.

The Beco Baby Carrier was also comfortable and easy to use.  The straps are padded and easy to adjust.  You can pull them down and tighten the strap.  The bottom support pad and strap kept his weight distributed evenly and I could carry him for quite a long time.  Below is one of many instructional videos.

This is my first backpack carrier and I am enjoying it!  Before I had this carrier, I carried Zekie in a moby wrap as a newborn and moved to a Baby Bjorn that was given to me as a baby shower gift.  He was already used to be carried by mami, but what I found so enjoyable is that he enjoyed riding on my back.  “Up high!”  “Up high!” Zekie would yell… so cute!!
I also enjoyed that I was able to carry my older son in it.  He enjoyed it as well!

After this trip, I told my husband as long as each of the boys could be in a carrier, I was no longer fearful to visit the Grand Canyon!  Maybe a future vaca is in order ;)

The people of Beco were gracious enough to give my sister a Beco as well.  Anyone that reads my blog knows that my family and I are very close.  So it was so much fun being able to carry our babies together.  Ezra was five months at the time and enjoyed the closeness of sleeping on his mama.

Dianas- Spain 2010 536

The only thing that was difficult for my sister is that Ezra does enjoy being carried facing out.  Unfortunately, the Beco does not allow the baby to face out.  Maybe a feature they could add in the future?

Since coming home, I’ve had opportunities of using it at the farmers market, while gardening, at the pool, on walks, at a wedding and other everyday routines and events we’ve attended.  really it’s been my secret weapon to keeping a toddler from hitting the high road! As my hubby and I are praying about bambino number 3, it makes me even more excited to think about carrying him/her in the Beco!

A little bit rock ‘n roll!

Babywearing has never been so fun!!!  BabyHawk’s limited editions for PAXbaby keep you & baby rockin’ all day long!  Say goodbye to babyish themes like Winnie the Pooh & Noah’s Ark, these baby carriers have attitude!  SuperHawk editions feature almost OOAK front panels starring your favorite characters like Darth Vader, Hello Kitty, and the Twilight Trio!  Is the BabyHawk Mei Tai or Oh Snap! your style?

Get ready to rock ‘n roll in your exclusive BabyHawk!  PAXbaby is preparing the moshpit for the RockHawk!  These baby carriers have pushed plain jane fabrics like Sweet Tweet and Carnival outa the way, and elbowed their way to the front of the crowd!  Coming soon,  Limited Editions available only at PAXbaby!

*happy babywearing*

Sling Exchange update!

PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange has been busily sending out baby carriers to rent for 3 weeks now, and we have had a lot of positive feedback!  Our babywearers are enjoying the option to try before they buy, and I am having the time of my life chatting to perspective babywearing parents to choose the best carrier to suit their purposes!  Thanks for spreading the word about PAXbaby’s Sling Exchange and keep the questions coming!

A few updated changes have been made as part of the Sling Rental program which will hopefully make it easier for you to navigate the process and easier for me to help you find babywearing success!  If you are interested in renting, please come visit the Sling Exchange at PAXbaby for more information, and if you know any friends who are thinking about bbaywearing but aren’t quite ready to make that leap, send them my way!

All of our current Soft Structured Carriers are listed, Mei Tais, wraps, and ring slings coming soon!  If you have any suggestions on carriers that you would like to see available to try, please let me know!

*happy babywearing*

White Leaves Beco

I just love this picture taken in Pasadena, California of my babywearing friend, AlisaMarie and her little one, Levi!

They are just too cool for school and  their Limited Edition White Leaves Beco Butterfly II completes their pretty picture!

Thanks for sharing, Alisa!  *happy babywearing*

Vote, & you could win!

What is this secret that you are being tantalized by???  Only the sweetest, cutest, most functional baby carrier accessory pocket!  Designed and manufactured in the USA, the adorable Mai Poketto fits any baby carrier & solves all your problems!  Where to stash your stuff when babywearing?  In a Mai Poketto, of course!

And you could win a Mai Poketto before they are available online just by voting on the BabyHawk Double Dare contestants.  The more votes we get, the more accessory pouches we are sending out, so bring on your babywearing friends!

*happy babywearing*

Cloth diapers get a thumbs up from PAXbaby!

The Fluffy Bottom Blog Post

Having cloth diapered babies #1-5, I consider myself to be well versed in the topic of diapering and can hold my own in the cloth versus paper dispute.  However, in my years of diapering, i haven’t come across anything as pure and simple as this disposable diaper test by zrecs.com.  These people are my heroes already, but now that they tied dirty diapers to their arms for a day, they are on a pedestal so high I can’t even see them!

I get asked all the time “what is your favorite cloth diaper,” and the truth is, I love them all!  Nothing better than swaddling your baby’s buns in squishy cloth instead of a crinkly paper diaper!  Some brands that are tried & true are BumGenius & GroVia (previously GroBaby) and the WAHM diapers made by Muttaqin Baby (pictured below on Baby #5) and the All-in-One diapers by Mum’s Bums!  As far as a diaper that is affordable, but easy, and very well made, check out MotherEase available at Expressed Luv‘s store online & in Monterey, California! Mention PAXbaby and your baby’s gender, and you will get a FREE pair of baby leg warmers (the perfect baby carrier accessory!) with your diaper order! I have been recommending MotherEase cloth diapers for years and love the reaction to them by cloth diaper newbies, “But they are as easy as paper diapers!”  EXACTLY!

This is Baby #5 enjoying the feeling of natural bamboo on his newborn tushy!  Nothing better than having your bottom swaddled in soft cloth!

*happy babywearing* and *merry cloth diapering*

Pop quiz!

Pop Quiz!

Which baby carrier are these drawings demonstrating?

The “Babywearing Know it All prize” goes to the babywearing expert that can tell me the answer!

WOW!  Thanks for all the responses!  For those of you who thought this was the Gemini, the real Beco Gemini will be even better!  For those who voted Bjorn, you are right!  And for Melissa who tagged it as the new Comfort Carrier, you get the PAXbaby “Babywearing Know it All prize”!!!!  Email me to collect your goodie!

*happy babywearing*

Vote for your favorite!

Destroy a Bag Sling contest!!!!

Last month, we challenged our BabyHawk fans to find and destroy a bag sling, or 2 or 3!  These “slings of death” were the cause of at least 2 babies’ deaths and the source of the media hysteria against babywearing. Thanks to bag slings like the recalled Infantino Slingrider and the Wendy Bellissimo sling, us babywearers are being chased around markets by little old women claiming that we are trying to kill our babies and being reprimanded in parking lots by well-meaning fathers pushing their children in strollers. We know what a dangerous sling looks like, and your favorite BabyHawk baby carrier  is NOT a dangerous sling – manufactured in China & produced by a large company that knows less about babywearing than the little old lady in the market!

Choosing the winner of our Destroy-a-Bag-Sling contest was too hard for us to decide on our own, so we have our top choices, our leading contestants, our most outrageous sling destructions, and we want YOU to decide which Destroy-a-Bag-Sling Mission deserves a FREE custom BabyHawk Oh Snap! The 2 runners up will each receive a $25 BabyHawk gift certificate.

To view the contestants, go to the BabyHawk Facebook page.  View each of the contestant’s entry. Ponder, think, and decide which fulfilled the criteria the best! Did the entry show safe babywearing? Did the entry have pizazz and spirit? Did the entry do our babywearing community justice?  Did the entry make a statement worthy of a free BabyHawk Oh Snap!???
Choose between Babywearers Unite for Safe Slings contestants #1, #2 or #3.

Leave your 1 vote as a “Like” at the PAXbaby’s Facebook page before Thursday June 17 at midnight PST.

Invite all your friends to vote and become a PAXbaby fan because the more votes we  get, the more prizes will be awarded to our voters!!!!  1 lucky voter will be selected randomly for a fabulous babywearing prize! 2 voters will be selected after 50 votes, 4 prizes will be given out of we can get 100 votes, etc..!!!

And what better cause than to support our babywearers, destroy the myth that ALL slings are equal, and take out those bag slings out of commission!!!! Just 1 vote per babywearer please! Spread the word! Get voting! Round up those babywearers who would LOVE to have a chance to win a babywearing accessory so unique and cool everyone is going to need one! And help 1 lucky mama take home a brand new custom fantabulous BabyHawk Oh Snap!

*happy babywearing*

It’s a STAR!

In true Beco fashion, the Gemini has the babywearing world on pins & needles waiting for its release!  You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve read the buzz, it’s time for some facts!

Mainstream moms who wear their babies all reach for the same motley assortment of crotch dangling, front facing out carriers.  But once the Gemini arrives, the boring solid colors of the Bjorn or the 80s plaid of the Snugli will pale in comparison to the beauty of the new Beco Baby Carrier! The Gemini will feature a similar array of prints and motifs as the renowned Beco Butterfly starting with the beloved Paige print shown on the model above.  Get ready for gorgeousness because the Gemini is going to win the baby carrier beauty pageant hands down!

Similar to the ever popular Baby Bjorn, baby can face outwards in the Gemini!  Hard core babywearing moms will say that front facing out carries are dangerous, overstimulating,  or uncomfortable, but as experience has shown me, a small amount of forward facing can be perfect!  When I needed to postpone Baby #5’s afternoon nap, I would turn him around to face the world, learn a bit about his surroundings, and be entertained by his siblings.  After about 15 minutes, I would notice the classic symptoms of overstimulation – neck turning, hands coming up to his face, fussing – and I would turn him around to nestle into his favorite spot and get his nap underway!  Just because the Gemini offers the option to carry baby front facing out, babywearers do not have to choose to use this option.  If baby wants to have some time facing out, the base can be snapped smaller to accommodate the narrow crotch of a smaller baby.  If the base is not snapped to the smaller position, the base of the Gemini is as wide as the Beco Butterfly.

The Beco Gemini is on the LEFT, and the Beco Butterfly is on the RIGHT.

Like the Beco Butterfly, there is a head rest, but the Gemini does not include a removable hood.  The padded headrest can flip up if needed for support, but as shown in our Gemini picture, the top is cuffed down and fastened with snaps.  When baby wants to face out, this headrest will also serve as a padded spot for their head or chin to rest against.

You love the padded waistband of the Beco Butterfly II?  You will love the Gemini waistband too! Same foam structure, same safe buckle.  Remember though, since the Gemini doesn’t come with a hood, there isn’t that pocket at the center of the waistband.  The weight limit for hte Butterfly is 45 pounds while the Gemini will only carry 35 pounds, so keep that in mind when choosing your carrier!

There is the option of crossing the shoulder straps with the Gemini which is a throw back feature to the Beco 4th Generation.  For nursing mothers, this option provides the perfect environment to discretely nurse your baby, and for front carries, the X straps can distribute baby’s weight much more comfortably than the backpack style straps.  Thanks to the buckle on each side of the front panel, each shoulder strap can be unclipped and refastened into the X position or a hip carry position.
Beco Gemini

As Beco Baby Carrier’s #1 fan, PAXbaby couldn’t be more excited about the newest Beco edition!  Following in the footsteps of the beloved 4th Generation and the Butterfly I and II, the Gemini promises to be everything that a modern mom would dream of!  Fabulous designer fabrics, maximum comfort for parent and child,  ease of use, and that extra special Beco flair that makes Beco Baby Carriers my FAVORITE baby carrier! To read more about the evolution of the Beco Baby Carrier, follow PAXbaby down memory lane at PAXbaby’s babywearing blog!

*happy babywearing*

Gemini  *pre-order*

Ready to order?  Shop here at the Gemini *pre-order*

Boba Babywearing

Front carry, back carry, hood up, hood down, arms in, arms out, wearing your Boba Baby Carrier has as many options as a Starbucks menu, but the bottom line is that this baby carrier is as comfortable for baby as it is for you!

Ideal for babies older than 9 months or heavier than 15 pounds up to toddlers 4 years old or 45 pounds, the Boba helps distribute your child’s weight by providing adjustable foot stirrups.  These slide along the waistband ensuring that the angle of your baby’s legs will be ideal, and the length of the stirrups adjusts for kids with really long legs!

I don’t know about your baby, but mine has strong opinions on how he wants to be worn!  He will show me with his sign language that he wants to be carried on my back or my front, but if he wants a front carry, it’s usually to nurse, so he tucks 1 arm in and 1 arm out to hold my hand!  If he wants to be on my back, he will keep his arms out so he can point at the scenery going by or to pull on my hair!

Tolerating the sun shade, my Baby #5 would prefer to squint than to have the shade attached and blocking his view, but when he falls asleep, the hood is perfect for supporting that lolly head!  If you find that you never have a need for the hood, you can remove it, and stash it away in the Boba box for your next baby, wink wink!

Thanks to Angela for her adorable photos!  Boba Baby Carriers are in stock at PAXbaby now, and Tweet is available to pre-order for late June/ early July shipping to you!

*happy babywearing*