Beco Gemini versus Butterfly II

Beco Butterfly II Isis

With the approach of the Beco Gemini‘s release getting closer day by day (no date announced yet, just “end of Spring”) PAXbaby is getting more & more excited!  As I’m sure you are!  I have been receiving a lot of questions about the differences between the 2 Beco baby carriers, the Gemini and the Butterfly!  As a baby carrier expert and Beco aficienado aka SuperBecoGirl, I can help you figure out which Beco will be right for you and your family’s needs!  As soon as the new Gemini is ready, PAXbaby will be shipping same day thanks to being practically next door neighbors to the Beco headquarters in Southern California, and our stock of Beco Butterflies is growing daily thanks to some special new Exclusive Editions that have just arrived!

The Butterfly weight limit is 45 pounds, but the Gemini is weight tested for up to 35 pounds.  If you are looking to carry a larger child, the Butterfly II will last you longer than the Gemini, however both carriers can be used starting with 7 pound newborns.

Beco Gemini

Beco Gemini

The Gemini has the ability for baby to be front carried facing forward and also towards you, so breastfeeding is a cinch, but if your babe wants a few minutes facing out to see the world, that is possible also.  The base of the front panel snaps back making the crotch narrow  enough to allow small babies to sit comfortably.  Neither Beco Baby Carrier nor PAXbaby recommends front facing out for extended periods of time due to baby’s overstimulation and the fact that it is more comfortable and more ergonomic to have baby’s body curving into the parent’s body instead of away in a front facing out position!

Beco Gemini

The Butterfly II has the removable infant insert and the integrated internal harness for older babies.  The infant insert is a nice option, but truly usable for a short period of time before it lifts baby up too high and needs to be removed.  The internal inserts hold baby within the carrier so one parent can easily take baby off to put on the other parent or to lay a sleeping baby down without disturbing their rest.  The Y shaped piece of fabric which is the integrated insert means that putting your baby on your back is simple and easy with a basic hip scoot or putting the Butterfly on like a back pack!  Babywearers have worn their babies for hundreds of years with out this option so with the Gemini, the babywearing parent will be required to learn to put baby on with either the Superman or Santa toss, the hip scoot, or with older children, simply having them climb onto the parent’s back.  Believe me, it IS easy once you learn, don’t be intimidated by the Gemini because of this,  but do keep it in mind!

The Butterfly II has an intense # of buckles and rings present on the carrier – 8 in fact, and while you don’t have to buckle each clip every time you put the carrier on or take it off, for the babywearing parent looking for a soft structured carrier with more simplicity, the Gemini is your style!  Safety is still top priority so the Gemini features the safety buckles first introduced on the Butterfly I, but it is less complex than the Butterfly!

One feature of the Gemini that I am really looking forward to is the crossing of the shoulder straps!  Each shoulder strap can be unbuckled and rebuckled across your back, and this X position of the straps is delightfully comfortable especially with a heavier baby!  The Butterfly straps can be unthreaded and rethreaded in the same position but because the Butterfly carrier wasn’t designed with that in mind, it is not particularly comfortable and not recommended by this Beco mama!

Beco Gemini

Ideal for shade or napping, the Beco Butterfly hood attaches to the body of the carrier with snaps and can be completely removed when not in use, folded, and stored in the pouch at the front of the waistband. The Gemini features a headrest which can be folded down for when baby is front facing out, or for better viewing purposes for baby, but it does not come with a hood.

Beco Butterfly II Alice

In a nutshell:

Butterfly II

  • removable infant insert
  • integrated insert
  • possible to pass baby in carrier to other parent
  • breastfeeding is possible
  • sun shade/ napping hood
  • chest strap for backpack style wearing
  • easy back carrying
  • carries children up to 45 pounds

Beco Gemini

  • no removable infant or integrated insert
  • breastfeeding is easy
  • possible to cross shoulder straps
  • chest strap for backpack style wearing
  • foldable headrest
  • front panel folds in and secures with snaps for front facing out position
  • relatively easy back carrying
  • carries children up to 35 pounds

Both the Gemini and the Butterfly II are beautiful, organic,  versatile, comfortable baby carriers.  The Beco Butterfly provides all the bells and whistles for all babies up to 45 pounds.  The Gemini is a tribute to an old favorite Beco style, the 4th Generation, and is equally comfortable but more basic.  You and your baby will be happy in either Beco style, but if you still need help deciding, why not think about renting both the Gemini and the Butterfly to see which you personally prefer!  Please let me know if you have any more questions; you know I am happy to help!

*happy babywearing*

Holy Batman, Robin!!!!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s The SuperHawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Featuring your favorite movies and characters!!!

Made custom, exclusively for PAXbaby, these BabyHawk mai teis and Oh Snaps baby carriers are nothing short of FABULOUS!!!!!

Available for pre-order with delivery slated in time for Father’s Day, every babywearer NEEDS a SuperHawk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello Kitty cutie

Superman Super Cool!


More Oh Snaps coming!!!!!

Hello, Manduca!

After yesterday’s guessing game, I was amused by all your ideas! Some of my favorites were:
“I have no idea but it sure is cute!” Elise
“Tell me, I need it!” Brianne
“hmm, not a Beco, doesn’t look like an Ergo, Oh Snap, Angelpack, or an Olives and Applesauce… Doesn’t look like a Action Baby Carrier or a Dream carrier. Maybe a Pikkolo? this is driving me crazy…” Beki
And Michelle had the right answer, “Yup, Manduca Sky Line Plum! Pretty!!”

This gorgeous SSC was my little present to remember Australia by… Glad to have you, Manduca, but so sad not be in Australia right now, sob! Interestingly, due to Ergo’s wanna-be monopoly of the Soft Structured Carrier market, the Manduca baby carrier company may not sell these cuties in the USA, so all you American moms can sigh, cry, rant, or rave at Ergo and their finky business practices right now. However, all you Canadian moms, this SSC is right up there on my list of favorites so you may want to slip a hint to your hubbies for your next birthdays!!!
There are a lot of sweet details and “interesting” parts of the Manduca that grow with baby from newborn through toddlerhood! It is of German heritage, but the regular line of carriers is manufactured in China while Special Edition collection is made in the Czech Republic, but all Manducas are an organic cotton/hemp blend with the generously cut waistband and the elastic bands to rein in the dangling straps. The infant insert is similar to the Beco Butterfly’s insert, but the tabs of the insert curl around the outside of the carrier in a most alluring and European way! This infant seat has a narrower crotch so that the baby is seated in the infant insert, with legs out, but still within the confines of the carrier. Once baby is ready to sit frog-legged inside the carrier or have 1 or both legs come out, the infant insert can be rolled up and secured within the base of the carrier.

Remember, a narrow crotch carrier (aka crotch dangler) offers no support for baby’s legs, knees, feet… All of baby’s weight is pointed towards that 1 spot, the base of the spine where the carrier is holding them. The Manduca, and all the other wonderful baby carriers that we love & adore here at PAXbaby, support baby’s entire bottom, and with young babies, down to their knees! This seated position is extremely important to keep baby ergonomically comfortable and to distribute baby’s weight across his whole body instead of that 1 spot. The strap padding that continued alllll the way down the shoulder straps is a nice added touch, and also the extra buckles on the shoulders that ensure a truly customizable, snug fit for baby. Being able to cross the shoulder straps is always a nice bonus too!

The Manduca shines as a front and back carrier! The hip position is just ok, but I feel that all of my favorite SSCs are capable of hip carrying, but why would I want to, I have a Scootababy, hahaa! The hood is removable and clips onto the shoulder straps with a satisfying *clip* ! To get baby on your back, you will need to hone your skills at either the Superman Toss, or the Hip Scoot, but either way, the back carry was easy peasy to adjust! The buckles are all very smooth and easy to tighten and let back out for another babywearer to use. The racing stripes on this Plum Skyline really amused me too, and I appreciated the fine details like the matching fabric being used on the infant insert & hood also!
When I said that the Manduca grows with your baby, I meant that literally!!!! The body of the Manduca appears to be petite, measuring in at 33 centimeters, while comparing it to a favorite, the Beco is almost 41 cm tall! As another comparison, the Ergo is 35 cm. Why is the Manduca so short, you may be asking yourself! How can the Manduca possibly carry toddlers up to 45 pounds easily? Because with a simple wave of your magic wand, ABRACADABRA, the front panel unzips and becomes 8 cm taller!!!! Magically, your Manduca becomes a toddler carrier, and a very good one at that!
I love it, can’t wait to wear it again, and wouldn’t mind letting you “borrow” it if you wanted to give it a whirl with your own baby! Thanks, Manduca, for a great SSC!

*happy babywearing*

My baby carrier souvenir!

From our wonderful trip across New Zealand and Australia, I have many happy memories, 8,000 fantastic photographs, and the knowledge that I CAN take 5 young children on a life changing adventure!!!!  But one of my favorite things that I brought home from Australia is a new Soft Structured Carrier!  These aren’t sold here, so put on your thinking caps to figure out which SSC this is!  I have 1 hint for you: this baby carrier features an infant insert!

Can you figure it out before I post the answer and more information tomorrow??????

*happy babywearing*

A Babywearing Saga

Thank you, Jaci, for you sharing your babywearing love story with our PAXbaby readers!  I enjoyed looking at your pictures and reliving your BWing journey with you!
When a woman finds out that she is going to be a mother, almost immediately pictures float into her head of what kind of mother she wants to be. For me, I wanted to cloth diaper, I wanted to breastfeed, I didn’t want my baby to “cry it out”, and I wanted to baby-wear. With each of these decisions I had to do research to be successful. I’m proud to say I was successful at all of them. My son was a cloth diapered, breastfed, not left to cry, worn baby. Then my second son came along, and he was the same.
This is my journey into baby-wearing.
Initially I wasn’t exactly sure of what type of baby-wearing device I wanted. There are so many choices! I had decided from the get-go that I would not be doing a Bjorn (or “crotch-dangler”) but aside from that I was pretty lost. Thankfully while I was pregnant I had a customer come into the print shop where I worked to make up some business cards that included information about Moby Wraps. When she came back in to pick up her cards I inquired about what exactly a Moby Wrap was and she was more than willing to help!
A Moby Wrap is a stretchy wrap that is 5.5 meters long that you tie in one big knot around you and put baby somewhere in there. At least that is what I came away from that conversation with. At the very least I had decided that a Moby Wrap was the wrap for me so when a good friend asked me if she could buy me something baby-wearing related as a baby gift, I told her “Sure!” Pretty soon my pretty moss Moby Wrap was delivered to my door.
I was very excited to show my husband (Chris) all about this new fangled baby item that had arrived so of course we had to find the closest thing to a baby that we could to try it out. That meant our cats, Calvin and Hobbes, were the unsuspecting victims!
Doing what new parents do, trying out the wrap before baby gets here.

Connor arrived after a failed induction via c-section on October 25th, 2007 and because I was so very sore, Chris took over the task of introducing our new bundle to the Moby Wrap.
In the hospital showing off the wrap.

The bond between a breastfed baby and his mother is extraordinary but often times the daddies feel left out of that experience. We were very fortunate for the closeness that wearing Connor offered to Chris.
Here you can see them bonding :D

I was unable to wear Connor for many weeks due to my incision from my c-section. My first time wearing him was to the mall at Christmas to see Santa. He slept for most of the time and we got lots of stares and many people stopped us to ask questions (all very positive energy, thankfully).

After that first time, I was a pro. I wore him everywhere. He was not too attached as a baby (I didn’t have to wear him for him to be able to nap) so I didn’t wear him around the house, but when we went places you can bet that I ditched that infant bucket car seat long before he was too big for it, I hated lugging that thing around anyway! He enjoyed being close to mama and once his neck control was good I’d wear him facing out.
Eventually he began getting heavy so my repertoire of wearing positions gradually changed. I could no longer wear him facing out because it killed my lower back and I was interested in trying a back position.
I gathered up my best friend and she helped me hold Connor on my back and get a nice and snug tie around him. I just wore him around the house that first back carry time.

In the interest of full disclosure, I do NOT recommend a back carry in a stretchy wrap, especially for anyone new to baby-wearing, unless you *really* know what you are doing. Stretchy wraps tend to loosen as you wear them and are difficult to get a good snug fit on baby.
Enjoying the spring weather.

Fourth of July – He’s not going anywhere, but he can’t see anything either!

Watching Fireworks.

As Connor got heavier and heavier the Moby Wrap was not ideal as an everyday carrier for us any longer. It would loosen as I wore him and didn’t offer as much support on my shoulders and back for his extra heft.
Around that time I received a $50 e-gift certificate in a lotto on a popular cloth diapering message board. The e-gift certificate was for a web-store specializing a baby carriers. I did a little research and knew I wanted something with a little structure, I was leaning towards a mei tei because they were economically priced, but someone opened my eyes to a Soft Structured Carrier and I decided on an Ergo.
An Ergo is a carrier that has a soft frame and backpack-like straps. It is very “daddy-friendly” because it doesn’t require any tying and very simple and fast to slip on and off.
Short hike at Itasca State Park in Minnesota.

I love my Ergo. We used it All.The.Time. Short quick to the store? Pop Connor on my back and in we went. Day trip to a Minnesota State Park? Ergo here we come! Trip to the Badlands in North Dakota? Screw the stroller, we left that at home and just brought the Ergo.
Sadly once I found out I was pregnant with my second son I wore Connor very little due to the extreme fatigue that comes with pregnancy.
However I decided to get myself reacquainted around 32 weeks pregnant. Early in my baby-wearing journey I found a Storchenwiege woven wrap for super cheap at a consignment store but I never took the time to learn how to use it very well. I hemmed and hawed over selling it several times but finally decided to keep it and put in the effort to learn it in order to use it with the new baby, specifically with back carries.

A woven wrap is a large piece of fabric that has very little stretch to it. These are ideal for back carries but work great for just about everything. My Storch is a 4.1 meter Vicki.

Graeme’s baby wearing journey hasn’t been as well documented as Connor’s.
Daddy doing the inaugural wearing in the hospital. Who says daddies can’t bond with exclusively BF babies?

A tradition it seems, here we are out to see Santa.

In March we planned a trip to a hotel with an indoor water-park. I knew I’d want to be hands-mostly-free in the pool so I researched a water sling. I knew I wouldn’t be using it for anything but wearing in the water and I wanted something that dried really quickly and was fast to take on and off. I decided on a Taylor Made Water Ring Sling, my first real ring sling.
A ring sling is a carrier that consists of a non-stretch fabric with two rings at one end that the tail end is then threaded through to make a pouch for baby to sit in.

Now that I have two kids, back carries in my woven wrap are pretty essential (I can’t even believe I was going to sell my storch!) I have wrapped Graeme on my back so many times I can’t even count. I’ve made little old ladies very nervous at the mall when I throw him back there and wrap him up all by myself (I let them “spot” if they are really persistent, but I make sure they know only to intervene if Graeme is falling off otherwise I get all discombobulated when they start picking up rails and stuff) and he’s napped back there while I photographed a wedding. Together we made a man blush when Graeme was on my back while waiting in line at the local Dairy Queen (never cutesy ask an infant if they get ice cream too, my response was “Well yes, in a few hours.” Never saw a man turn more shades of red than right then!)
This wrapping job looks a little odd but he was very secure back there!

Families who baby-wear together, stay together!

Recently I’ve added a mei tei to my carrier selection. It’s not a fancy one, just one made by another mama, but I quite like the Michael Miller fabric and the simplicity of it (especially since I have a bit of baby weight to loose yet before my Ergo fits right).
It’s a horrendous photo but since people like photos (and I wanted to show the print!) I thought I’d post it anyway. You can see where Graeme prefers to be!

After all of this I’d like to think of myself as an experienced baby-wearer but I know that there is still tons more to learn and I look forward to continuing this journey long into the toddler years with my children!
*happy babywearing*

Mommy portraits

In honor of Mother’s Day, my sweet kids drew portraits of me!  I think these are the cutest Crayola drawings I have ever seen!

Aren’t I the luckiest mommy!?!

Drawings by Lucy, Eli, & Rosie:

The Davidsson 7

Blond (?)  Mommy

A celebration involving crowns with candles on them – sounds dangerous!

I knew I have smiley eyes, but wow, look at my eyelashes here!

And my favorite Mommy portrait features the PAXbaby mama in a Beco Butterfly II NATALIE!  My daughter drew the Beco by memory!  SO adorable!!!!

*happy babywearing*

Car Seat Belt Advocacy Commercial – BEAUTIFUL!

Wow! This was gorgeously filmed, and brought tears to my eyes!  THANK YOU to the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership for an amazing reminder to “Embrace Life!”

*happy babywearing & safe driving *

Happy Birthday, PAXbaby mama!

Once a year, it is MY birthday, MY day to do what I want when I want it, and this year, I wanted to celebrate with a new baby carrier * or 2 * It doesn’t take much to make me happy: a walk at a beautiful lake, my favorite burritos for lunch, and of course, a sleepy baby in a comfy baby carrier takes the cake for a great birthday!

*happy birthday *

*to me*

*happy birthday*

*to me*

*happy birthday*

*dear PAXbaby mama*

*happy babywearing birthday to meeeeeeee*

PAXbaby sugar!

I know that PAXbaby appears to be a big company with lots of employees and medical benefits, hahaa, but actually, PAXbaby is is one-man show in Southern California!  Or should I say one-WAHM!?!  A WAHM is a work at home mom, doing the workload of a working parent but with the added benefit of having small “helpers” to make the day go more smoothly.  OK, I’m totally kidding…  my 5 small helpers are so rarely “helping” and so often un-helping!!!  But I still feel so lucky to be able to stay home with my 5 little monkeys and still own the business I’ve always dreamed of creating!  I wanted to say THANKS! to all the great mommies who have ordered baby carriers recently from PAXbaby!  You girls are truly wonderful, and the feedback I’ve been receiving has been fabulous!  Thank you for noticing how hard I work, and thank you for commenting on my blog posts, thank you for sending me action pictures, and thank you for loving babywearing as much as I do!  If you aren’t already a fan at Facebook, come find PAXbaby to read more happy baby carrier stories, see more pix, and get the latest news or read more reviews at PAXbaby!!!  Hugs from 1 busy mama to another!
From Alixandra, “Wanted to let you know I got my Beco literally seconds before leaving for my trip (I, uh, drove around and found the mailman) and wore her all in the airport. Shipping that fast AND free is AMAZING. Already spreading the word to friends. Thank you so much!!”
Jill loves her new Beco, “I got my Sky Temple in the mail on Wednesday.  Hurray!!  It’s wonderful and I think Paxton (my “PaxBaby”) is really going to enjoy being worn in it.  I’m leaving for the airport this afternoon, and I can’t wait to tote him around in it!”

From Jessica in Australia! “Just dropping a line to say we received our Dylan yesterday and i am in LOVE!  We gave it a good test run today with a bush walk and our little boy Cassius didn’t complain once and even started to fall asleep towards the end of our walk. This was also this first time since being pregnant i have been able to hold him for longer than 10minutes without his weight hurting my back!  My husband also found using Dylan a great experience!  Thank you so much”

From Isla’s mom, “I’m excited to tell you my stories with Alice!  The only time she hasn’t gotten any love was for the Cinco De Mayo Festival in Old Town last weekend because Bryan wore the Camo Beco so I could relax and have some Margaritas!”

*happy babywearing*