PAXbaby loves boats!

I don’t usually love boats! Actually, my last adventure on a boat was 2 hours of terror, imagining my children falling over board and being eaten by the sharks (???) that live in our peaceful bay in California??? Hmm…. Post-partum craziness, perhaps! But here I was, 2 years later, and another baby!,  being brave AGAIN, but this time, I actually enjoyed myself – A LOT! It was fun, relaxing, enjoyable, and worth the money we paid to rent a”tinnie” to cruise Australia’s Clarence River!

We saw jellyfish, tiny fish, pelicans, seagulls, and the best of all, 2 DOLPHINS!!!

Thanks to my Beco Butterfly, Baby #5 stayed calm and peaceful through our 3 1/2 hour adventure. He did a lot of laughing, watching, pointing, then yawning, nursing, and napping! Breastfeeding in the Beco was easy, and even on the boat he was comfortable and happy!

Fabulous weather, fun adventure, great kids, happy baby, contented family!

13 Days of Peace and Love at

peace-and-loveHopefully you follow our blog and read often! Perhaps you have seen our posts on things we LOVE. We are having so much fun with it that we are hoping some of you will participate!

What do you love? St. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and starting February 1st, we will count down with a PAXbaby LOVE and one of YOUR loves!

Here’s how to participate. Contact Us and tell us what you love. It can be anything, your kids, your hubby, your exclusive custom Olives & Applesauce carrier, maybe it’s even PAXbaby! (hee hee hee) PAXbaby loves baby carriers!

We will be picking 13 contributions and posting one each day. Each contributor will be given a fun, exclusive gift to commemorate the day! Something to sport around town, something you and your baby carrier will LOVE! But that’s all we’re saying for now!

13-daysAre you a blogger? Spread the word! Post what you Blogging about love! on your blog, use the little logo we’ve created below to link back here. Then contact us and let us know it’s on your blog! We’d love to read it and we’ll add you to our list of bloggers for 13 Days of Peace and Love, linking back to you. And if you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you know that links = love!

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UPDATE There has been a little confusion about how you can get involved in our 13 Days of Peace and Love. First of all, you do not need to have a blog to participate! If you are just a mama with a big heart (and what mama doesn’t have a big heart ;-) we want you to submit a Love Story for us to consider publishing during our 13 Days of Peace and Love. If you are a mama with a blog, you can submit one story for possible publishing, and then if you would like to blog every day along with us about the people and things you love in life, that would be awesome! We’d love to link to and Twitter about and blog about all the love spreading around the internet!

If you do want a story included in consideration for one of our 13 days, and a chance at the super-secret, super-awesome prizes, please contact us ASAP! February 1st is just around the corner!

One last note about pictures! We love them, readers love them, we’d love to include them with your story. Please note that our email goes through a ticketing system (to help us keep track and answer requests quickly!) but this system does not allow attachments, so if you email us, please provide links to your pictures online. Maybe on your blog, Photobucket, Flickr or the like. Or we may email you and ask for pictures!

PAXbaby LOVES Rainbows

Call me silly, but rainbows are so amazing! I just    them! We had a huge thunder, lightening, and rain storm, and afterwards, out pops this gorgeous thing in the sky! Trying to explain it to my kids is a challenge because really, I just want to stare at the rainbow until it fades away, but I did my best!

How rainbows are made: Rainbows are made from the water in the air bending the light from the sun.  Sunlight actually has 6 colors in it,  Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Purple.  You can’t usually see all these colors in the air because when they combine, they look white.  But when the sunlight shines through the left over rain in the air, the light is refracted which means that you can see all the colors.  A rainbow is curved because water droplets are curved.

Beco & Rainbow

We all oohed and aahed over our rainbow, took a bazillion pictures, and tried to find the pot of gold, no luck!

And yes, I am wearing my trusty rusty Beco Butterfly, and yes there are 5 children in this picture, but #4 was too busy smooching #5 to smile at the camera!


We are doing a lot of loving over here!  We are loving our children, we are loving our husbands, we are loving our baby carriers!  We love PAXbaby, and PAXbaby gives us a lot of love too!  February Fourteenth is right around the corner, and we are celebrating National Love Day by posting our loves. Look for the    and you’ll find one of our loves!

Here’s our littlest   !!!

Wonderful news! NEW BWing videos

I’m sure that you have more than once been stumped by a new baby carrier and needed help, and now, PAXbaby can help! Whether you want to master a new wrap or need help getting baby on your back in an SSC, we will be able to show you! A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video is worth even more!
Thank you to Alyssa in Chicago for her incredible videos! Her knowledge is amazing, and her technique is perfect! Running a babywearing group for Chicago area moms, being a  doula, studying to become a midwife, mommying 3 sweet kids, & making babywearing videos,  Alyssa is a busy mama!

If you have any questions for us, contact us, and if you have any carries that you need help with, let us know so we can get a video for you!
Watch, learn, and spread the babywearing love

I am a Babywearing Addict, at least I admit it!

My best friend shops online for clothes and has an amazing wardrobe to take her kids to the park, my neighbor buys exotic plants and has a garden to be envied, my sister-in-law collects expensive handbags, & shoes, & jewelry (but that is a post for another time!) As I tell my husband, I could have fallen in love with fast cars, or Petunia Picklebottom diaper bags,  or fancy wine, or spa visits. But instead, I am addicted to babywearing. It is a full blown, no holds barred addiction.  The good news is that my addiction is not only completely harmless but helpful since it helps me to parent and stay sane! Or so I tell my husband who came to me with question marks in his eyes when I packed box after box labeled baby carriers when we moved from our house.

My addiction is beneficial to our life style of raising children peacefully.

My addiction carries our sweet children when their legs are too tired to walk a step further.

My addiction cradles our newborn’s tiny wrinkled cheek in a caress that smells of laundry soap and mommy all mixed in together.

My addiction enables me to take five wild children to the park and come back smiling, unscathed and unruffled.

My addiction gives me a reason to stalk the mailman.

My addiction keeps me up late at night dreaming up my next special something.

My addiction brought me to knowing in my heart that I want, no, NEED, one more baby to feel truly fulfilled.

My addiction means that no one ever has to ask me what I want for my birthday!

My addiction enables my hands to be always free to hold another pair of small hands.

My addiction is babywearing!

Babywearing is a special gift, and I understand that not everyone “gets” it, or understands why I traveled halfway across the world with my luggage half full of carriers.  I know that people are out there thinking I am crazy to strap my baby to my chest while doing housework when I could just pop him in a swing/ bouncy seat/ stroller/ bassinet.  I love that I belong to a secret club that winks at each other when we pass each other at the zoo, and that can meet randomly at an International airport and strike up a conversation that could easily last the entire flight.  I love that every newborn picture I have of my baby shows him asleep in a different carrier!

I love knowing that he is safe, tucked under my chin, with his ear against my heart, and his tiny fists relaxed against my chest!

I love that my older children know the names of my slings and fight over whose turn it is to pick one out for mama.

I love that I have been able to share my love of babywearing with countless other mothers who had no idea the treat that was in store for them.

I love that I can go on and on and on about my love for babywearing, but right now, I need to go spend some quality time with my little one, close and sweet on my back, breathing heavily, and wrapped up tight.

Good night.


Blogging mama!

While photography, ceramics, horse back riding, scrapbooking, and tennis have all been sidelined while I spend my time organizing my 5 little tornadoes, the one hobby that I still get to do is creative writing! 10 years ago, I may have spent my free time jotting love notes to my future husband or dreamily scribbling poems in my special notebook, now I write about babies, poop, cloth diapers, and my love for babywearing! Who knew that so much could change in a decade???

My newest writing assignment was for a sweet blogging mama and her babywearing event this month. Judson Family adventures is focusing on babywearing for the month of January, and you can read my post there! Learn more about the PAXbaby mama and read my Babywearing Do’s & Don’ts List. I often crack myself up while writing so hopefully you will have a giggle or 2 also!

My favorite line? “Don’t assume that babywearing will come naturally to you or your baby!” I think that a lot of moms assume that if they buy the “right” carrier, their babies will love being worn and their life will become 100% easier! Everyone needs to remember that, like everything else in life, “Babywearing is a skill to be learned and mastered over time, not the result of a product you buy.” (Thank you, Mommy B, for reminding me of that!)

Happy babywearing, everyone!

PAXbaby favorite baby carriers!

And I don’t mean the Baby Bjorn, mamas! I’m talking about ergonomically comfortable baby carriers that enable you to be hands free while wearing your baby! These carriers usually are so wonderful, that you will become addicted to the world of babywearing, and your baby will forever thank you for your decision to look outside the BRU box and grab a:
Sakura Bloom ring sling – swanky but utterly comfortable ring sling available in linen, silk, or a combination of both!


Hotslings AP Pouch – the adjustable pouch that fits a large range of body sizes but is as easy as THAT to use!


Moby Wrap – extremely comfortable stretchy wrap ideal for newborns through 15-18 pounds. Once your baby grows that heavy, the stretchy fabric is too stretchy and you will need to upgrade to a carrier designed for heavier babies.


Babyhawk Mei Tai – Asian inspired carrier with a body and 4 straps. Can be intimidating to start, but can be the most comfortable carrier in the bunch!


BB Slen – A woven wrap made under fair trade conditions that is “grippy” enough to be easy to use even for beginner wrappers!


Beco Butterfly II – My personal favorite Soft Structured Carrier, meaning that the straps buckle instead of wrap or tie. Great for moms, dads, toddlers, or newborns. The infant insert is included but removable and the integrated seat means that even new moms and inexperienced babywearers can get their baby on their back like a backpack easily and comfortably!


Other favorite brands are Gypsymama wraps, Oh Snap! SSCs, and Olives & Applesauce SSC!

Step out of your comfort zone, say NO to commercially manufactured brands like Bjorn and Evenflo, and get yourself a REAL baby carrier! You and baby deserve it!

Comparing the Oh Snap! to the new Olives & Applesauce SSC!

Thank you so much to Laura from the SoCal Disneyland area for her in depth review of the new Babyhawk Soft Structured Carrier, the Oh Snap!, and the new 16″ Olives & Applesauce Full Buckle Soft Structured Carrier!  Keep in mind that the Olives & Applesauce does come with an attached infant insert, which you can fold to the back of the carrier when your baby is too tall for it.  The Babyhawk Oh Snap! also features a key clip on the waistband!

To make things easier, here are a couple of acronyms that we will use (repeatedly!) in this post:

BH = Babyhawk

OS = Oh Snap!

SSC = Soft Structured Carrier, meaning a Mei Tai style body with shorter straps that buckle instead of tie and a padded waistband

O&A = Olives & Applesauce

FB = Full Buckle

DH = Dear Husband

If you have any questions, please let us know!

We have the Oh Snap! SSCs in stock or available to order as customs, and the O & As are just getting finished up over at O & A headquarters, and we are taking pre-orders on them now!


My overall impression is that these are different enough carriers that you could definitely have one of each in your stash. Before I had the BHOS I was in love with my O&A’s and I still am. They are beautiful carriers and very comfy. I do however find the BHOS a bit more comfy for me. I love all the adjustments.  I can get a great fit, DH can get a great fit, and we can cinch it down super tiny for the smaller kids. If you’re passing it among very differently sized people, constant adjustment may be a PITB. Once you figure out the right adjustment for you though, it is easy to use.

Babyhawk Oh Snap! review against Olives & Applesauce Soft Structured Carrier

Babyhawk Oh Snap! SSC is on the left.  Olives & Applesauce 16 inch FB SSC is on the right.  The strap fabrics are different, but in some of these pictures, they look alike.


The O&A on top of BHOS. You can see here how the body of the O&A is slightly curvy and contoured. The BHOS is pretty much straight up and down. They both have leg padding, but the O&A is fluffier.

Review between the Babyhawk Oh Snap! and the  O & A FB SSC


The headrest of the OS can be folded down. It is tricky to fold it down in a back carry, and you probably would need a friend to do it for you. It does not have a seat insert. Our four month old is on the small side for what is recommended with any SSC (which is 4-6 months usually) but we used SSC’s with our older son from about 3 months on. We froggied his legs inside, then moved to one leg out and then finally to two legs out, you could also use a receiving blanket inside the bottom to get him seated a bit higher in the carrier if you want.

Up close picture of the waist padding. The O&A is more curved. The BHOS is also curved but because of the adjusters (mine are all the way out) you could make it more curved or less curved. OS has slightly wider webbing here.

Soft Structured Carrier review: Oh Snap! versus Olives & Applesauce


The BHOS headrest is great because my son can see out the sides, and when he puts his arms out, there is no scrunching of the body.  The back of the headrest comes up high enough to support him during a nap. I still need to bounce him down and into the carrier once he falls asleep, but I like the way the BHOS feels…it is a very comfy carrier.

Both carriers have seat darts. The seat darts on the BHOS are just not as deep as the O&A, so they are hard to see, but they are there.  On the left is the BHOS, on the right is the O&A.  The O&A has a bit of a trough by the waist band, and the BHOS is less deep.

Babyhawk Oh Snap! seat darts Seat dart comparison Olives & Applesauce SSC


A couple of things in this picture. You can see the differences in the width of the straps.  The BHOS are slightly curved. O&A are straight. O&A has wider webbing than the BHOS. The chest straps are very different. The O&A chest strap is free floating. The BHOS chest strap is fixed but removable. There is adjustable webbing on the BHOS that allows petite users to shorten the straps past the padding (mine are all the way out here).

Strap review: Oh Snap! and  Olives & Applesauce


The BHOS waistband padding is 4 inches wide.  The body is 17 inches tall for a total height of 21 inches

The O&A waistband padding is 3 3/4. The body is 16 inches tall for a total of 19 3/4 inches. With the hood up it is 30 inches.

Shoulder padding. O&A on top.  O&A straps are wider with less padding. BHOS are narrower with more padding (though I think as the BHOS breaks in, it will get a little more floppy)

Oh Snap! and O & A SSC comparison

Really, I think everyone should give the OS a try. I went back and forth on them for a while thinking that I was happy with my O&A’s and I wasn’t going to rock the boat trying a bunch of new things, but I finally caved and I am really glad I did. It does feel different than the O&A which I still love, but for a back carry napper who hates hoods, the BHOS is really great. We have been using it for naps and I really am loving it. The 16 inch O&A is a great size and definitely works for a toddler!

Wishin and hopin that I was there too!

Thanks, Lala, for making me want, no NEED, to go to Disneyland as soon as humanly possible!!! These pictures of Lala, her beautiful children, and her gorgeous custom double linen Sakura Bloom have me panting for a Disney adventure and a new ring sling!

45 min wait at the Finding Nemo Submarine with a 3 y/o

Kiwi Sakura Bloom, meet Cinderella!

I just dont know who is prettier!  Belle or the Sakura Bloom RS!?!

I just don't know who is prettier! Belle or the Sakura Bloom RS!?!