10,000 Fan Giveaway at PAXbaby Facebook page


CONGRATULATIONS to PAXbaby and our amazing FaceBook page which is amazing, of course, because of YOU!!!

THANK YOU for all your support & love, and to show you how much we appreciate your loyalty…..

A 10,000 Fan Giveaway of 10 FANTASTIC prizes!!!

Double Rainbow Diamond Weave Cream Weft 4.6

Wrap conversion Mini Tula for your littlest babywearer

Wrap Scrap Teething Treasure from Sweet Pea Baby Boutique

Mei Hair Tai

Family Tree Glass Babywearing Pendant

PAXbaby exclusive Wrap Scrap Pillow Sham! Choose from several gorgeous colorways.

Pimp My Carrier Wrap Scrap keychain

Fancy Fannies PAXbaby keychain

Double Rainbow Baby leggings

Wrap Scrap Starbright Animal


Here’s how to win :

Enter PAXbaby’s giveaway via Rafflecopter RIGHT NOW!

Good luck, babywearers!!!


485 thoughts on “10,000 Fan Giveaway at PAXbaby Facebook page

  1. I have been dreaming about your gorgeous rainbow weave wraps for a loong time!!! It’s a goal that I get one in 2013 before spring arrives. :)

  2. Hoping one of these colorful fun and whimsical wraps would entice my baby.
    As of yet he’s not a fan of any carrier I’ve tried but I keep trying and hoping!

  3. Rainbow wrap will made my year or babywearing.. Never have any wrap before, this is will be my first,huhu…
    Love from malaysia

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